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Foundation Episode 9

Foundation Episode 9: Release Date, Spoilers, and A Recap of Episode 8

Soon to be released, Foundation Episode 9, the penultimate episode of this season, promises to be an episode full of surprises.

The warship Invictus has yet again jumped to an unknown destination. Brother Day is able to complete the spiral journey, and Gaal is sent on a 138-year trip.

Keep reading for more information on Foundation Episode 9.

Foundation Episode 9 Release Date and Where To Watch It?

Foundation Episode 9 will be aired on Apple TV+, on November 12, 2021, at 3 AM ET.

Foundation Episode 9 is available exclusively on Apple TV+, and one can avail of the seven-day free trial to watch the episode.

It is the first season of the series, which premiered on September 24, 2021. The first two episodes premiered simultaneously, and new episodes are released every Friday.

Foundation Episode 9
Still from Foundation Episode 8 (Image Credit: Apple TV+)

What To Expect From Foundation Episode 9?

Foundation Episode 9 has been titled “The First Crisis.”

The title might be suggestive of the first of the various calamities predicted by Hari Seldon. Though Seldon has worked out a plan to avoid the crisis, his original idea faced failure. We are likely to see more about his second Foundation plan and its impact in Foundation Episode 9.

Salvor might be able to take control of the ship Invictus and use this powerful warship to save the galaxy from the Anacreons in Foundation Episode 9.

Foundation Episode 9
Still from Foundation Episode 8 (Image Credit: Apple TV+)

In the Foundation Episode 9, we will also get to see more of Gaal’s 138-year journey and the happenings at the galactic capital, Trantor, as its Emperor, Brother Day, returns.

Foundation Episode 8 Recap

Foundation Episode 8 has been titled “The Missing Piece.”

At the beginning of Foundation Episode 8, we see Phara reliving the moments of her home planet Anacreon’s complete destruction in the hands of the galactic Emperor.

She happens to be inside the ship Invictus which she hopes to gain control of to exact her revenge. As the ghost ship continues its countdown for its next intergalactic jump, we find Salvor and Phara battling it out inside Invictus. They however, receive a jolt  when the ship jumps on its own towards an unknown destination.

We also find that in Foundation Episode 8, Hugo has survived and managed to land at a comms relay.

What Happens To Brother Day in Planet Maiden?

Meanwhile, Brother Day successfully completes the Luminist’s sacred pilgrimage, a life-threatening trek to a desert cave pool.

He then claims to have a vision of a holy three petalled flower from the triple Goddess of Luminism. This act of his silences the critics of Imperial cloning. It also proves, beyond all doubt, his legitimacy as the Emperor of the galaxy.

Foundation Episode 9
Still from Foundation Episode 8 (Image Credit: Apple TV+)

Brother Day is also able to elevate Zephyr Gilat, whom he prefers over Zephyr Halima, to the position of Proxima. He also commands his humanoid assistant, Eto Demerzel, to assassinate Zephyr Halima even though she had acknowledged Brother Day’s legitimacy as the Emperor.

Demerzel, a devoted follower of Luminism, is distressed at this order but is compelled to carry out the Emperor’s command.

After Brother Day and Eto Demerzel leave the planet Maiden, Brother Day reveals that, in reality, he did not have any vision. Demerzel is appalled at the Emperor’s lie.

Foundation Episode 8 Ending Explained

Elsewhere, at the ship Raven, Gaal is infuriated at the late mathematician Hari Seldon‘s refusal to divulge the details of the second Foundation that he has planned to set up on his home planet, Helicon.

Foundation Episode 9
Still from Foundation Episode 8 (Image Credit: Apple TV+)

With her ability to look at the future, Gaal can get the mathematician’s calculation off the track yet again, which is probably the reason why Hari is not disclosing his plans.

However, when Gaal threatens to kill herself, Hari Seldon’s digital consciousness allows her to leave the ship on an escape pod.

Gaal sets out for her home planet, Synnax, and the computer, onboard the pod, informs her that this journey will be completed in 138 years before putting her to an induced sleep. From this, we can very well imagine the vast time span that the series is working on.

Foundation Episode 7 Recap

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