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DDR5 overclocking
DDR5 overclocking

KLEVV’s New DDR5 Overclocking Revealed

KLEVV has brought for us the DDR5 CRAS XR RGB RAM with the feature of DDR5 overlocking. This looks super attractive, and its specs are also equally lucrative. The RAM will provide up to DDR5 6400 speeds.

It has also been announced that the recent DDR5 standard and the trademark DDR5 RAM are ready for all the regular users, people who are into gaming, and overclockers. It would be fit for all the people who would be wanting an upgrade.

KLEVV has revealed the new DDR5 overclocking feature of the DDR5 CRAS XR RGB RAM, which can be used extensively in gaming.

The design is quite aesthetic, and the speeds at which it will arrive will be up to DDR5-6400. This will be available in the new gaming PC, which will have the Intel Alder Lake processor.

If we think about speeds between DDR5 4800 and DDR5 6400, the high-end overclocking gaming RAM will arrive in them. It can be expected that there will be more available rooms which will allow us to do manual overclocking.

The new DDR5 overclocking unveiled by KLEVV


In the press release, KLEVV says several things about the DDR5 overclocking RAM. He noted that the DDR5 would be the newest memory standard which will soon be making its way into the ecosystem of PCs.

The major updates that the DDR5 overclocking will bring are the bigger capacities and faster speeds than DDR’s previous generations.

The regular non-overclocking and gaming DDR5 RAMs by KLEVV will come out into the markets in the fourth quarter of 2021. In comparison, the DDR5 overclocking gaming memory sticks will come out in the earlier half of 2022.

Thus the time is not very far away from now. The 12th Gen Core Alder Lake has already been launched by Intel very recently.

Along with that, we will also get to see the Z690 chip, which is a flagship chipset. The PCIe 5.0 and the DDR5 technologies will both be supported in the flagship chipset.

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