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Titans Season 3 Ending Explained: Were Titans Successful in Stopping the Scarecrow?

Titans Season 3 was crazy as it was a perfect amalgamation of thriller, action, emotion with a strong storyline that kept us smiling through the entire season of the show.

Towards the end of the season, we saw that a conspiracy framed by Red Hood and Scarecrow made Titans leave Gotham’s city and made the people believe that the Titans were never in the town to take care of their interests.

The transformation of Jason Todd’s into Red Hood was one of the most exciting plots in the entire Titans Season 3.

Later, Red Hood associating with the newly freed Scarecrow successfully drove the Batman out of the town.

Titans have certainly lost the trust of the people of Gotham due to a false accusation by the Scarecrow and Red Hood that the Titans were responsible for contaminating the water supply of Gotham City.

Which certainly wasn’t true at all, and later we saw how the Titans would take the plunge to prove their innocence to the people of Gotham.

Titans Season 3- ARGUS in the Gotham City

Titans Season 3 Ending Explained
Titans Season 3 Ending Explained- Vee Joins Titans(Image Credits- The CW)

If you have followed DC comic along, then you might be knowing who ARGUS are.

If you haven’t heard of them, no worries, we have covered you all.

So, ARGUS (The Advanced Research Group Uniting Superhuman) is a SHIELD of DC, and director Amanda Waller heads it.

Well, the cynosure work of this organization is to outsource the good super-powered guys so that they could fight with the bad ones and thus save humanity.

ARGUS has been part of several DC’s movies serving the intention of supplying the heroes to fight against the odds.

This time in Titans Season 3 saw Karen Robinson as Vee.

Vee has been part of ARGUS equipped with excellent combat skills, and she is here yet again to help the Titans in their quest against the Scarecrows.

However, he has been there in the city but in shadows away from the public domain and the viewers.

Soon after the people of Gotham and Scarecrow executed Titans, Vee was called upon to assist them in getting Gotham back again.

But, till the end of season 3, we didn’t see that coming, the reason being apparent that Gotham city is now under the direct control of the Scarecrow and Red Hood.

Titans Season 3- Is Crane Dead?

It takes back to the flashbacks of season 1 of the show, where Rachel uses her darkness and pours out a dark cloud directly into Crane’s mouth.

This makes him shocked, and this nightmare leads him to scream in agony as we can see the darkness starts to consume him.

Also, in the finale episode of the show, we saw that Grayson asks Rachel to keep Crane off the streets of Gotham because that would make the situation far worse for the Titans, who were already dealing with a lack of trust from the people of Gotham city.

Now, you might wonder if Titans would kill Batman’s villain because that would be unfair, and then there would be no joy in that.

Yes, certainly that’s not what the show’s makers would ever want; it’s possible that Rachel just tried to showcase some horrifying powers so that he might get some hell of nightmares.

Titans Season 3 Ending Explained- What was Scarecrow’s plan?

In Titans Season  3, Scarecrow is seen as quite unpredictable; at the start, he attempted to poison the water supply of Gotham city and then blamed Titans for this.

When the people of Gotham started experiencing ailments due to the consumption of contaminated water, they started revolting against the Titans.

Red Hood and Scarecrow self-proclaimed that they would save the city and the people would consider them their savior.

After several fights that broke between Titans and the people of Gotham, the Titans were forced to move out of the city.

Even Grayson surrendered himself to the police to instill some trust in the people, but we later find out that the policemen too were bribed by the Red Hood.

But, as we started approaching the finale of Titans Season 3, we began to see a change in the behavior of Scarecrow as now he no longer wanted the people of Gotham to be poisoned.

Vincent Kartheiser as Scarecrow in Titans Season 3
Vincent Kartheiser as Scarecrow in Titans Season 3 (Image Credits- The CW)

He wanted them dead. The possible reason that we saw that the Titans got scattered after some reported incidents of fights between the locals and them.

It was pretty sure that the Titans would certainly be revolting back to take on revenge against Scarecrow; he would likely have to face the wrath of loss.

Also, he may prove to Batman that he could undoubtedly create a revolting terror in the city, so destroying the town all at once would be far more disastrous, and Scarecrow has a point to show the Titans.

To execute his plan, Scarecrow spread ten canisters were deployed to set 10 explosives all over the city so that Gotham could be reduced to ashes within seconds.

Though towards the end of the season, we saw that he wasn’t successful in his plan because the Titans were far more ahead in their actions when compared to the former; they found out all the clues about the explosive and thus saved Gotham City from being destroyed.

Titans Season 3 Ending Explained-Were Titans Successful in Stopping the Scarecrow
Titans Season 3 Ending Explained-Were Titans Successful in Stopping the Scarecrow (Image Credits- The CW)

Titans Season 3: Were Titans Successful in Stopping the Scarecrow?

The entire team started to decode the absolute essence reading between the lines of Sacrecrow’s poem.

The poem has hidden clues that would intimidate the Titans about the bomb’s location that Crane controls.

Grayson sent one of their team to Crane’s Wayne manor HQ to get some insights into the clue that would land them at the location where the bomb is said to be implanted.

Another team led by Vee and Barb is asked to accomplish the Titans in all the digital duties.

Soon, ARGUS successfully detonated Scarecow’s systems, and they gained access to the digital gate inside Wayne Manor HQ.

Meanwhile, Grayson instructs Jason to keep Scarecrow’s GPCD goons busy while Beast Boy tries to gain more access into the Wayne Manor using his special powers.

After this, Rachel uses her special powers to infuse terrifying dreams into Crane’s mind so that Scarecrow never attempts to terrorize Gotham city again.

These dreams have been coming from the Lazarus pit; the process that Rachel used is what we saw in the earlier seasons of the Titans, infusing fears in others using the haunted concerns of others.

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