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Locke and Key Season 2 Ending Explained-What happens to Dodge, Gabe, and Eden?

Locke and Key Season 2 ending demands a lot of explanation for all the fans and the viewers of the show.

The season 2 finale has been given the title of ‘Cliffhanger,’ and the episode lived up to its name. 

Before going to the details of Locke and Key Season 2 ending, let’s go through a quick recap.

The second season of the show begins three months post-Ellie’s disappearance in season 1.

As things start getting a bit peaceful, we see the children of Locke begin using the powerful keys quite regularly for several tasks.

Tyler is seen as being a bit concerned that he will forget the art of magic on turning eighteen.

He plans of venturing into the mind of Erin, one of Rendell’s old friends, with the help of the Head Key.

Tyler finds out that his father had also gone through a similar situation when he was a kid, which helped make the Memory Key.

It was also found out that Duncan, Rendell’s younger brother, had also once forged the Memory Key.

We will see that Gabe is secretly routing Dodge, the demon, and along with that, he also attempts to forge the key that he has with him.

While doing so, he fails several times, and then he realizes that he will need the help of a family member of the Lockes to complete the task.

He learns how Duncan had successfully forged the Memory Key, and then Gabe focuses all his energy on seizing him.

Duncan is finally held captive, and he is then forced to forge the Demon Key.

Gabe uses this to make an army of minions, and the people around the town soon start increasing in multiples.

Detective Mutuku and Tyler’s girlfriend also get affected by it and turn into demons.

The viewers also get to see a flashback scene where they are taken to the year 1775.

It was the time when the Keyhouse faced attack for the first time during the Great War.

Frederick Gideon, an unmerciful soldier, attacks the house and kills Peter, the Locke patriarch.

The villagers then take refuge in the caves by the sea. It is over there that he finds a portal that gives him an enormous amount of energy.

The villagers, however, in the later scenes seize Gideon and then kill him.

Locke and Key Season 2 ending explained -What happens to Dodge, Gabe, and Eden?

With the help of Duncan, Tyler is finally successful in making the Alpha Key.

It helps him in countering the demonic entities.

However, it leads to another problem as both the demon and its host also get killed.

Slowly we see Gabe’s army getting carved down, and Tyler can finally stab Gabe with the key.

As the demon gets defeated, the gang makes its way back to the Keyhouse and finds a woman there who looks precisely like Dodge. However, she claims that she is Ellie.

To prove that she is Ellie, she succeeds in taking a magical key from the hands of a Locke child.

It’s not something that Demons can do.

Locke and Key Season 2 ending
A snapshot of Ellie. (credit: Netflix)

We also get to see Eden flees and then starts making her own plan with the intent of gaining power.

She very swiftly is able to take a key from Gabe’s lair and makes her way inside the ‘well house.’

This leads to the release of Frederick Gideon’s ancient spirit.

When Eden tries to exercise her power on the spirit, it throws her into the well.

She then uses the Anywhere Key and finally escapes to the storage closet, which lies next door.

After stabbing him with the Alpha Key, Tyler is confident that the villain is no more as the demon and the human both die.

However, if we look a bit closer then, we can recall that Dodge pretended to die earlier as well, and therefore, we have to keep an attentive eye on things as to what could happen next.

Gabe was a human, and we see in the Locke and Key Season 2 ending that he is dead.

Dodge had taken shelter in his body. He has become an echo, and killing him will not be an easy task for anyone.

There are high chances that Dodge might be alive.

If the demon does not find anybody to possess, it might also get back to the dark void from where it had come.

The demon might also turn to a whispering metal and might be waiting for the time to find its way into someone’s body.

After Eden and Gabe part ways, she faces an attack from the Locke children.

Luckily she survives the attack and ultimately ends up releasing Gideon, the demonic entity.

We have no idea whether Eden is alive.

There are chances that she might have been trapped in the well and will only be able to make her way out when she is called by someone possessing the Echo Key.

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Locke and Key Season 2- Status of Kinsey, Tyler, and Jackie

In Locke and Key Season 2’s end, we have witnessed that both Tyler and Kinsey have gone through many close calls.

Even after all these things and battles with demons, they have survived and are alive.

Locke and Key Season 2 ending show Tyler wanting to spend his winter traveling, and thus he leaves.

Kinsey is seen staying back at the Keyhouse.

She and Bode, her younger brother, both take charge of protecting the magical keys.

In the battle of power between the Locke family and the demons, we see that Jackie, Tyler’s girlfriend, becomes an unwilling and hesitant character.

She seems to add to the burden. After turning 18, she starts forgetting about magic.

Locke and Key Season 2 ending
Does Jackie manage to stay alive? (credit: Netflix)

Tyler tries his best to make her recall everything, but it does not turn out to be successful.

She lets all her memories related to magic fade away and urges Tyler to let her forget everything. In the end, we see her turning into a demon by Gabe.

To protect Jackie, Tyler makes the Alpha Key.

On using the key on her, it makes Tyler feel that Jackie has been cured because she takes the magical key from his hand,

Things don’t carry on properly, and she ultimately dies in Tyler’s arms.

Tyler realizes that the key he has forged kills demons and the humans who host the demons.

What is the real identity of Ellie?

Ellie is Rendell’s childhood friend. She is one of the last keepers of the keys. She has a son ‘Rufus,’ a close friend of Bode, and both live near the Keyhouse.

In Locke and Key Season 1, we saw Dodge using the Identity Key to turn Ellie into her lookalike.

After doing this, she easily escapes as the Locke children thought that Ellie was actually Dodge.

When we see Gabe finally destroying the Omega Door, Ellie scrambles out of all the broken parts. She still continues to look like Dodge.

The disturbance which happened in the cave might have brought her into this world of humans.

We also get to understand that there are several other possibilities of events that could have happened.

Although none of it has been discussed in Locke and Key Season 2’s finale, we feel that Ellie has brought in a lot of information from the void.

Do we see Scott and Kinsey ending up together in the Locke and Key Season 2 ending?

Since Kinsey’s first day at school, we have noticed that she shared a connection with Scott.

In the show’s first season, we did not see them getting together because Kinsey shifted her interest towards Gabe.

In the later times, we see a rough patch between the friendship of Kinsey and Scott, and we almost feel that both of them might never interact again.

Locke and Key Season 2 ending
Do Scott and Kinsey end up together? (credit: Netflix)

As it comes out that Gabe has become a demon, Kinsey realizes that she made a mistake for not putting her trust in Scott.

She then apologizes to him, and both of them are seen getting together even closer than before.

When Scott finally decides to stay back in the country, Kinsey becomes so happy that she goes and kisses him.

By the Locke and Key Season 2 ending, we are not yet clear whether both of them are together or not.

However, we are sure that there is no obstruction between the both of them now.

A relationship between the both of them would be something that the fans and the viewers of the show would definitely love to see. 

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