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My Name Season 2: Will there be a second season ? (Image Credit Netflix)

Netflix’s My Name Ending Explained: What Happened to Mu-Jin? and is Ji-woo dead or alive?

The Korean Series My Name has been one of the best revenge dramas available for streaming on Netflix nowadays.

The series was released on 15th October only on Netflix, and it is about a woman who joins a gang to avenge her father’s death then goes undercover as a cop.

In this article, we will discuss the ending explained by the new Netflix revenge thriller.

The Series My Name is directed by Kim Jin-min and stars Han So-hee as the main lead; it is currently available on Netflix for streaming.

‘My Name’ Plot Summary: What is this about?

The series starts with Han So-hee (Yoon Ji-woo) in the main lead. Ji-woo lives with her father, Yoon Dong-hoon (Yoon Kyung-ho).

The series starts with officer Sergeant Cho inquiring about Yoon Dong-hoon as they suspect that he is somewhat related to the drug organization Dongcheon.

As Han So-hee’s father was on the run, she had to face a lot of trouble from the police; even the students in her class used to bully her and even outcast her.

During her 17th birthday, she received some gifts from her father, but Ji-Woo didn’t care about those gifts as she was angry with her father for making her life a living hell.

In anger, she picked up the call and told her father that he was dead to her.

After hearing her daughter crying and cursing him over the phone, Dong-hoon decides to visit her daughter Ji-woo.

But as soon as he tries to unlock the door for his apartment, some hooded guy shoots and kills him.

Even during the last moments of Dong-hoon, he begs the killer not to harm her daughter Ji-woo.

Ji-woo got the bad news that her father is no more, and during her father’s funeral, the leader of Dongcheon, Choi Mu-jin (Park Hee-soon), visits to pay tribute to Dong-hoon.

Han So-hee as Yoon Ji-woo in Netflix's My Name
Han So-hee as Yoon Ji-woo in Netflix’s My Name (Image Credit Netflix)

Jo-woo was desperate to find who killed her father, and that’s why she was visiting the police station to investigate who killed her father.

Sergeant Cho the investigating officer revealed no murder weapon was found on the spot, so the case can’t be investigated further.

After not getting any help from the police, Helpless Ji-woo decides to ask for help from Mu-jin to find her father’s killer.

But Mu-jin refused to help her and called her weak.

Ji-woo, after that, decides that she will find the killer of her father on her own, so she starts the journey on her own, then some street hooligans abduct her, and they are about to do some bad stuff with her when Mu-Jin intervenes and saves her life.

Ji-woo again begs Mu-Jin to help her as she wants to take revenge for her father and finally, Mu-Jin agrees to help her, but to help her, Mu-Jin decides to teach Ji-Woon how to kill someone, so Mu-Jin takes her to the private gym that he owns and trains her to be a hitman.

After completing the training successfully, Ji-woo becomes a trained assassin and a ruthless killer.

The series starts to get more interesting from here on as her revenge plot begins from here.

Ji-woo’s journey to revenge: Why did Jin-woo change her name?

Ji-woo finally, after completing her training at Dongcheon Gym, proved worth to Mu-Jin.

But Do Gang-Jae, another member of Dongcheon Gym, was jealous of Ji-Woon, so he tried to drug her and tried to force on her, but he got expelled from Dongcheon Gym for this action.

Being humiliated by it, Do Gang-Jae swears that he will take his revenge against Mu-jin and Ji-woo.

After that, Mu-jin finally believed in Ji-woo and decided to create a new identity for her. As per Ji-woo’s new identity, she was named Oh Hye-jin, and to keep this a secret, Mu-jin further notified the Gym members that Gang-Jae killed Ji-woo and Mu-jin had him expelled for this.

My Name
My Name Ji-Woon as Oh Hye-jin joins the Violent Crimes Unit (image credit Netflix)

Mu-jin then provided Ji-woo with a police revolver and told her that her father was killed from this weapon, and as police issued the gun thus, he told her that it must be someone from the force who had her father killed.

So Ji-woon now decides to join the police academy with her new identity.

After applying to the police academy, she became part of the Violent Crimes Unit as Corporal Oh Hye-jin.

With her new identity as Oh Hye-jin, Ji-Woon now begins a double life with the primary goal of taking revenge for her father.

What was Ji-Woon’s father’s real name?

Ji-Woon, as Oh Hye-jin joined the Violent Crimes Unit where she was shifted to the Narcotics Department, she tried to investigate the gun by which her father was killed.

When the Narcotics Team raided Mu-jin’s factory, Ji-woo carefully planted the same gun on the ship, which helped Mu-jin run away.

When Captain Cha Giho sent the gun to the forensic service to find out the gun’s serial number, he got to know that the weapon belonged to Corporal Song Joonsu.

But this information was strange because Corporal Song Joonsu was killed in 2003 by the Dongcheon gang.

Ji-woo tried to investigate the matter further, and Do Gang-Jae’s name now got surfaced to take revenge on Dongcheon Gang-Jae had introduced the LSD in the market and tried to replace those with Dongcheon’s meth.

During an attack on his seller, Gang-Jae noticed Ji-woo through CCTV footage and recognized her.

He tried to kill Ji-woo, and after a violent confrontation with each other, Ji-woo finally killed Gang-Jae but during the dying moments of Gang-Jae revealed that he didn’t know anything about her father’s killer.

My Name
My Name Stills (Image Credit Netflix)

After the confrontation with Gang-Jae, Ji-woo still didn’t have the answer for her father’s killer, so she thought of visiting Cha-Giho(captain of the narcotics department) to get some answers from him.

After visiting his house, Ji-woo figured that Cha-Giho had been stabbed and was bleeding badly, but still he managed to give Ji-woo some evidence that helped Ji-woo grow one step close to solving the mystery.

As per the evidence, Ji-woo’s father’s, Yoon-Doon’s real name was Song Joonsu.

He was also one of the undercover officers from the Department of Narcotics.

Song Joonsu once infiltrated the Dongcheon organization toke take the organization down from the inside, which is why he used to work for them.

Who killed Yoon Dong-hoon / Song Joonsu in My Name?

Mu-jin killed Song Joonsu or Yoon-Doon. Yes, you have heard it right. It was Mu-jin who killed Yoon Dong-hoon / Song Joonsu.

From the beginning, Mu-jin made Ji-woo believe that someone from the Police department had her father killed; this was because Mu-jin wanted Ji-Woon to feel guilty about her revenge.

All such saying that “Dong-hoon was one of our trusted members” was nothing but lies fed to Mu-jin to make her a ruthless killer.

Mu-jin even told Ji-woo that he had held her father’s real name as a secret because he wanted Ji-woo to feel guilty about her revenge.

It was Mu-jin all along who was feeding her lies to make her an irrational monster.

In the end, it was revealed that Mu-jin’s trusted member of the gang Jung Tae-Ju had stabbed Captain Cha Giho, and now he wants to kill Ji-woo too; he further said that he wanted to kill her father, but it was Mu-jin who killed her father instead.

Yoon Kyung-ho [ko] as Yoon Dong-hoon in Netflix's My Name
Yoon Kyung-ho [ko] as Yoon Dong-hoon in Netflix’s My Name (Image Credit Netflix)

So why was Yoon Dong-hoon killed?

Mu-jin found one secret listening device planted inside his lighter, which Dong-hoon gave as a present.

Then when Mu-jin searched Dong-Hoon’s room, he noticed one typewriter and a service pistol; he got to know that Dong-hoon was playing games with him.

That time Tae-Ju was driving to Dong-hoon informed Mu-jin that Dong-Hoon as left the car and gone someplace else to meet someone.

But Dong-hoon went to his apartment to wish her daughter a happy birthday. Mu-Jin that time visited Dong-hoon’s apartment and, dressed in a hoodie, shot Dong-hoon with the pistol.

After the flashback, Mu-Jin expressed his grief that he had never once betrayed anyone in his life then why does everyone he counts on keep on betraying him.

‘My Name’ Ending Explained: What Happened to Mu-Jin? and is Ji-woo dead or alive?

Mu-jin, in the beginning, had told Ji-woo that the whole purpose of living is to find one person with whom we can share our every secret even talk to them when we are down.

And Ji-woo did find that person Jeon Pil-do (Ahn Bo-Hyun), Pill-do even managed to convince her to leave her brutal vengeance and let Mu-jin face the justice system for all his wrongdoings.

Park Hee-soon as Choi Mu-jin in My Name
Park Hee-soon as Choi Mu-jin in My Name (Image Credit Netflix)

But Mu-jin was already aware of this, so he killed Pil-doo, which maddened Ji-woo further and made her off the ledge.

After that, Ji-woo attacked Mu-jin’s stronghold, Hotel Liber, and finally managed to kill Mu-jin.

This last scene was brutal Ji-woo had stabbed all Mu-jin’s vital body parts and then killed him.

After Mu-jin’s death, when police raided the Hotel Liber, Ji-woo managed to escape.

She then first visited her mother’s urchin in Pureunsol Memorial Park with her father’s ashes and left her father’s ashes there.

She kept her father’s last belongings and the apartment key fixed in the lock.

Then she visited Jeon Pil-do’s funeral and bid her last goodbye to her lover and then went to a beach called “Happy June,” where Jeon Pil-do probably would have lived if he was alive, now she intends to rest till the time she completely heals from her past and live the rest of her life at peace.

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