Xbox Game Studios along with Mainframe are supposedly working on a cloud based game

Xbox Game Studios
Xbox Game Studios (credit: Xbox)

Last Updated on October 24, 2021 by Joydeep Ghosh

According to the information received from the Xbox Game Studios, the house is working on an MMO that is based on Cloud. The players will be able to play on any device as per their choice.

When the tasks are small, they have the comfort of completing them on their mobiles.

While when there are much larger missions in the game, they have the comfort of shifting to either their PC or their console.

Xbox Game Studios is currently doing this development along with the association of Mainframe, a Finnish studio.

The project has reached the attention of many people. Jez Corden, the Windows Central reporter, and Jeff Grubb, the GamesBeat reporter, have mentioned their views about this particular project.

The studio’s involvement and plans about the project got to hold the attention of the fans in one of the very new episodes of The Xbox Two Podcast.

Jez Corden had mentioned over here that he has heard that Microsoft is currently in works with Mainframe, a studio in Finland, for making a cloud-based gaming structure.

Xbox Game Studios will come in association with Mainframe to make a cloud-based game.

Jez Corden also mentioned that he does not have many details about whatever is happening.

There are chances that the project could be a part of a codename about which there is no information out yet.

But one thing is for sure, cloud-based gaming will be brought very soon by the Xbox Game Studios.

On the other hand, Jeff Grubb has received confirmed news through a few sources of his own that the cloud-based gaming thing is happening.

The game, which is being developed by Xbox Game Studios and Mainframe, has been given the title Pax Dei.

The term Cloud Native has also been used.

This states that the players of the game will have the freedom to access it on any of the devices.

Xbox Game Studios
The Xbox Game Studios will soon bring a cloud-based game. (credit: Xbox)

If all of these come out to be true, this could mark a massive step up forward towards MMO.

The game, Pax Dei, will be running on the basis of a remote server.

The studio is working further on this concept so as to judge the complexity of the mechanics of the device on which it will be played.

This would give us an indication of some of the in-game features which would be more suited to several devices.

Grubb says that when it’s time for smaller tasks in the game, like collecting some resources, then it can be easily done on mobile phones.

However, when there are certain complex areas in the game, like raids or certain missions, the player can shift to their consoles or even on their PC.

There has been no official news about the partnership between Xbox Game Studios and Mainframe till now.

However, the official website of Mainframe has mentioned that it is currently working on a game that suits to be the perfect match for the one we discussed earlier.

The studio was made by very talented and experienced developers- Reykjavík and Helsinki.

They are now working on a cloud-based MMO. This will be a vibrant platform, and there will be new ways in which people can connect to their friends while playing.

It will be one of the best games of their life, as mentioned by their official website.

Very few details about the game have come up, but we have got to know that the team is making a trip to Iceland from where it will get the inspiration for developing the best designs.

We also got to know that Microsoft will be holding an event which is the 20th-anniversary event.

This will mark the legacy of Xbox over the past two decades and hence the celebration.

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The game Pax Dei would definitely be one to look out for in the upcoming times.