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Pokemon Go Season of Mischief
Pokemon Go Season of Mischief (credit: Pokemon Go)

Pokemon Go Season of Mischief will include a Special Research Story

Pokemon Go Season of Mischief has brought in a lot of updates for the players and fans of the game since September.

The fans and players are excited and ready for several new tasks and quests for research.

One such new research quest is the Misunderstood Mischief.

The people who were up to date with the storyline of Pokemon Go Season of Mischief had the opportunity to get their hands on Hoopa, a mythical Pokemon.

On capturing this Pokemon, they had also received several unique rewards.

Right now, Pokemon Go Season of Mischief is finally coming to an end with a very new Special Research story.

This new content will be available exclusively to those who have completed the Misunderstood Mischief or paid to get access to it.

Pokemon Go Season of Mischief will bring a Special Research story before coming to an end.

This new Research Story will be focusing on Hoopa.

It will provide the players another opportunity to get hold of the mythical Pokemon or even get the chance to encounter its alternative form, which is the Hoopa Unbound. Hoopa Unbound belongs to the genre of Dark and Psychic-type Pokemon.

Currently, the players will only be able to encounter Hoopa in its confined form. This will belong to the Psychic and Ghost-type of Pokemon.

Pokemon Go Season of Mischief
Hoopa is back again. (credit: Pokemon Go)

Complete details about the Special Research of the Pokemon Go Season of Mischief has not yet come out.

It is expected that we will get to know more about them in this very month, November before the season comes to an end.

The players who are interested in playing the season and have not yet been able to complete it can purchase the end of Season Special Research ticket.

On purchasing the ticket, the player will be a part of the final kickoff for the Pokemon Go Season of Mischief.

Exclusive Special Tickets were offered by Niantic.

This has featured a few special Pokemon in the past.

All of them were received by the players and fans with mixed reactions.

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