Marvel's Eternals early reviews
Mixed reviews on the new Marvel's Eternals. (credit: Marvel)

Marvel’s Eternals early reviews receives handful of both good and bad reviews from critics

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Marvel’s Eternals early reviews are out already, and there are lots of talks about it. A few critics out there have commented that maybe the film is trying to accomplish a lot of things at one go. There are chances that it might turn out to be disappointing or messy.

Keeping all this aside, this is the first film of the Eternals in the Marvel Cinema Universe

. I can assure you that no matter whatever Marvel’s Eternals early reviews are, the fans are super excited to watch the film once it releases.

Marvel’s Eternals is one of the most sought-after movies of this year.

All the fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe have high hopes for this movie.

Marvel’s Eternals early reviews, although, state that this is going to be the most disappointing or rather the worst movie of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The film has acquired a rating of 74% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Don’t get disheartened because it is not just bad reviews that have come up for the movie.

There are several good reviews as well. The Atlantic has gone on to call this film the most poetic film made by Marvel till now.

Here you will get a quick glance through all the reviews of the film, and we will also get to hear some big names like Salma Hayek, Angelina Jolie, and Kit Harington. Chloé Zhao from Nomaland is the director of Marvel’s Eternals.

A few of the critics have the feeling that the film has many things happening all at the same time, making it totally overstuffed. Brandon Davis, a reviewer, has given a rating of 6 out of 10 for the movie.

He has mentioned that the movie has all the necessary tools to make it a massive hit, but the story seems to be overstuffed.

There are some amazing visuals we get to see in the movie.

There will be some amazing actors whom we will get to see on screen.

The future and the present situation of the characters will be beautifully portrayed. The movie will also have a comic element to it.

Marvel's Eternals early reviews
Mixed reviews on the new Marvel’s Eternals. (credit: Marvel)

The negative part of Marvel’s Eternals early reviews.

Marvel’s Eternal early reviews from Joshua Rivera have stated that it is a mess and bizarre.

The film will not be able to hold up to the expectations of all the fans of the MCU, and it will also not be able to tackle all the big themes that were dreamt of.

Rivera mentions that Eternals will show us where we are, where we had been earlier, and how much things have changed.

There are a lot of internal ideas that are dealt with.

Next, we come to the reviews of Brian Lowry from CNN.

He has mentioned that there are several structural drawbacks that we can find in the movie.

However, the beautiful visuals and the brilliant acting performance of all the actors have covered that up.

In Marvel’s Eternals early reviews, he also mentions that the way in which the characters have been introduced seems very clumsy.

The movie takes a long time to build the story and come to the good parts of it.

From USA Today, Brian Truitt mentions that as the story proceeds, we find that the narrative of Marvel’s Eternals struggles to show through the several subplots.

The movie tries to showcase a lot of things within the entire runtime.

The runtime of the film is two hours and 37 minutes.

Steve Rose from The Guardian also says that the story is very messy as there are a lot of things happening simultaneously.

The good thing is how each and every character has been defined with proper time given to each one of them.

There are some grand narratives that we will see in this film according to Steve’s Marvel’s Eternals early reviews.

However, no matter how amazing the narrative might be, it seems as if a lot of things have been fed all at once.

You wouldn’t like or understand Avengers: Endgame if you had not seen all the other movies before it.

Nicholas barber from BBC Culture states that Marvel’s Eternals might not be the worst movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but it is definitely very disappointing.

Let us have a look at the positive side of Marvel’s Eternals early reviews.

Herb Scribner from Deseret News has mentioned in his Marvel’s Eternals early reviews that the film is a really good one.

The story is beautifully portrayed with an amazing background score.

The acting is great as well. According to Scribner, that film must be in the top lists of the MCU.

Herb Scribner also goes on to say that in this movie, we will see a good story rather than one packed with action and battles.

The film is filled with dialogues. If that impresses you, then the film is sure to impress you a great deal.

From The Atlantic, we had Shirley Li, who praised the fact how carefully Zhao had examined all the characters in the movie.

In all the Marvel films, we have seen that the primary focus lies on being powerful.

In this film, Zhao has laid more focus on the eternal bonds among the characters we will see in the film.

Apart from the good things in Marvel’s Eternals early reviews, Li has also mentioned that the film might go through the challenge of explaining so many things at one go.

The huge amount of information makes the narrative go a bit slow, which would be expected.

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