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EA Sports and FIFA Exclusive Deal to End Soon

In recent weeks, several reports have stated that EA Sports and FIFA will no longer be a joint venture.

Both of them will be walking in their own ways from now. This will mark the end of a 30-year partnership between the two organizations.

In the previous week, we saw that the governing body of football, FIFA, had issued a particular statement stating that the organization aims to widen the esports and gaming portfolio.

This would hint towards the separation of the organization from EA Sports. They will now be working individually towards making their own position in gaming and e-sports.

Just after this statement, we also got to see the EA Sports General Manager stating that they will be continuing to make the games which are very much loved among several people.

However, they will not be doing this in any kind of partnership with any organization. They would instead want to carry ahead with this task alone.

EA fifa 22
FIFA Logo (Credit: EA Sports)

It also seems that this conclusion of a deal between both the organizations will come down to money.

According to The New York Times reports, the governing body is demanding two times the amount it is receiving now for licensing rights.

This signifies that EA Sports will have to bring out an amount which is more than 1 billion dollars for the upcoming four years for having the package of full licensing.

A look at the background of EA Sports and Fifa

Since 1993, we have seen that EA Sports and Fifa have been in close alignment with one another. It was at that time EA Canada’s Extended Play Productions went on to release FIFA International Soccer.

After this, there were dozens of gaming titles that EA Sports produced, and this particular deal went on to become one of the most successful and sought-after partnerships in the history of video games.

EA Sports has mentioned in the previous week that they are thinking of renaming their gaming title as EA Sports Football Games.

This would mean that there will be a review of the naming agreements done with the other organization.

This would be a different aspect compared to the licenses and the other official partnerships throughout the world of football.

If we go over and have a look at the, then all of us will believe that the organization is already in the works of planning and working on its own game. There would be no direct reference to Fifa.

FIFA 22: Will this be the last game? (Credit: EA Sports)

FIFA has also recently made a comeback, saying that FIFA 22 would be the last game that EA would develop.

A few facts and figures about both the organizations

FIFA is the best-selling sports video game in the world listed by the Guinness World Records. The game has sold around 325 million copies in this year only.

FIFA 22 has over 700 clubs, 30 official leagues, and more than 17,000 players available to play.

Stay connected with MediaScrolls to get more updates on the deals made between both organizations. It will mark the end of a long journey cherished by many.

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