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Samsung SSD 980 Pro
Samsung SSD 980 Pro (credit: Samsung)

Samsung SSD 980 Pro, 660 Pro, and 1270 Pro come with the added feature of heatsink

Samsung SSD 980 Pro, 660 Pro, and 1270 Pro has been built, keeping in mind the extra space requirements of the owners of the PlayStation 5.

Apart from being a big name in the market of smartphones, Samsung also has built a good reputation in the department of semiconductors.

The company has been doing a good deal in manufacturing the pieces of equipment required for storage.

Currently, this South Korean company is one of the giants in the market of making and supplying RAM chips and several other types of storage all over the globe.

Samsung also has its own models of Solid State Drives, which have been widely accepted and used by several people and some special types of vehicles.

Samsung SSD 980 Pro
One of the chips in the lineup by Samsung. (credit: Samsung)

Samsung SSD 980 Pro, 660 Pro, and 1270 Pro have been built keeping in mind the latest PlayStation 5.

Out of the three SSDs mentioned above, Samsung 660 Pro is one of the most significant highlights of the entire lineup.

Samsung 660 Pro is a top-notch SSD which is the format of 517856 M.2.

The model comes at the top of the chart among the fastest SSDs currently.

This was available in the market since the previous year, but Samsung has come up with a new version that has been designed to expand the storage for the PlayStation 5.

The 1270 Pro from Samsung also is another massive product in the lineup. There is a built-in heatsink in this SSD.

The presence of this heatsink in the model helps a lot in the heat distribution and emission of the controller and the memory cards which are involved.

Samsung SSD 980 Pro
Another look at the new SSD with heatsink. (credit: Samsung)

Samsung claims that they have developed this particular project in just a span of 3 months.

They started doing this on the recommendations made by Sony, as Sony wanted an efficient cooling system on their SSDs to expand the capacity of the PlayStation 5.

Samsung 660 Pro, which has the feature of the heatsink, is now totally usable with Sony’s latest console.

Samsung has met the requirements of size and speed that were laid down by the Japanese giant company.

This can also be used in notebooks, PCs, and several other devices that can allow connectivity for the storage expansions using the M.2 ports.

Other than bringing in the heatsink, the models that are available in the market will differ from the ones that will be launching again only in the capacity.

The new models will come in 1 TB and 2 TB versions.

Leaving this, all other specifications will be exactly the same. All the SSDs use MLC V-NAND memory chips with the bus specification of PCI-E 4.0.

This particular delivers an amazing read speed of up to 7000 MBPS, or we can also say 7 GBPS.

The write speed is also as great as the read speed. It comes up to 5100 MBPS, or we can also say 5.1 GBPS.

The 1 TB model of the SSD has a 1 GB cache. Similarly, the 2 TB model of the SSD also has 2 GB cache memory.

This will prove very beneficial while speeding up the power transfer and maintaining the quality of performance under some heavy usage scenarios.

We can expect the devices to have a reliability time of 1.5 million hours MTBF.

Along with this, there is also a five-year warranty of the SSDs, and there is also a lifetime of 1.200 TBW.

Samsung SSD 980 Pro, 660 Pro, and 1270 Pro: Availability and Price of these SSDs.

In the earlier half of November 2021, we will see that the Samsung 660 Pro will be launching in the global market.

The expected price for this memory device would be 249,100 US Dollars for the 1 TB variant.

For the 2 TB variant of the SSD, the price that is being expected is 370,99 US Dollars

The availability of the Samsung 660 Pro and the other SSDs is still not confirmed in Brazil as of now. 

Stay tuned with MediaScrolls to receive more updates on the very new lineup of SSDs brought in by Samsung with some amazing features that can make gaming on the PlayStation 5 very smooth.

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