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Platinum End Episode 5
Platinum End Episode 5 (Image Credit: Crunchyroll)

Platinum End Episode 5: Release Date, Spoilers, and Episode 4 Recap.

Platinum End Episode 4 took an exciting turn as Metropoliman took down three of the God Candidates.

He has killed two of them, Metro Blue and Metro Yellow, while is controlling the third God Candidate with Red Arrow.

The arrival of Metro Pink and Metro Green was also very surprising.

Things would have changed if they had not been on the side of Metropoliman.

Mirai is about to rescue the third God Candidate under Metropoliman’s control as he plans to kill it.

What will Mirai do? If he tries to save her, he will have to fight Metropoliman.

Will Mirai and Saki be able to escape from Metropoliman? Or will Metropoliman kill them?

To find answers to this readout till the end.

Platinum End Episode 5: Release Date, Spoilers, and Episode 4 Recap.
The Metro Five with Metropoliman, Metro Blue, Metro Pink, Metro Green, and Metro Yellow (from left). (Image Credit: Crunchyroll)

Platinum End Episode 5: Release Date and Where to Watch Online?

Platinum End Episode 5, titled “Death Sentence,” is scheduled to release on Friday, the 5th of November 2021.

Platinum End can be streamed online on Crunchyroll, Funimation, Anime Digital Network, and VRV through Crunchyroll.

Platinum End Episode 5 will be available for Online streaming on Crunchyroll from 01:28 am JST.

Platinum End Episode 5: Spoilers and What to Expect?

With the death of Metro Blue and Metro Yellow, things have taken quite an interesting turn. Metropoliman’s plan to lure out God-Candidates and kill them has turned out to be successful until now as he has eliminated three god candidates.

He still plans to lure more of them out in his trap by keeping the third God candidate as bait.

He has killed Metro Blue and Metro Yellow already and is about to kill the third one as well.

Will Mirai jump in to save her? What will happen next if he tries to save the third God Candidate? Will Metropoliman kill him?

Even if Mirai manages to escape, will Metropoliman let him go?

Mirai is among the 3 God Candidates with special ranked angels and thus the biggest threat to Metropoliman. Will Metropoliman let him escape?

Another question is what will happen to Saki if Mirai tries to save the other God Candidate?

Will Metropoliman kill Saki as well? Mirai must figure out a way to save Saki, his love, and other God Candidates from Metropoliman.

Platinum End Episode 5: Release Date, Spoilers, and Episode 4 Recap.
Mirai Kakehashi wants to save the God Candidate and might jump into battle Metropoliman in Platinum End Episode 5, releasing this coming Friday. (Image Credit: Crunchyroll)

After the bravery shown by Metro Blue and Metro Yellow, there is a possibility that the remaining God Candidates might come together to defeat Metropoliman.

But how will they do it?

On the other hand, since Metropoliman has ruthlessly eliminated three God Candidates, many of the God Candidates will fear getting killed by him and thus hide their identities as God Candidates.

Watch the Platinum End Episode 5 this coming Friday to see what Mirai will do?

Will he save Saki or fall in Metropoliman’s trap?

The God Candidate hit by Metropoliman’s Red Arrow might be under his control and helping him to lure more God Candidates out. Let’s see how many God Candidates fall into his trap.

Platinum End Episode 4 Recap: Metropoliman’s trap.

Platinum End Episode 4 gave us chills as step by step Metropoliman’s trap was revealed.

He successfully tricked other God Candidates by using a dummy in his place.

His plan to eliminate other God Candidates has been successful until now.

Let us go through Platinum End Episode 4 to know more.

Episode 4 begins with Metro Blue and Metro Yellow arriving in the stadium right after Metropoliman.

They both have Red Arrows and Wings; thereby, both of them have first-ranked angels or more.

Metro blue attacks Metropoliman with a Red Arrow, but guess what, the Arrow does not pierce him.

On looking closely, they find that a Red Arrow had already shot him.

And as a result of the same, other Red Arrow couldn’t pierce him for 33 days.

Everyone understands that this was a Dummy and not the real Metropoliman as he was controlling this person.

Metro Blue and Metro Yellow take defensive positions with their backs against each other to cover all possible attack areas.

Platinum End Episode 5: Release Date, Spoilers, and Episode 4 Recap.
Metro Blue and Metro Yellow challenge Metropoliman to face them but falls into his trap and get killed by him. (Image Credit: Crunchyroll)

They openly challenge Metropoliman to face them in the open field.

They also say that they are ready to die and wouldn’t live in a world where Metropoliman is God.

We get to see Metro Blue’s and Metro Yellow’s past.

They had both failed entrance exams multiple times and couldn’t get anything right.

They wanted to commit suicide and planned on taking pills to give them a painless death.

As they were about to take Medicine, two Angels appeared before them and revealed that they had been chosen as God’s Candidates.

Overjoyed by hearing the details, they agree to have better lives.

Metro Blue reveals more details about the powers that a God Candidate cannot shoot arrows while flying at high speed and that the minimum time interval between shooting two arrows is 2 seconds.

So if Metropoliman attacks one of them, the other one can attack him.

He also adds that Arrows can be shot only to a distance of 31.6 meters.

Metropoliman appears on the screen present in the stadium.

He chats with the others and states that they are correct about everything except that he has Red and White Arrows.

So if he ready’s them simultaneously, he needs only 0.3 seconds to fire them.

He also adds that he cannot surprise them as they stand Back to Back.

He cannot attack them when they are alert. Soon after this, a girl floats in the air.

She asks Metro Blue and Metro Yellow to allow her in their team.

She adds that she only has wings and no arrows, so she cannot shoot anyone and is scared of being killed by Metropoliman.

They ask her to come to them so they can shoot her with their Red Arrow and confirm that Metropoliman is not controlling the girl.

Platinum End Episode 5: Release Date, Spoilers, and Episode 4 Recap.
Metropoliman shoots the third God Candidate with a Red Arrow and controls her. (Image Credit: Crunchyroll)

She immediately agrees and approaches the two when suddenly Metropoliman arrives at the scene and shoots the girl with his own Red Arrow.

He tells them that they must shoot any God Candidate that appears before them.

Metropoliman escapes with the girl and appears on the screen with her.

After this, Metro Blue and Metro Yellow try to rally other God Candidates to their side.

They ask them to join them so all of them could live in a better world where Metropoliman is not God.

They add that they will allow only those who are ready to get shot by their Red Arrows.

They ask every God Candidate in the stadium to join them.

Just after that, two people dressed as Metro Green and Metro Pink appear in the stadium’s stands.

They allow the Metro Blue and Metro Yellow to shoot them with Red Arrows and say that they do not have Wings but have Red Arrows only.

Since Metro Blue could shoot both of them, it was confirmed that both were not being controlled.

But are they God Candidates?

Metro Green and Metro Pink have not shown their Wings or Arrows yet, so is there any proof that they are God Candidates?

Platinum End Episode 5: Release Date, Spoilers, and Episode 4 Recap.
Metro Green and Metro Pink offer Metro Blue and Metro Yellow to join them in defeating Metropoliman. (Image Credit: Crunchyroll)

With the four of them now, they stand a better chance at defeating Metropoliman, or at least that’s what they believed.

During all of this, the Real Metropoliman has swapped places with the fake one.

He had his White and Red Arrows drawn. He attacked Metro Blue and Metro Yellow with them.

Using White Arrow Metropoliman killed Metro Blue in the blink of an eye and shot Metro Yellow with Red Arrow, thereby controlling him.

Platinum End Episode 5: Release Date, Spoilers, and Episode 4 Recap.
Metropoliman kills Metro Blue with a white arrow and controls Metro Yellow after attacking him with a Red Arrow. (Image Credit: Crunchyroll)

Metro green and Metro Pink were just regular humans and not God Candidates.

Metropoliman hired them by giving them a huge sum of money. Both of them were actors.

Metropoliman took the Wings and Red Arrows of Metro Blue as his angel took his soul to another world.

Now he has two sets of Red Arrows and Wings along with a set of his White Arrows.

Mirai and Saki are stunned by such a turn of events, and Mirai thinks it was foolish of him even to think that he could take Metropoliman alone.

He wanted to shoot him with a Red Arrow, but it seems impossible to him now as the events have progressed.

The young God-Candidate girl with Wings also appears in the stadium now.

Metropoliman binds her along with the Metro Yellow with a chain to a pole.

He then shoots Metro Yellow with a White Arrow, killing him instantly.

The young girl tries to escape, but she cannot do it with both her hands tied.

She begs everyone in the stadium to help her and save her. Will Metropoliman kill her?

Will anyone save her? Will Mirai jump in to save her?

What if this is a trap and Metropoliman wants to lure more God Candidates out. Will he kill Mirai?

In Spoilers, we see that the Red Ring appears in Mirai’s neck. So will he attack Metropoliman?

What will happen to Saki?

Let us know in the comments below what you think might happen next in Platinum End Episode 5.

Watch the episode coming Friday to see the events unfold between Mirai and Metropoliman with your own eyes.

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