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Narcos: Mexico Season 4- Renewed or Not?
Narcos: Mexico Season 4- Renewed or Not?( Image Credits- Netflix)

Narcos: Mexico Season 4: Is It Renewed By Netflix?

Narcos: Mexico Season 3 has just completed a few days ago, and it has left fans with so many loose ends that you would be looking for the next season of the show that is Narcos: Mexico Season 4.

Like the last season of the show, the center plot of the upcoming season would also revolve around the story of drug trafficking and how cartels associate and then separate when the association no longer serves their interests.

The last season of the show had several breathtaking plots like Victor was killed by his old friend, the reason for his death was quite apparent as he was the one who was a traitor who informed the rivals about the drug trafficking thing.

Apart from Victor in the upcoming Narcos: Mexico Season 4, we were into the dilemma of whether Amado would be making it to, but in the season finale of Season 3, we saw that Amado is still alive, and we would be seeing him in the upcoming season 3 as well.

Narcos: Mexico Season 4- Renewed or Not?

Narcos: Mexico Season 4- Renewed or Not?
Narcos: Mexico Season 4- Renewed or Not? (Image Credit: Netflix)

We would directly conclude that Narcos: Mexico Season 4 would not be happening with a heavy heart. Netflix has recently made it very clear that it won’t be renewing for the fourth time. 

This isn’t happening for the first time, as Narcos fans have already been experienced at the time of the original Narcos series.

The Narcos series now would just be having its Mexico and Colombia part.

Is there any Scope for Narcos: Mexico Season 4?

Well, the story of the Narcos series isn’t like a chain that follows with the season. The show is based on true drug crimes happening around us day in and day out.

This implies that if the Narcos series of the whole isn’t over, we may expect that it may come back with some more good story of drug crimes.

Also, this comes above as the show’s direction has once said in an interview that he would continue to make the show as long as drug trafficking is prevalent in society.

Nevertheless, the story of the earlier three seasons of the show had been set up in the 80’s era, so we may have two more decades for the drug war to be indulged in.

What more could we Expect in Time to Come?

The last two seasons of the show had entirely been based on the drug crimes in South America.

The thing that makes the show intriguing is that the show covers everything, not just the drug crimes and all but also the preface life of the people involved in it.

This certainly isn’t easy for just about any other job we do; it comes with significant risk because it isn’t legit.

We could expect the drug trade to happen in Afghanistan in the coming seasons, which is potentially a hub where the drug products are cultivated.

This would further conflict with the US drug war, as this would undoubtedly be a disagreement with China.

Narcos: Mexico Season 3 Ending Explained

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