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Marvel's Eternals
Marvel's Eternals (credit: Marvel Studios)

What Questions Marvel’s Eternals Need to Answer in its Sequel?

Chloe Zhao has directed Marvel’s Eternals and the film dives deep into the team’s origin story.

However, as we reach the film’s ending, the mid and the post-credits scene bring a lot of questions.

The movie brings a new and compelling race of cosmic beings.

They have been here on the earth for several thousands of years.

They have not been in touch with humans for all this time, but they will have to unite with them when the Deviants have again emerged.

Chloe Zhao has been successful in bringing about a different style of storytelling.

There are some stunning scenes which we get to see in the movie.

The strength and the ultimate power of the members of the team have also been portrayed beautifully.

This is the first film for Marvel’s Eternals, which is around two hours and thirty-seven minutes.

But as the movie comes to an end, it leaves a lot of questions in the viewers’ minds.

So to dive deep into those today in this article, we will discuss some of the important questions associated with it.

Does Ikaris die at the end of Marvel’s Eternals?

Ikaris was one of the most influential personalities in Marvel’s Eternals.

He is one of those characters in the movie whose character arc has been appropriately developed.

He was bent on making sure that The Emergence happens successfully.

He could even go to the extent of ending the existence of humans.

Ikaris also went against his team members because he knew that none of them would be following Arishem’s orders.

Marvel's Eternals
Will Ikaris really die? (credit: Marvel Studios)

Sersi and her team members fought bravely and strongly to save the humans.

Ikaris soon felt very guilty about his actions, and he flew towards the sun.

We feel that Ikaris might have died, but the Marvel Cinematic Universe could have several plans for him.

We have got to wait to know more about him.

Do we see Thena getting cured in Marvel’s Eternals?

In Marvel’s Eternals, we see Thena has been affected by a disease called Mahd Wy’ry.

In this particular illness, the Eternals lose all their memories because of their immortality and slowly lead to impulsive behavior.

Ajak had mentioned in the film that this disease was indeed a dangerous and incurable one.

Marvel's Eternals
A snap of Thena. (credit: Marvel Studios)

Thena had these episodes only when she came in front of a Deviant.

As Marvel’s Eternals came to an end, we saw Thena going through one of them.

She has finally been able to overcome the effects after putting an end to Kros.

Thena joined hands with Makkari and Druid to inform all the other team members about the truth.

However, we never get to know whether Thena has been cured of the illness by the film’s end.

Apart from the Eternals, why have no MCU superheroes acknowledged that a cataclysmic event might happen soon?

Almost the entire film was about bringing an end to The Emergence, the doomsday event.

We see that earth is filled with wizards, droids, and aliens, but it is surprising to see that no one else stepped in front to help out during such events.

We also know that the planet is under the protection of some powerful superheroes like Doctor Strange.

So it was extraordinary to see that he or none of the other team members came in to help them out.

However, the Eternals were able to end Tiamut and thus save the earth in the process.

It would be interesting to see how it would feel if all the other characters of the Marvel Cinematic Universe got involved in this process.

How does Arishem carry forward his judgment?

It is a known fact from the comics that Arishem formed the Eternals.

He has foiled up his plans and has decided to spare the planet for now for making a proper judgment.

He has even taken Phastos, Sersi, and Kingo with him as a hostage to make up his mind whether they will continue to be alive for disobeying his orders.

Marvel's Eternals
A snap of Arishem. (credit: Marvel Studios)

One of the biggest questions right now is how will Arishem make his judgment after following which particular criteria.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is right now in the path of going through a multiverse.

There will probably be several consequences with the upcoming plots.

Another big question is whether we will get to see Arishem again in the upcoming movies.

When will we get to see Dane Whitman as Black Knight?

There has been a lot of hype about the character because it is being played by Kit Harington.

He was playing the role of Dane Whitman and has not yet come up on the screen as the Black Knight.

The character also had a handful of scenes in Marvel’s Eternals, and it was just a cameo role in this one.

He had a minimal time in Marvel’s Eternals which disappointed all the fans and viewers.

However, in the end, we see Black Knight, which has raised the level of excitement.

He learned about a hidden family secret that he had received a chest from his family, which consisted of the Ebony Blade.

He was soon about to touch it before being disturbed by the off-screen voiceover.

The fans will be excited for the day when they finally see Kit Harington as the Black Knight.

What does the off-screen voiceover tell us about in which direction MCU will be proceeding forward?

While the post-credits scene was playing, we heard an off-screen voice.

This disturbed Dane from the exciting moment with the Ebony Blade.

The person’s identity behind the voiceover was unknown until it was revealed that it was Mahershala Ali.

This is the moment that marks the debut of Ali in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Back in 2019, we learned that the MCU could bring in a new Blade film where Ali will be playing the main character.

Till now, we have minimal information about the film and when it will be released.

How does bringing in Starfox change the course of the MCU? and Who does Harry Styles play in Eternals?

Starfox, played by Harry Styles, is one of the best and sought-after character introductions.

He is Thanos’ brother, and his introduction will have a lot of things to unfold in Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 4.

Currently, we will be seeing Starfox among the other Eternals.

However, he will have a significant role in the MCU Phase 4.

The primary focus of the MCU is the multiverse storyline.

The presence of Starfox could bring in a lot of things related to cosmic events.

We still have no idea how his character will be portrayed, but we are sure to see something fascinating.

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How will Sersi and the others finally be saved?

At the end of Marvel’s Eternals, we see that the entire team splits into two groups.

Phastos, Sersi, and Kingo stayed back on earth and were ultimately taken in by Arishem.

He spared Marraki, Thena, and Druid.

Marvel's Eternals
A snap of Sersi in Marvel’s Eternals. (credit: Marvel Studios)

Starfox was informed about their capture and wanted to participate in helping them.

As we see the mid-credits of Marvel’s Eternals, we notice that new doors open for the Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 4.

We will also know about the plans that Starfox has in the upcoming movies. 

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Will we get to see any more Eternals joining the team?

In Marvel’s Eternals, we saw ten members joining the team. However, they will not be the only ones.

All the Eternals have the same mission related to The Emergence.

The ones on the earth got to know about the truth and tried sharing it with the others.

In the recent events, we saw that the Eternals had to bring about a change in their plans.

We are sure we will be seeing several more Eternals joining the team.

However, we have no idea when we will see them or what role they will be having in Phase 4 of the MCU.

Is there any chance for an Eternals 2?

This is a big question now, and answering it is also not going to be that easy.

On Rotten Tomatoes, the film has received the lowest rank, 49%, out of all the other movies of the MCU.

Even after all this, the audience has given some good reviews about the film.

Marvel’s Eternals is one of the most contrasting films of the MCU.

The fans appreciate the new movie, and there are mixed reviews about it.

Only time will say whether we will get to see Marvel’s Eternals 2 or not.

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