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Foundation Episode 8 Release Date, Spoilers, and A Recap of Episode 7

Soon to be released, Foundation Episode 8 is going to be decisive in many quarters.

Gaal has reconnected with Hari Seldon and is made aware of not only the circumstance in which Hari had died but also of her latent power within.

Foundation Episode 8  Release Date and Where To Watch It?

Foundation Episode 8 will be aired on Apple TV+ on November 5, 2021, at 3 AM Eastern Time (ET).

This streaming platform also offers a seven-day free trial as well to watch Foundation Episode 8.

The show’s first two episodes were aired simultaneously on September 24, 2021, on Apple TV+, and new episodes have since been airing every Friday.

What To Expect From Foundation Episode 8?

Foundation Episode 8 has been titled “The Missing Piece.” The title might refer to some missing pieces of this epic tale.

Hari Seldon’s plan to preserve all the knowledge of humanity for future generations has gone off track.

His digital consciousness might collaborate with Gaal to find a solution in Foundation Episode 8.

Foundation Episode 8
Scene from Foundation Episode 7 (Image Credit: Apple TV+)

In Foundation Episode 8, we will also get to see the happenings on the ancient spaceship Invictus.

Salvor has to face the challenge of protecting the Foundation members, and there is likely to be a violent struggle between the captives and the captors in Foundation Episode 8.

We will also come to know whether Salvor will be able to thwart the evil intentions of Phara and whether Hugo is alive or not.

Elsewhere, Brother Day is going to prove his legitimacy as the ruler of the galaxy. Will he be able to accomplice this tough test in Foundation Episode 8?

Foundation Episode 7 Recap: What is Invictus and What are the Plans of the Anacreons?

Foundation Episode 7 has been titled “Mysteries and Martyrs.”

Foundation Episode 7 begins on Hugo’s ship, where Salvor, Hugo, and the engineers of the Foundation have been taken captive by the Anacreons.

They fly to an asteroid field where a 700-year-old but mighty spaceship called Invictus lies buried.

Foundation Episode 8
Scene from Foundation Episode 7 (Image Credit: Apple TV+)

Phara forces the prisoners to enter the ghost ship. However, with the ship’s defense mechanism still functioning, there are casualties in this process.

Hugo is also unable to land on the ship and sails into the infinite space.

Phara plans to take control of the ship, jump it straight to Trantor, and blow it away as Brother Dusk had done to her planet years ago.

What Happens to Brother Day and Brother Dusk in Foundation Episode 8?

As Zephyr Halima is all out to abolish the Cleonic dynasty, Brother Day has no option left but to think of a strategy to appease the Luminists.

He decides to take Luminists’ sacred pilgrimage, which is a dangerous journey through the desert, often leading to death.

Meanwhile, Brother Dawn gets closer to the palace gardener, Azura.

He reveals his color blindness to her and tells her that he will be replaced instantly if Brother Day or Brother Dusk discovers his weakness.

Foundation Episode 8
Scene from Foundation Episode 7 (Image Credit: Apple TV+)

He shows her the room where extra Cleon clones are kept in immobilized condition.

The clones keep downloading present Emperors’ experiences, ready to replace him in the event of a calamity.

Azura suggests to Brother Dawn that they elope together.

Know About Foundation Episode 6 Recap

Foundation Episode 7 Ending Explained: What happened in the ending? 

Towards the end of this episode, viewers are taken to the ship Raven, on which Gaal Dornick‘s escape pod brought her.

Here, she connects with the digital copy of Hari’s consciousness stored in the knife with which Raych had killed him.

Gaal learns that Hari had convinced Raych to kill him as he wanted to separate Gaal and Raych for the welfare of the Foundation.

His plan went wrong because of Gaal’s ability to look into the future.

Having sensed that Hari was in danger, she appeared at his quarters just as Raych was killing him.

It led Raych to place her in the escape pod and himself face execution by Hari’s followers.

Hari’s plan was just the opposite. He meant Raych to escape from the ship and Gaal to run the Foundation after his death.

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