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Platinum End Episode 6

Platinum End Episode 6 Release Date, Spoilers, and Episode 5 Recap

Platinum End Episode 5 took an exciting turn as Mirai and Saki meet another God Candidate named Nanato Mukaido, who is willing to join them and other God Candidates to defeat Metropoliman.

On the other hand, Metropoliman has already killed four God Candidates and has acquired their Wings and Arrows. He can also grant Arrows and Wings to humans who are not God Candidates on certain conditions.

What will happen if he grants the Arrows to criminals and uses them to cause havoc and kill other God Candidates? Will Metropoliman take the lives of innocent people to become God? Is he worthy of being a Candidate?

Mirai cannot allow a person like Metropoliman, who kills innocent people, to become God. Will Mirai kill Metropoliman? If yes, then how will he do it? Is Nanato Mukaido really an Ally? Is he planning to betray Mirai and Saki?

Finally, the identity of Metropoliman is revealed and his reason to become God. He wants to become God so that he can revive his sister. How did she die? Did Metropoliman kill her?

Platinum End Episode 6 Release Date, Spoilers, and Episode 5 Recap
Metropoliman is just another High School student who wishes to bring his dead sister back to life. Is his way to becoming God correct? Will he kill innocent people?

Things are bound to become more exciting, as we can expect from the author of Death Note, and more unexpected things might happen.

To find answers to all these questions and know more about the Platinum End Episode 5, make sure to read out till the end. Also, let us know your thoughts on what you think might happen next?

Platinum End Episode 4 Details

Platinum End Episode 6 Release Date and Where to Watch Online?

Platinum End Episode 6, titled “Two Painful Options,” is scheduled to release on Friday, the 12th of November 2021.

Platinum End Episode 6 Release Date, Spoilers, and Episode 5 Recap
Metropoliman has three sets of Wings and Arrows. He can also grant them to other humans. Is he the one behind the murder of innocent girls?

Platinum End episodes can be enjoyed on various platforms like Crunchyroll, Funimation, Anime Digital Network, and VRV through Crunchyroll.

Platinum End Episode 6 will be available for Online streaming on Crunchyroll from 01:28 am JST.

Platinum End Episode 6: Spoilers and What to Expect Next?

Platinum End Episode 6 will take an exciting turn as Mirai, Saki, and Nanato search for another God Candidate. Nanato found a young boy who might be a God Candidate as he responded to see angels in the stadium.

Nanato couldn’t talk to him as he had escaped quickly in the crowd, but if Mirai, Saki, and Nanato want to bring together all the God Candidates and defeat Metropoliman, they must find him quickly.

But will they be able to find him? Or even so, convince him to join with them? What if the boy refuses to join them and turns out to be Metropoliman’s ally? How will Mirai conceal his real identity to prevent falling into any trap?

There is a possibility that Metro Blue and Metro Yellow’s wish to ally to defeat Metropoliman might come true. If all the remaining God Candidates join together, they might defeat Metropoliman and make a better world for people living in it.

Also, Metropoliman has three sets of Arrows and Wings now, and he can give them to humans who are not God Candidates with conditions. What if he gives them to the wrong people who misuse this power?

In the Platinum End Episode 5, we see that a girl murdered three girls and left a note saying that she will now kill all the girls that she doesn’t find cute. Killing three people with a knife and leaving a note requires a lot of time, and not being caught after this is a mystery in itself.

Platinum End Episode 6 Release Date, Spoilers, and Episode 5 Recap
The person behind the murder of innocent girls. Is she allied with Metropoliman? Or is she another dangerous God Candidate?

Does the girl has Wings? Has Metropoliman given her Wings that allow her to escape quickly from any situation? Why are they killing innocent people? To how many more criminals will Metropoliman give these powers? Will Mirai be able to identify this killer and bring justice?

Another important question that will be answered in Platinum End Episode 6 is what happened to Metropoliman’s sister? How did she die? Who killed her? Was it Metropoliman’s mistake? Will Metropoliman kill all the God Candidates and become God to bring his sister back to life?

Let us know your take on what might be true. Leave your thoughts in the comments below, and we can check out the theories this coming Friday with Platinum End Episode 6.

Platinum End Episode 5 “Death Sentence” Recap

Platinum End episode 5 brought a new ally for Mirai and Saki. Nanato, another God Candidate, reached out to the two of them and wants to join forces to take down Metropoliman.

Episode 5 also revealed the identity of Metropoliman and the reason why he desperately wants to become God.

Let’s see in detail how things progressed in Platinum End episode 5.

Episode 5 begins with Metropoliman ready with his white arrow to kill the girl God Candidate, who only had wings. Mirai was about to jump in the stadium to fight Metropoliman with his wings and Red Arrows.

But fortunately, just before Mirai was about to reveal that he was a God Candidate, Nasse appeared on the scene and shouted, “Don’t move! Don’t act without a plan. You’d just be telling him that you’re a God Candidate.”

Mirai stopped instantly, but it was late. Someone has seen his behavior about how he responded to things and was seeing in the sky.

Platinum End Episode 6 Release Date, Spoilers, and Episode 5 Recap
Someone found out that Mirai and Saki are God Candidates? Are they in danger? Who has found their identity? Is he an ally?

A person had clicked Mirai and Saki’s photo. Is this person a God Candidate Or worse, working with Metropoliman? Are Mirai and Saki in danger? Will they be able to escape?
Nasse went straight to Metropoliman without even looking at Mirai so that it was not revealed that he was his God Candidate. She explains to Metropoliman that he will not be able to lure anymore God Candidates by using this girl.

Mirai believed that Metropoliman would not kill her as he had already hit her with a Red Arrow, and she was his ally for 33 days, but things never go as we think. Metropoliman shot the girl dead with a White Arrow.

He did so because he believed she had served her purpose, and now he had killed 3 God Candidates today.

After seeing all this, Nasse tells him that she doesn’t care as long as it is not her God Candidate, but she will be more than happy to see Metropoliman die. She adds that she would even have her Candidate kill him.

Metropoliman understands that she is also a special-ranked angel. Nasse then asks all God Candidates to leave the stadium by mixing in the crowd and not fall for any more traps of Metropoliman.

Metropoliman collects the wings and arrows of both the God Candidates he killed and leaves the stadium. He is now aware that a God Candidate with a unique ranked Angel is also there, and he must find it soon and kill it.

Only 9 God Candidates are alive now, including Metropoliman, Mirai, and Saki. The identity of the remaining candidates is still unknown.

Later in their room, Mirai and Saki discuss Metropoliman and how cruel he is. Mirai decides that he cannot allow such a person to become God and needs to kill him.

But he cannot kill him as he is not even capable of hating someone. Mirai remembers his father’s saying, “You definitely shouldn’t kill anyone, but more than anything, don’t hate people.”

Nasse consoles him that he doesn’t need to do everything on his own. They were all just discussing that they need to join forces with other God Candidates when suddenly one appears at their window.
Mirai and Saki instantly draw out their Red Arrows. The person at their window asks them to shoot him with Red arrow to prove that he is not under anyone’s control.

Platinum End Episode 6 Release Date, Spoilers, and Episode 5 Recap
A God Candidate confronts Mirai and Saki. How did he find them? Is he allied with Metropoliman?

Who is this God Candidate? How did he find Mirai and Saki? Is he the one who clicked their photos? Is he with Metropoliman? Are Mirai and Saki in danger? Nasse, Mirai, and Saki believe that he is telling the truth and don’t shoot him. They think that it would be better if he is an ally if they don’t shoot him.

The person turns out to be Nanato Mukaido. He has late-stage terminal cancer and very little time left. He informs them that when he was about to die, an angel appeared and asked him to become a God Candidate.

He accepts the offer so that he could create a better world for his daughter, wife, and his unborn child. He adds that he is not interested in becoming God, but he cannot allow someone like Metropoliman to become one either.

He explains that he wants to meet as many God Candidates as possible and work with them to defeat Metropoliman. He also wants to see which of the God Candidate is worthy of becoming God and support him in every possible way.

He says that he shot 14 people, primarily psychologists and private detectives with Red arrows, and asked them to find people who behaved as if they could see angels. One of such people had clicked Mirai and Saki’s photo and sent it to him, and due to this, he was able to find them.

Mirai and Saki inform him that they do not want to become God but cannot allow Metropoliman to become God. Mirai assures him that he will help him only if Nanato doesn’t give up on his life and continue his treatment.

Nanato informs them that his angel is the first ranked angel known as the Angel of knowledge. Nasse expresses that Metropoliman’s angel might be Meyza, the Angel of Greed. He adds that Meyza suddenly shot from unranked to a special-ranked angel.

Later we see that Metropoliman is also a high school student. He is a rich guy and grandson of the chairman of his high school.

He asks his friend if he could wish for something; what would it be? They agree that they would both wish all the ugly girls to disappear.

So is he behind the murder of three girls? Has he given a pair of his wings and arrows to a murderous criminal who is killing innocent girls on his order?

Why is he thinking this way? Has something happened with him in his past? What could it be?

He also finds that each arrow has a range of 31.6 meters, and if he joins two arrows, the range can be increased to 60 meters as well.

This could prove to be dangerous for Mirai and Saki as they are unaware of this and might suffer the death of someone for the same.

Metropoliman adds that if any wish could be granted, he would wish for the power to bring the dead back to life.

His sister had died, and he wanted to become God to bring her back to life. But how did she die? Who killed her? Could this have been an accident?

Nanato later informs Mirai and Saki about the other God Candidate that he found in the stadium.

Now they plan to search for him and bring him to their side. They need to find other God Candidates and also conceal their identity at the same time to prevent Metropoliman from finding them.

Will they be able to bring other God Candidates to their side? Who is the person behind the murder of innocent girls? Is he allied with Metropoliman and has his wings? Will Mirai and Saki be safe?

Can Nanato be trusted? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, and let’s wait to find out more in Platinum End Episode 6, releasing this coming Friday.

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