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Foundation Episode 7 Release Date, Spoilers, and A Recap of Episode 6

Soon to be released, Foundation Episode 7 will deal with the impending danger on the Galactic Empire, the Anacreon attack on the planet Terminus, and many more dangers. Read on for more information about Foundation Episode 7.

Foundation Episode 7 will be aired on Apple TV+ on October 29, 2021, at 3 AM ET.

Foundation premiered on this streaming platform on September 24, 2021, with the first two episodes released simultaneously. It is a weekly series, with new episodes released every Friday.

Foundation Episode 7 is available exclusively on Apple TV+.

What To Expect From Foundation Episode 7?

Foundation Episode 7 has been titled “Mysteries and Martyrs.”

In Foundation Episode 7, we will get to know the fate of the Foundation engineers, who the Anacreons have taken prisoners, as well as the next step of Salvor and Hugo against the attackers.

Foundation Episode 7
Scene from Foundation Episode 6 (Credit: Apple TV+)

In Foundation Episode 7, we will also know more about the mysterious “Invictus.”

Elsewhere, the Galactic Emperor, Brother Day, too, has his hands full, with his Empire being threatened by the anti-empire religious leader, Zephyr Halima.

In Foundation Episode 7, we might get to know how the Emperor plans to approach this threat and how he is going to handle his humanoid assistant, Demerzel.

Foundation Episode 6 Recap: “Death and the Maiden.”

Foundation Episode 6 has been titled “Death and the Maiden.”

At the beginning of Foundation Episode 6, we see Emperor Brother Day approaching Maiden, a distant habitable planet whose religious turmoil can threaten his Empire.

With the death of Maiden’s leader, Proximal Opal, the plant witnessed a power struggle between Zephyr Gilat and Zephyr Halima, of whom the Emperor favors the former.

However, it so happens that Zephyr Halima has the backing of a majority of the residents of Maiden.

Foundation Episode 7
Scene from Foundation Episode 6 (Credit: Apple TV+)

On his arrival, the Emperor is greeted by Zephyr Halima, and during their meeting, both seem suspicious of one another.

The shocker comes when at Opal’s funeral, the rousing speech by Zephyr Halima has even Emperor’s right-hand assistant, Eto Demerzel, bowing in front of her.

Meanwhile, at Trantor, we witness the distrust between Brother Dawn and Brother Dusk.

Brother Dawn is seen keeping secrets from Brother Dusk, while Dawn seems to have fallen for the palace gardener, Azura.

Elsewhere, in Terminus, the planet is seen pillaged by the Anacreons.

The warden, Salvor Hardin, suffers a significant blow in the form of her father, Abbas’ death, who sacrificed himself to destroy the Anacreoneon warship.

Know About Foundation Episode 5 Recap

What is the Connection Between Gaal and Salvor? Why did Hari Seldon Die?

Just before Abbas’ death, Salvor has a “mind seizure,” and while embodying Gaal, she relives the moments before Hari Seldon’s death.

Foundation Episode 7
Scene from Foundation Episode 6 (Credit: Apple TV+)

It turns out that Hari Seldon had forced his trusted assistant,Raych, to kill him, or the success of the Foundation would be in danger. Salvor’s closeness to the vault might be the reason for her having visions of this incident of three decades earlier.

Foundation Episode 6 Ending Explained

At the end of Foundation Episode 6, Salvor and Hugo are captured by the Anacreons, who escaped the planet using Hugo’s ship.

The Anacreons have taken some of the engineers from the Foundation as prisoners on their ship, while they have left the rest of the team members as hostages on the planet Terminus.

With the help of the kidnapped engineers, they are planning to target the mysterious “Invictus.”

Foundation is a science fiction series created by David S. Goyer and Josh Friedman, based on the Foundation series of stories by Isaac Asimov.

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