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See Season 2 Finale Recap and Ending Explained- What Happens to Edo and Paris in the Finale?

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The See Season 2 just got concluded with its much-awaited season 2 finale, and the season was an epic piece of art; everything you could imagine in a show right from emotion, action, drama, the show contained all of them. 

The season ended with the much-awaited war between the Payans and the Triavantians, one of the most intriguing parts of the entire season.

From the start, we saw Baba and his allies on a weaker side of war, but as soon as the Hidden Tribes came in there to their assistance, then things started to make sense, and soon the higher hand in the battle was of the Payans.

See Season 2 ended with the departure of some character that we always loved to see in the entire season.

Paris, who had been there since the start of the season, the prime reason Kofun and Haniwa be in this world, died at the hands of Sibeth also Edo Voss, who is the brother of Baba too died midst this battle.

See Season 2 Finale Recap: What Happens in the Finale? 

Season 2 started with Baba heading towards Triavantians City, leaving Kofun and Paris behind.

Baba is to Triavantian to find Haniwa, who had been transferred to Edo’s custody by Jerlamarel.

After some bad days at Triavantians, Baba finally rescues Haniwa; they leave the city of Triavantian with Tamacti Jun.

On the other side of the show, we have a story of two sisters Sibeth and Maghra.

They arrive at the city of Pennsa, and Sibeth declares war against the Triavantians and, for the same, gives a motivational speech to her soldiers.

The reason for the war is that she believes that Triavantians were responsible for the destruction of Kanzua.

Sibeth’s sister Maghra has a good heart; unlike her sister, the kingdom’s people liked her as the head of the state.

She even asks her sister to have a peace talk with the Triavantians to forgo war, but the latter never wanted that, and in the end, the fight does happen.

We also saw that when Maghra asks Sibeth to talk though she agrees to her words.

See Season 2 Recap, Ending Explained- Are Edo and Paris Dead?
See Season 2 Stills (Image Credits-Apple TV+)

But she says that she will only initiate the talk if the Triavantians agree to accept that the wrongdoings in Kanzua were due to them. 

As in the peace meeting where delegates of different groups were present, after much discussion, the Triavantians delegates agreed to Maghra’s demand, but on the same night, people sent by Sibeth assassinated them, and this assassination seems to be carried by Sibeth.

Now, that the war became inevitable, and the fight happened in the further episodes.

Sibeth seems cruel because, in the latter part of the season, we are shown that she was responsible for the assassination of the Triavantians delegates who came for the peace talks, and she was also the only one who killed her Paris.

See Season 2 Episode 7 Recap

Iso Edo Dead?

Yes, if you have been to the last episode of See Season 2, you would know that Edo is no more.

As the battle was on the verge of its end, Edo calls up his brother by the same whistle that Baba gave him when they were younger.

Though Baba didn’t want to kill him, inside, he too knew that Baba would be killed by the Triavantians as soon as they found him in the city.

Soon, we see Edo dying in the arms of Baba after a brief fight between the two.

David Batista as Edo Voss
David Batista as Edo Voss (Pic Credit Apple TV+)

See Season 2 Ending-What Happened with Toad?

However, Baba had a solid proof plan to save everyone and take the plunge against the Triavantians simultaneously.

But, Toad in amidst the carnage, gets blindsided by a Berserker soldier and dies.

Baba has already deduced a plan that will lead the troops through the icy lake that has been covered with snow.

This will help the troops to be in the shadow of vision from the enemy troops.

Though he got hurt, he still helps Kofun head off and kills that person who tried to arose against him.

Edo is already defeated, and he knows where his fate will take him because he knows that he will be executed as soon as the Triavantians find him in the city.

See Season 2 Recap, Ending Explained- Are Edo and Paris Dead?
See Season 2 Stills (Image Credits- Apple TV+)

See Season 2 Ending-Payans and the Tribal Squad Fought the Battle of Greenhill Gap

Towards the end of the See Season 2, the situation of Baba and his allies was fragile.

But soon, the Hidden tribe joined in and collectively fought against the Triavantians along with Payans. The situation started to turn its cruise towards Baba.

Tamacti Jun’s decision to fight the battle at Greenhill Gap proved to be very fruitful for Baba and his allies.

The reason was that the Payans were well aware of this place and successfully passed through the narrowest valleys of the area swiftly, while the Triavantians found it challenging to transverse through the site.

The Hidden tribes brought more strength to the Payans that helped them to wage their swords against the Triavantians efficiently.

But, we know that the tribe never liked Payans because they thought that the latter was responsible for the death of their people through the Witchfinders who belonged to the Payans.

The reason for which they are still fighting is that they hated Triavantians more than that they hated Payans because they had been practicing slavery with the people of their tribe.

Nevertheless, this fact never bothered the tribe, and they continued to fight to ace over the Triavantians.

See Season 2 Finale Stills
See Season 2 Finale Stills (Image Credit Apple TV+)

See Season 2 Ending Explained- What is the Fate of the Battle?

The battle ended with Baba and his allies having the upper hand as compared to the Triavantians.

Baba was very much aware that they could get hold of the Triavantians troops in the corridor of the icy lake, and the same happened.

The Triavantians tribe found themselves stuck in the frozen lake covered by snow, and soon Payans were successfully killing more Triavantians soldiers.

Though the situation before was quite the opposite, thanks to the Hidden tribes who extender their support, Payans and their allies successfully put down the Triavantians.

When all the Triavantians found themselves in the frozen lake when the Payans broke the Ice, we saw Wren still there.

Is Paris Dead?

Yes, Paris is dead, and it seems that Sibeth has killed her.

The entire sequence goes in this way when Paris visits Sibeth to see that if she is okay.

She notices that Sibeth’s child is likely to come to this world in some time.

Meanwhile, Sibeth acts as she pleads to Paris to take care of the baby and convinces Kofun, the father of the child, to raise their child together.

Paris dies at the hands of Sibeth
Paris dies at the hands of Sibeth (Image Credit Apple TV+)

Paris believes in this well-knitted story of Sibeth, and then Sibeth slowly takes out a blade under the skin and slices Paris’s throat.

Things will be challenging for the Kofun when he knows about Paris’s death and who killed her.

That’s all, for now, we will soon going to give you one detailed article related to See Season 4, till then stay tuned to MediaScrolls. 

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