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Platinum End Episode 3: Release Date, Spoilers, and Episode 2 Recap.

Platinum End Episode 2, titled “Hero of Justice,” was an epic one.

We got to know more about the God Candidates, the angels, and their purpose of coming to the human world.

The last episode gave us chills as a new God Candidate came forward and challenged the others publicly.

He had even killed a God Candidate and played the hero.

The more thrilling part is that the new God Candidate disguised as Metropoliman is expected to be in the same High School as Mirai Kakehashi, our main protagonist.

Platinum End Episode 3 will be very exciting to watch as the two God Candidates come face to face.

Metropoliman also has a special ranked angel to assist him, and hence he can use both the Red Arrows and the White Arrows along with the wings.

Not only that, his greatest enemies will be the Candidates who have the assistance of Special ranked angels like Mirai.

Platinum End Episode 3: Release Date, Spoilers, and Episode 2 Recap.
The true face behind Metropoliman, a high school student who will attend the same school as Mirai.  (Image Credit Crunchyroll)

What will happen when the two of them face each other? Will the Metropoliman kill Mirai Kakehashi? Or will Mirai be able to outsmart him? Nothing can be said at this point, as we can expect some fantastic twists by the writer of Death Note.

Never the less we have some idea about what will happen next, and you can grab on to them in the Spoilers below.

Also, don’t forget to read out till the end to know details about the God, Angels, God Candidates, and everything covered in Platinum End Episode 2.

Platinum End Episode 3: Release Date and Where to Watch Online?

Platinum End Episode 3, titled “Heart’s Beloved,” is scheduled to release on Friday, the 22nd of October 2021.

It can be streamed online on Crunchyroll, and Funimation from 01:28 am JST.

It can also be viewed on Anime Digital Network and VRV through Crunchyroll.

Platinum End Episode 3 Spoilers and What to Expect?

Platinum End Episode 3 will be very exciting as the two God Candidates with Special ranking Angels might come face to face.

This episode will also reveal the identity of Metropoliman.

Not only that, but this episode will also bring out what will happen when he meets Mirai in High School.

This all seems exciting, but here is a theory about what might happen next.

In the spoilers of Platinum End Episode 3, we saw that when Mirai his High School for the first day, he found an angel there.

He is shocked to see an angel because a God Candidate is present in his High School.

He controls his expression so that he does not give up his secret of being a God candidate himself.

But, suddenly, the Angel hovering in the sky turns to him and descends right up to his face.

He is shocked by this unexpected quick response from the Angel.

Platinum End Episode 3: Release Date, Spoilers, and Episode 2 Recap.
A special ranked Angel at Mirai’s school. Does this mean Metropoliman is in the same high school?  (Image Credit Crunchyroll)

There is a possibility that he might get over his shock and get his reaction to normal.

He might ignore the Angel and pretend not to be able to see it.

If this happens, then there is a possibility that his identity of being a God Candidate might not be revealed.

Furthermore, the series might get more interesting if he finds the Other God Candidate in the same class as his.

Then he will have to make sure to protect his identity.

This will all get very interesting as to how he will manage that.

It might somewhat sound similar to Death Note as the relation between “Light Yagami A.K.A Kira” and “L,” but it will be different here.

Another Possibility is that the Angel present in the High School might somehow know that Mirai is a God Candidate and for the same came right up to him.

If this proves true, then Mirai Kakehashi will have to face the God Candidate chosen by this Angel.

What if the God Candidate has a special ranked Angel? If this happens, then it might turn out in really bad ways too.

On the other hand, if the God Candidate has either of the Wings, Red Arrows, or the White Arrows, and if he attacks him, then Mirai will have to kill him to defend himself.

A lot more can happen, and there are many different ways that things might turn up.

What do you think might happen next? Let us know in the comments below, and you can see for yourself what will happen on Friday with Platinum End Episode 3.

Let us see what happened in Platinum End Episode 2, so we can get a better idea about what might happen next and know more about the Angels, their ranks, and the abilities they can give to the humans.

Platinum End Episode 2 Recap: Metropoliman, The Hero of Justice.

Platinum End Episode 2 was very interesting with many surprises for us.

The episode begins with the 13 Angels assembled in front of God.

God says “For a long time now, I’ve done all I can to make the human world a better place.

But the time has come for me to relinquish my throne to the next human….As is tradition, one of the thirteen humans you choose will become the next God.”

Platinum End Episode 3: Release Date, Spoilers, and Episode 2 Recap.
God assigning his thirteen angels to chose thirteen God Candidates, One of whom will become the Next God.  (Image Credit Crunchyroll)

The tradition is that when a current God is to retire from his position as a God, thirteen Angels comprising all ranks will each choose a human as their God Candidate.

One of these humans will take over as the new God, and the Angel who chooses the human shall be released of her duties as Angel and, as a reward, will get a new life as New God’s aide.

The Angels have 999 days to complete this task, and after that, one of the chosen will become New God.

The God candidates will have to battle among themselves and very likely kill each other.

The angels are ranked into three groups, firstly the highest-ranked, Special Angels.

They have the most power and can give their chosen human the Red Arrow, which can make anyone fall in love with the person using the Arrow.

The effect of Red Arrows lasts for 33 days, and once a person has been shot by one, he cannot be shot by Red Arrow again.

To add more, a human can use Red Arrow on 14 people at a time.

The White Arrow, which can kill anyone in an instant and thus saving them from a painful death.

And lastly, the Wings that will give the God candidate freedom.

The wings can be used to go from one place to the other.

The Arrows never miss their targets and continually hit them, but there is one exception.

Wings are faster than arrows, and the person with wings can escape the Arrow.

Then comes the First Ranked angels who have only the Red Arrows and Wings, whereas the last type, the Second Ranked Angels, who have either the Wings or the Red Arrows.

The angels can also be promoted or demoted to higher or lower ranks as per their duties.

Mirai is watching the Television when he sees a comedian who has an Angel with him.

The comedian had started getting popular among humans, and for the same reason, he was on T.V.

Mirai realized that the comedian was using the Red Arrows to force women to love him.

He found this incorrect use of power and thought that such a person should never be chosen as God.

In Platinum End Episode 1, we saw that Mirai used a Red Arrow on his Aunt to get the truth about his family.

He gets to know that his Uncle and Aunt killed his Father, Mother, and younger brother so that they could take over all of their property.

His Aunt also committed Suicide after that as in anger; he told both of them to die.

Now Mirai had used the Red Arrow on his uncle as well.

He did it so his uncle could confess everything to the police about how he killed Mirai’s family.

As a result, Mirai is now on his own, and his uncle has been sent to prison to serve for his crimes.

Mirai has received his property back and is now about to settle in his new home.

The next day Mirai goes to market for shopping as he needs all the things to settle in his new house.

He reads on the internet about the news of the Sudden Death of the same comedian he saw on the T.V. the other day. This news worries him.

As of now, we know that a person in a superhero costume had killed him with White Arrow, which means he was a God Candidate and White Arrow symbolizes that he had a Special ranked Angel with him.

Soon enough on T.V., he watches police dealing with a hostage situation at a bank.

The criminals are armed and threaten to kill the hostages if their demands are not fulfilled.

With lightning speed, a man in a superhero costume comes to the scene.

He tries to convince the police to allow him to handle the situation.

He floats in the air and says “I, Metropoliman, shall defeat evil!”

He was using the Angel Wings, which were not visible to the human eye.

Not only that, he even shot the Police with Red Arrows, and under its effect, they allowed him to deal with it.

But Mirai can see his wings and the arrows as well.

Platinum End Episode 3: Release Date, Spoilers, and Episode 2 Recap.
Metropoliman, another God candidate with a special ranked angel who plans to kill all other God Candidates.  (Image Credit Crunchyroll)

The Metropoliman shoots the first criminal with Red Arrow, and when the second one attacks him, he uses White Arrow.

Both the criminals are dead, and hostages are safe.

The Metropoliman flies to media anchors present at the site.

He declares “I am also a messenger from Heaven, and I have come to defeat twelve enemies.

I have already killed one of them and to the remaining eleven, I say: Come and get me anytime!”

Mirai understands all the hidden in his words and how he is defeating the God Candidates one after the other starting from the comedian.

Mirai asks his Angel Nasse to fly away from him as if any other candidate sees him with an Angel; it will be clear to them that Mirai is also one of them. After reaching his home, he asks Nasse to revoke his God Candidate status.

He wants to live happily. Nasse informs him that revoking his God Candidate status would mean having to return his Wings and Arrows.  And throwing them away will mean throwing away his life.

In other words, he is alive right now because he accepted them as God’s Candidate, and if he had not, then he would have died.

Nasse adds that “God said only humans who’d lost their will to live could be chosen as God Candidates or who really want to change it. In other words, people who are dissatisfied with the world as it is now.”

Nasse explains to Mirai about the different ranked angels and the powers they can offer to the God Candidate.

He realizes that God Candidates who have special ranked angels just like him will see them as the greatest threat because they have the most power.

Mirai remembers his mother’s words which she told him when he was just a child.

He says that All he wants is ordinary happiness and has no intention of becoming God.

He says Nasse “I should go in whichever direction I’ve decided is the better one. I am going to attend high school. I can’t find happiness if I stay cooped up inside.”

He also adds that as long as Nasse is not with him, no one will know that he is a God Candidate.

He says that he doesn’t want Metropoliman to take away his right to happiness.

The next day he is ready for school, and Nasse suggests him use the Red Arrow on his childhood friend Saki, Hanakago, whom he liked.

This will help them fall in love with each other.

His face turns deep red on hearing this, and he replies, “I am not using the arrow to do that.”

Know About Platinum End Episode 1 Recap.

Nasse assures him that she will come if he needs her, and he has to call her name.

When Mirai reaches school, he believes he will finally have a fresh start as a high school student after all the suffering he had faced his entire life due to his Uncle and Aunt.

But things are not so easy for him. He sees an angel in the sky inside the school.

This means there is another God Candidate there.

The Angel flies to him and stares him right into his eyes.

Does Angel know that he is a God Candidate? What if the other God Candidate is Metropoliman himself and is in the same high school? What will happen when they meet each other? Will Metropoliman kill Mirai?

Answers to all these questions lie ahead in Platinum End Episode 3, releasing this coming Friday.

Sit tight till then and let us know in the comments below about your thoughts on what might happen next.

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