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American Rust Season 2
American Rust Season 2 (Image Credit: Showtime)

American Rust Season 2 Release Date, Spoilers, and Season 1 Recap

Showtime’s drama series, American Rust, has come to an end, with increasing expectations of American Rust Season 2.

American Rust is about Buell, a fictional town in the Rustbelt of Pennsylvania, its depressingly dull existence, and the opioid crisis that is threatening to ruin an entire generation.

American Rust Season 2 Release Date

Showtime and the makers of American Rust are yet to make an official announcement about the release of American Rust Season 2.

The finale episode has left so many loose ends that a potential American Rust Season 2 will have much in store for the show’s viewers.

If renewed, we can expect American Rust Season 2 to be aired by the beginning of 2023.

American Rust Season 2
American Rust Season 2 (Image Credit: Showtime)

The entirety of the novel by the same name, written by Phillip Meyer, has been adapted by American Rust Season 1, with some changes of its own.

This, along with the fact that American Rust Season 1 has received mixed reviews, there is a possibility that the makers have wrapped up the show in its first season itself.

What To Expect From American Rust Season 2?

In American Rust Season 2, to begin with, we will come to know the fate of Billy, whether he survives the attack on his life and if he is released from the prison. With all the eyewitnesses of the Novick murder case dead, we can expect Billy to be acquitted.

In American Rust Season 2, we will also know whether Harris will be successful in hiding his role in the triple homicide case.

Also, the fact that detectives from Pittsburgh came searching for him and asked for his statement shows that he was not entirely successful in erasing his links with Chuck’s suicide case.

Harris is now aware of Grace’s manipulation, who burnt her trailer to win sympathy for Billy. However, Harris has reached a point of no return as far as Grace is concerned and is likely to continue his relationship with Grace in American Rust Season 2.

American Rust Season 2
American Rust Season 2 (Image Credit: Showtime)

Grace’s estranged husband, Virgil Poe, is now a changed man, and we are likely to see more of him in American Rust Season 2.

Also, in American Rust Season 2, Grace is likely to enhance her efforts to unionize her workplace as she has worked too hard to let it all go to waste.

In American Rust Season 2, we will also know if Henry survives his suicide attempt. As the American Rust Season 1 finale did not confirm his death, there might still be a chance for him.

With Isaac back in Buell, we will see what his next step will be as we know what Lee will do next, stay back in Buell or go back to her husband.

The Plot of American Rust Season 1

When a former cop-turned-drug dealer, Pete Novick, is killed during a drug deal at an abandoned steel mill, the small Rust town of Buell is ruffled.

A young boy, Billy Poe, is under suspicion, and the Chief of Police, Dell Harris, puts in his best efforts to protect Billy. Chief Harris does all this for the sake of the woman he loves.

American Rust Season 2
Grace and Harris in American Rust Season 1 (Image Credit: Showtime)

Grace Poe, Billy’s mother, is Harris’ love interest, who is trying to unionize her workplace to improve the working conditions of her coworkers.

It turns out that Billy’s friend, Isaac, had killed Novick to protect Billy. Billy confesses this to Lee, who is Isaac’s sister and Billy’s childhood sweetheart.

Isaac leaves Buell to get out of this mess, while Lee stays back to look after their ailing father, Henry. Lee’s husband, Alejandro, comes to Buell to be with Lee but leaves as soon as he learns about Lee’s affair with Billy.

Meanwhile, Harris does his best to get to the bottom of the drug network. He tries to hunt down Bobby Jesus, the primary drug dealer. Harris also knows that his friend, Jackson, a pharmacist, uses his pharmacy as a cover for his drug dealings.

American Rust Season 2
American Rust Season 2 (Image Credit: Showtime)

All this while, Harris also tries to fight the demons of his past. Years ago, when he was posted in Pittsburgh, he, along with his colleagues, had taken a pledge that they would fight the criminals even outside the boundaries of the law.

However, his courage failed him when the time came, and he left Pittsburgh to steer clear of the extrajudicial killing his colleagues had performed to cleanse society.

This was, in a way, an act of cowardice and betrayal on his part. His past comes back to haunt him in the form of Chuck Castellanos, his colleague from Pittsburgh.

Chuck comes asking for the repayment of Harris’ past debt and takes him back to Pittsburgh to kill a criminal, Samuel Traven. When Harris expresses his inability to kill, Chuck first kills the criminal and then shoots himself.

Meanwhile, Henry attempts suicide by popping pills to save Lee from the responsibility of looking after him.

What Happens To Billy in American Rust Season 1?

American Rust Season 2
Alex Neustaedter as Billy Poe in American Rust Season 1. (Image credit: Showtime)

Elsewhere, the authorities close in on Billy, who is arrested and sent to prison. In prison, Billy has to bear the ire of the Aryan inmates who beat him to a pulp, sending him to a medically induced coma.

Billy made this sacrifice to protect his friend, Isaac. On the other hand, when Isaac hears about Billy’s arrest, Isaac comes rushing back to Buell. Isaac surrenders before Harris with the murder weapon.

Harris, who has done many questionable things to protect his loved ones, tries to save Isaac as well. He asks Isaac not to disclose it to anybody and hide the murder weapon as well.

Harris also hunts down Bobby, and he shoots him, along with Jackson and an old lady who was the witness, thus repaying an old debt of his.

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