You Season 3 Ending Explained: Is Joe Alive or Dead?
You Season 3 Ending Explained: Is Joe Alive or Dead? (Image Credit Netflix)

You Season 3 Ending Explained: Is Joe Alive or Dead?

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Netflix’s You has returned with its much-awaited season 3. And the following season has undoubtedly been the most violent and thrilling season of the series so far.

The You Season 3 starts Joe starting a new life in a California suburb with his wife Love, who gave birth to their son Henry.

Joe, this time became obsessed with the next-door neighbor Natalie Engler. But Love gets to know about it, and she makes most of the killing; Natalie was her first victim in this season.

A lot has happened in the following season 3, and to know all the details regarding season 3, we would recommend you to go through the recap section of the article, where we will answer all your queries related to season 3.

You Season 3 Recap: “And they lived Happily Ever After.”

The You Season 3 starts as Joe and Love both now move to the suburb of California, where they start a new life with their newborn child Henry.

After moving there, Joe becomes obsessed with their neighbor Natalie Engler. Natalie also notices that Joe is following her.

Natalie was also looking to develop a relationship with someone else as her husband, Matthew Engler, a tech entrepreneur, and CEO doesn’t pay much attention to her and remains busy most of the time.

So Natalie one day calls Joe for a drink, and in between their discussion, she tries to seduce Joe.

But this time, Joe didn’t want to destroy his family, so he refused Natalie’s offer.

But while leaving, as there is one habit of Joe that the woman he stalks to takes some of her stuff as a souvenir, in Natalie’s case, Joe took her underwear as a souvenir.

One day Love, while looking to cleaning the room, finds the underwear that Joe has been keeping, and judging by her past experiences with Joe, she thinks that Joe is having an affair with Natalie, so being jealous of her Love ends up killing Natalie.

Joe, after that, realized that Love would kill anyone woman with whom Joe would grow close.

But to clear up the mess and save his family, Joe had to hide Natalie’s body in the woods.

The serial killer couple also starts attending couple’s therapy sessions to make their marriage work.

You Season 3 Stills

Did Matthew Engler found out that Natalie is dead?

Yes! Matthew Engler found out that Natalie was dead, but Joe and Love very cleverly blamed a local man named Gil Brigham, who was also killed by Love in rage when she learned that Gil’s daughters had infected her child Henry with measles.

Although Gil Brigham committed suicide in the basement of Love’s Bakery.

But to blame him for the murder of Natalie and to get their names off this mess, Joe tried to stage everything first by writing a suicide note as Gil’s confession for the murder and then moved Gil’s body to his home to make it look like a suicide.

In the letter, it was written that Gil had an intimate relationship with Natalie, and he is the one who killed her, and later on, as the guilt was eating him apart, so he committed suicide.

Matthew, although he didn’t believe that, later in the series, it is revealed that he is still investigating his wife’s murder.

He did some investigation on his own and became suspicious of Love and Joe.

Natalie Engler You Season 3
Natalie Engler You Season 3 (Image Credit Netflix)

Joe’s new obsession with his Boss Merienne

In the meantime, Joe started working in a local library, and there he got obsessed with his boss Merienne.

Both eventually grew close to each other, and although Joe tried his best to resist his feelings because if Love found out that he has now developed new feelings towards his boss Merienne, she would kill her as well.

But eventually, it fails, and Joe ends up falling in Love with Merienne.

Joe and Merienne
Joe and Merienne in You Season 3 (Image credit Netflix)

Did Love Cheat on Joe with Theo?

It is revealed in You Season 3 that Love was also cheating with Natalie’s step-son Theo.

Theo mistakenly tells Love that his father Mathew is investigating everyone in the locality, including Love and Joe, for the murder of Natalie.

Love became scared, and to know the secrets behind the investigation, she started seducing Theo to get the secrets.

Later on, at the end of the season, Theo becomes aware of the fact that Joe is related to Natalie’s murder as in the CCTV, Joe has been seen driving Natalie’s Car during the time of the murder.

Theo believes that Joe has killed Natalie, and as Love is trying to save him as he is her husband, that’s why she is keeping it a secret.

But when he goes to Love’s Bakery to confront her, he came to know that the couple had also locked Sherry and Cary in the basement.

Love and Theo you season 3
Love and Theo in You season 3 (Image Credit Netflix)

Sherry tells Theo that it was Natalie all along; she is the one who killed Natalie, but Theo couldn’t believe it.

Sherry tells Theo to find the key from the bakery to get them out of this cage, but when Theo goes and finally finds the key, Love arrives at the scene, and both indulge in the discussion.

Love tells Theo to leave this place and never come back and hand over the key to her.

Theo does what he was asked and hands over the key and tries to flee the scene, but then Love hits Theo on the head.

What Happens to Theo? Is he dead or alive?

Theo is luckily still alive.

When Love tells Joe that she had hit Theo on the head and he is dead, but it is revealed later on that Theo was still alive.

While Joe was moving Theo’s unconscious body, he noticed Theo was still moving meant he was alive.

Joe decided that he would not kill Theo; instead, he gave him an injection to put him to sleep and then sent him to a hospital nearby. 

You Season 4 has officially been renewed for a fourth season ahead of its season 3 premiere.

What Happens to Sherry and Cary? Do they know about Joe and Love’s secret? 

As the marriage counseling wasn’t helping that much, the couple tried for a lovemaking session with Sherry (a locally famous mom influencer) and Cary( the wealthy owner of the supplement company).

But Love couldn’t watch Joe grow close to another woman, so Loves revealed that she killed Natalie in an argument.

But as the secret was spilled and both Sherry and Cary became aware of it, and as they tried to run, the serial killer couple now decided to lock both of them up in the basement of Love’s Bakery.

Sherry and Cary in You season 3
Sherry and Cary in You season 3 (Image Credit Netflix)

Do Sherry and Cary Die in You Season 3?

Sherry and Cary now find themselves in a tricky situation; they both are locked in the vault with the gun, and as the tension runs high, they are left with a choice if one kills the other, then only one of them will be able to go.

So Cary first shoots his wife’s ear with the bullet, and she shoots him in the leg, but eventually, both of them reconnects and acknowledge their relationship.

Then Sherry discovers that Love and Joe never really love each other, and so there might be a secret key hidden inside of the cage as both now start to find the hidden key.

After a lot of struggle, they finally found the key and escaped from it.

Sherry and Cary Manages to escape from Love's Backery Basement
Sherry and Cary Manages to escape from Love’s Bakery Basement (Image Credit Netflix)

You Season 3 Ending: ‘Joe and Love’ Dead or Alive?

Joe is still alive, but Love is now dead. 

In You Season 3, Joe tries to make things work with Merienne and decides to run away with her to Paris.

Although first Joe assumes that Love doesn’t know that he will leave the place to be with Merienne, he goes to his home to have one last meal with Love before leaving her forever.

But halfway through the meal, Joe realizes that Love is already aware that Joe will leave her for good, so he decides to take the knife if Love attacks him.

But during the dinner, it is revealed that Love had already placed that knife with a sedative as she was aware that Joe would be going to use that, suddenly Joe fell to the ground and became paralyzed.

Love now goes down to kill Joe for good, but then Joe, all of a sudden stabs, Love in her left leg with a needle with deadly poison.

Being in pain, Love becomes unconscious, and Joe uses that time to get his kid and leaves Love for good.


Love is Dead in You Season 3
Love is Dead in You Season 3 (Image Credit Netflix)

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You Season 3 Ending Explained: So how did Joe managed to kill Love?

Joe, at the end of season 3, iterates how did he manage to outsmart Love and managed to escape from California.

The main twist here was that as Joe was lying unconscious, he stabbed Love with the poisonous needle; he was already aware of the fact that Love would poison him as he had seen her in the garden taking out the toxic poison from a plant called wolf’s bane.

He came prepared for that, and to be safe from the poison, he had already taken an adrenaline pill that counters the poison.

Then Joe injects his wife with the same exact poison which she had used on him. 

After stabbing Love with the needle, he then sets the whole house on fire. 

To make it look like an accident, and to make people believe that he died there too, he splits two of his toes and leaves them in the house.

So now it is considered that Joe has died in the accident, whereas he is currently in Paris starting a new life there.

Joe starts fresh in Paris
Joe starts fresh in Paris (Image Credit Netflix)

Do Joe and Merienne End Up Together?

No, Marienne and Joe don’t end up together. Joe’s new obsession with Marienne started as both of them grew close to each other while working in the library.

Marienne was currently struggling with raising a child with a difficult ex-husband.

Her ex-husband Ryan had full custody of her child, so to help her, Joe plans to kill his ex-husband Ryan for good then run away with her.

Joe does kill Ryan, but when he returns home, and tries to hide the blood-soaked shirt.

But Love, later on, finds the shirt, and she now finally understands that Joe is trying to leave her; then, in the final confrontation at the dinner table, Love drugged Joe.

While Joe was paralyzed, she called Marienne and told all the truth about Joe’s that he was the one who murdered Ryan.

Love also plans to kill Marienne, but when her young daughter Juliette enters the room, Love has a change of heart and decides against killing Joe’s latest muse.

So, although Merienne survives in the end, she and Joe certainly don’t end up together.

But Joe, still obsessed with Merienne, tries to reconnect with her but is unsuccessful in doing so, and Merienne hides and changes all her numbers and information.

Joe Merienne doesn't end up together in You Season 3
Joe Merienne doesn’t end up together in You Season 3 (Image Credit Netflix)

Who is Nurse Fiona? Is she Joe’s mother?

Nurse Fiona is not Joe’s birth mother; when Joe is sent to the foster home, Joe finds a mother in Fiona.

But despite being different, both his birth mother and Fiona had a similar past as Fiona also had an abusive relationship with her partner.

As the nurse usually returns to work with injuries, Joe once planned to harm Fiona’s abusive partner, but he was scared that Fiona might not help him again after that.

In the end, Fiona mysteriously disappears, and Joe finally tracks down his birth mother, Sandy and in a brief conversation at the end, Sandy says she needed to start fresh, and that was the reason why she abandoned Joe.

So the You season 3 finally closes with Joe being alone after both his birth and foster home mother rejects him plus now with Love being dead and Merienne out of his reach, he finally leaves for Paris to start fresh.

Nurse Fiona in You Season 3
Nurse Fiona in You Season 3 (Image Credit Netflix)

Is Joe and Love’s Child Henry Alive?

Yes, luckily, Henry is still alive. 

Before fleeing from California, Joe leaves his kid to Dante; he goes to Dante’s house and leaves a note for Dante and his child.

Joe wanted a good life for Henry; he didn’t want him to become like him. So he leaves Henry to Dante.

Henry is still alive in You Season 3
Henry is still alive in You Season 3 (Image Credit Netflix)

Now he is all alone, starting a new life in Paris but still hopes to meet Marienne as in the last scene, he says, “no matter where you are, I will find you.”

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