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Narcos: New Mexico Season 3- Ending Explained
Narcos: New Mexico Season 3- Ending Explained(Image Credits-Netflix)

Narcos: Mexico Season 3 Ending Explained-Is Victor Dead or Alive?

Narcos: Mexico Season 3 is the recently completed show based on the story of drug cartels or traffickers. 

The last two seasons were based on a similar storyline and were one of the most intriguing shows in this domain.

The story revolves around three-drug cartels who once had got associated with running their business without any hindrance.

The fact that resulted in the hindrance was that the drug trafficking business had much risk.

It is also based on irregularities; this results in them having contacts on either side of the border to facilitate the drugs on both sides of the border.

But, the business had several ups and downs that resulted in the three turning into rivals, and these rivals led to killing each other.

 Narcos: Mexico Season 3 showed us the war that broke out between the Sinaloa Cartel and Amado to take the plunge against each other.

Towards the end of the season, we were left with specific questions, which we have covered all below.

Narcos: Mexico Season 3 Recap: The Plunge Between the Cartels

Drug trafficking is one of the most difficult and, at the same time, illegal things that have been currently going on all around the world.

Narcos: New Mexico Season 3- Ending Explained
Narcos: Mexico Season 3- Ending Explained(Image Credits- Netflix)

The fact that it is unlawful and still in demand makes it more critical to be manifested to people, which makes it difficult for the traffickers to risk their lives to facilitate the drugs to the end-user.

The show Narcos: Mexico Season 3 has very peculiar been the witness of the drug cartels who are into this operation day in and out so that the drugs to people.

The story is of three cartels working together in a community perspective to get a more extensive market base of drug consumers quickly.

Initially, they started well, the business was going well, but soon, the good times seemed to have gone. 

Narcos: Mexico Season 3 shows how things between the three start to fall apart, and they soon become bitter foes to each other.

The possible reason the breakdown of trade relationship happened was that Sinaloa is nested with plenty of human resources, but this doesn’t mean that they have an ample amount of business out there. 

The business isn’t fruitful for them because the region doesn’t have a border area, resulting in the people paying a heavy amount of money in the form of taxes to get in the drugs.

This seems to be the primary reason why the gap of conflict starts to percolate between two cartels, which starts to change the picture on both sides; the mere results would undoubtedly be deadly if there weren’t stopped at the earliest.

Both of them think that the other is interfering in the other’s business, but we know that it isn’t that straight, they are more contexts to it that make the complete picture.

In Juarez, Victor Tapia, posted as a police officer, is looking for a girl named Teresa.

He starts a lookout for Teresa after her aunt files a missing complaint; a similar incident has been going on for some time in Juarez.

Where young women of the age of Teresa are found dead, and the police suspect that this might be the work of some serial killers, and they start to believe that something similar would be happening with Teresa as well.

Still, indeed, if they want and would like to take some efforts, then certainly that could be avoidable in Narcos: Mexico Season 3.

Further in Mexico, we learn that El Professor of Carlos Hank Gonzalez is one of the most influential people in Mexico, and he is planning to expand his trade to Juarez soon.

Armando, who has always been keen to expand his business reach, kills his partner Aguilar.

He does so that he gets into direct contact with Hank and would allow him to do complete independent business with him.

Hank is an influential person in entire Mexico.

He also decides the president, and he is considered a great businessman, kingmaker. 

Armando wanted to partner with Hank because Hank has the majority power all over Mexico, and partnering with him will open doors for him to get complete access to free trade all across the city.

This will help him expand his reach in the town and won’t need to pay out taxes if he is to move out his goods out of the city and transport them to the other.

Narcos: Mexico Season 3- War between Sinaloa and Tijuana

The war between Sinaloa and Tijuana resulted in the death of Azul.

Towards the finale episode of Narcos: Mexico Season 3, we saw that Chapo makes sure that Palma moves to some other prison so that he doesn’t involve in another conspiracy.

Narcos: New Mexico Season 3- Ending Explained
Narcos: New Mexico Season 3: Conflict Among the three Cartels (Image Credits- Netflix)

Mayo and his new associates confront Tijuana, and both are very well aware of the fact.

But, they are still very well aware that they will require a border area to facilitate the drugs to the US.

Narcos: Mexico Season 3- Is Amado Dead?

Though the makers of the show haven’t clearly shown that Amado is dead or alive. 

But, it would help if you were smart enough to get acclaimed to all the facts shown in Narcos: Mexico Season 3.

In the mid-credit scenes of the show, when Marta is seen walking from the Chilean beach towards the villa of Amado.

At the same villa, we saw two wine glasses kept on the top of the piano, which signifies that one of the glasses was for Marta while the other one was for Amado.

This certainly hits towards the fact that Amado is not dead and is still alive.

While if you have been following the show for a long time and had watched its previous episode, you might behave that earlier they were an entire series of drama that happened, which later made the Mexican Federal confirm that the body was of Amado later he got vanished.

Ramon Arellano wanted to kill Mayo and for the same runs in Mazatlan.

In this process, Ramon Arellano is killed but how he is killed is quite interesting.

While Ramon is on his way to Mazatlan, Mayo and two of his friends disguised as a Sinaloa Cartel members dressed as police officers stop him.

Though Arellano realizes that this might be Mayo and his associates, that’s quite late till then, and Ramon is shooted with bullets, and he dies.

The death of Ramon Arellano will make things worse in terms of the conquest between the cartels. Mayo doesn’t stop there as he calls Enedina only to tell her that they have failed miserably in their plan and he has killed her brother.

Ramon Arellano’s death has now become very subtle.

Ramon and Enedina have already penned down the things, but everything just fell apart for them after their entire plan backfired and Mayo killed Ramon.

The two had earlier planned to execute Mayo, but that didn’t happen.

Narcos: Mexico Season 3- Is Victor Dead?

Narcos: New Mexico Season 3- Ending Explained
Narcos: New Mexico Season 3- Victor Dead(Image Credits-Netflix)

Yes, Victor is killed by his old friend Rogelio. The scene takes place when Victor becomes a DEA informant after doing a DNA test for a sample that belongs to the serial killer.

Also, in the course, he passes on important information that results in to arrest and seizure of money and drugs.

His activity has certainly triggered many cartels, and they would have been turning against him now.

Well, though, this has got a great benefit to Victor as he gets to the end of the deal.

It was very sure that he was tracked down by the cartels that he was the one who has informed about the sites of drugs that led to arrest and all, and here to gun down Victor, Rogelio has been sent is the fact that.

 He was his old friend and long-time partner; he had to kill Victor down because he was told to do so.

Meanwhile, Victor has also found the serial killer between all this was happening, and he indeed kills him.

Later the next day, he finds a pit full of dead mortals of women who have been buried.

He learns that the murderer is different, but they are killing women with the same modus operandi.

But, it is to be noted that the crimes against women still after victor kills the serial killer doesn’t stop.

Because, as said, it’s not a single killer, but many of them are operating similarly.

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