Who killed Tim Kono
Tim Kono in Only Murders in the Building (Image Credit: Hulu)

Who Killed Tim Kono in Only Murders in the Building? Here is our Theory

Last Updated on October 20, 2021 by Joydeep Ghosh

Who Killed Tim Kono in Only Murders in the Building? Even after having seen the penultimate episode of the series, the question of who killed Tim Kono still looms large.

The murderer is still eluding us. We are putting forward several theories about who killed Tim Kono in Only Murders in the Building.

Did Jan really kill Tim Kono in Only Murders in the Building?

Our first and foremost theory is that Jan had killed Tim Kono.

One theory is that she shot Tim, and when the trio of Charles, Mabel, and Oliver started a podcast about this case, she asked Charles for a date and crashed into the team to gather inside information.

Now, coming to the motive part of it, as Sezz was introspecting, the murder of Tim Kono is a crime of passion.

Our first theory has got two sub-theories.

The first sub theory on who killed Tim Kono states that Jan was Tim’s girlfriend, and for some odd reason, in a fit of rage, she first poisoned and then shot Tim Kono.

Anything can happen in a crime of passion! Jan had mentioned to Charles that her whole life, she has been put in the second position.

So, she must have hated it when Tim Kono always prioritized gathering evidence against Teddy and Theo Dimas, which also explains why she lied to Charles about being the first chair bassoonist. She also might have stabbed herself as soon as she saw that Charles prioritized Mabel and Oliver over her.

Who killed Tim Kono
Jan in Only Murders in the Building (Image Credit: Hulu)

Our second sub theory states that Jan is an accomplice of Teddy Dimas.

Being a bassoonist, she could be a cover for Teddy’s smuggling operations, with her hiding the smuggled jewels in her bassoon box during her worldwide concert tours (that she toured worldwide with her bassoon box is evident from the stickers).

While the trio was trying to work out who killed Tim Kono, Jan was constantly trying to defend the Dimases and turn their attention towards Howard.

Being the Dimases’ partner in crime, she decided to kill Tim Kono when she came to know of Tim’s investigation against Angel Inc.

She might have befriended Tim Kono in the first place for this very reason.

However, in this series full of mind-blowing surprises, the identity of who killed Tim Kono being revealed in the penultimate episode is very unlikely and hard to digest!

Did Teddy and Theo Dimas kill Tim Kono in Only Murders in the Building?

This theory of ours about who killed Tim Kono in Only Murders in the Building takes us back to the Dimases.

They have everything going against them: the who, why, how, and why now.

Their only alibi is their standing in front of the CCTV camera in the courtyard of Arconia before Tim Kono was killed.

How convenient! One theory is that Teddy hired a hitman to shoot Tim while the father-son duo waited outside the Arconia, and the hitman shot Tim, unaware that Tim was already dead because of being poisoned.

Being a wealthy and influential man, Teddy could have used his highly placed contacts to make the police investigation quite lenient.

Who killed Tim Kono
Teddy Dimas in Only Murders in the Building (Image Credit: Hulu)

However, if Teddy had sent a hitman to kill Tim Kono, why didn’t he have the incriminating evidence like Tim’s mobile phone removed from the crime spot?

Double killer theory of who killed Tim Kono in Only Murders in the Building

As Tim was first intoxicated and then shot, this theory on who killed Tim Kono tries to explain how this could have happened.

Teddy or his supposed accomplice Jan, sensing Tim as a danger, could have tried to intoxicate him with an overdose of secobarbital.

In this, they could have taken the help of Ursula, who keeps promoting and even forcibly selling crates of Gut Milk.

Teddy could have bribed Ursula to deliver Gut Milk laced with secobarbital to Tim.

As secobarbital does not go well with alcohol because both have sedative properties, asthma patients are also advised not to take this medicine.

So, the alcohol present in Gut Milk and the alcohol he might have consumed in the glasses found in his room proved to be a lethal combination for Tim, who must have died instantly.

Howard’s cat, Evelyn, who often visited Tim’s apartment, might have lapped up the remaining gut milk, which is why she died of the same poison the same night. Now remains the question of Tim’s bullet wound.

Who killed Tim Kono
Oscar in Only Murders in the Building (Image Credit: Hulu)

It can be explained by the fact that Oscar’s father, who had access to the keys of all the apartments and also had a massive score to settle with Tim, could have entered his apartment and just shot him without realizing that he was already dead.

The question, “why now” can be explained by the theory that he had been watching Tim all this time.

When he was sure that Tim had collected enough evidence against the Dimases, he, being the building superintendent, had no difficulty in ringing the fire alarm, and amidst the chaos that ensued, entered Tim’s apartment and shot him.

He expected that the cops would find all the evidence against the Dimases in Tim’s apartment, and they, too, would be arrested, thus, taking revenge on all the people who wronged his son, at the same time.

And not to forget his son Oliver, the tie-died hooded guy, the former prime suspect.

For all we know, Oliver could be the one who killed Tim Kono by shooting him.

This theory however does not answer the question of who tried to poison Oliver’s dog or about Mabel being soaked in blood, sitting in front of a hooded dead body.

Who killed Tim Kono
Tim, Mabel, Oscar, and Zoe in Only Murders in the Building (Image Credit: Hulu)

Did Mabel kill Tim Kono Only Murders in the Building?

If the scriptwriters do decide to give us the ultimate shock by revealing in Only Murders in the Building Episode 10 that one of the team has killed Tim Kono, the first name that comes to mind is Mabel’s because of her personal connection with Tim.

She previously confronted Tim over his silence that ruined Oliver‘s life, and we did see her finding peace after mercilessly butchering someone in her dreams in episode 1!

However, the pieces just don’t seem to fit with Mabel being Tim’s killer, and ‘why now’?

With Only Murders in the Building Season 2 being announced, it is highly unlikely that this famous trio, having the perfect chemistry between them, would be separated if one of them is found to be the murderer.

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Did Oliver or Will Kill Tim Kono?

Our next theory on who killed Tim Kono, Oliver, an out-of-work director and almost broke, desperately needs this booster to lift his sagging career.

Given his passion for true crime and his knowledge of chemical compounds and their uses, he is the ideal candidate to have known the effects of secobarbital overdose.

He had previously identified the smell of formaldehyde at the back of Theo’s van and what it was being used for.

Who killed Tim Kono
Oliver in Only Murders in the Building (Image Credit: Hulu)

Also, he was seen smugly lighting up his fireplace right before the fire alarm rang, and Tim Kono was killed, even though lighting fireplaces were not allowed in Arconia because of Tim’s asthma.

Was he just too self-absorbed to follow the norms of the Arconia, or did he already know that the rule would not matter anymore with Tim almost out of the scene?

Oliver was also the only person to leave the apartment when Jan suggested the team also considers suspects other than the Dimases.

He got agitated every time she tried to turn the investigation into another direction. And going out for some time would give him the time to stick the note of warning on Jan’s door.

All this considered, Oliver still does not seem to be a person who could poison or shoot a stranger just for the money, considering that he was almost about to tear the $50,000 cheque on Charles’ insistence.

He also could not have stabbed Jan as he was with Mabel and Charles the entire time after Jan left.

Who killed Tim Kono
Tim Kono in Only Murders in the Building (Image Credit: Hulu)

Oliver’s son, Will, who might be harboring some old childhood grudge against Tim or their entire Hardy Boys group, could have killed Tim Kono.

Being a vet, he can have access to the drug secobarbital, which is not available over the counter.

After all, the trio had found two glasses of bourbon in Tim’s apartment.

Will could be the one sharing drinks with Tim, having laced his drink with the drug.

However, in this theory on who killed Tim Kono, the question remains, “Why now of all times?.”

Did Charles Kill Tim Kono?

Charles, an accomplished actor, having himself worked in a murder mystery, could be a suspect.

After all, it is difficult to make out when he is mouthing the dialogues from his series and when he is not.

One can’t deny the fact that the current happenings have brought back spice to his otherwise bland life (the first time we saw him not throwing away his breakfast).

Who killed Tim Kono
Charles in Only Murders in the Building (Image Credit: Hulu)

Also, he has the talent of opening locks, and we have little knowledge of his dark past, which keeps tormenting him.

It often happens in murder mysteries that the person you expect the least to have committed the crime turns out to be the murderer in the end.

Charles fits this bill perfectly though he does not seem to be capable of cold-blooded murder that too without a clear motive.

Did Howard Kill Tim Kono in Only Murders in the Building?

Howard claims that Tim had threatened to shoot his beloved cat, Evelyn.

Every viewer who has watched the show knows how obsessed he is with his cat.

So, taking intense action against someone who threatened to harm his cat does not seem so far-fetched. Also, keeping a dead cat in the refrigerator does not seem like normal human behavior.

In the beginning, he was ruled out from the list of suspects because he was apparently scared of blood, which he could have pretended as well.

Even if we consider that he was not lying, the fact that Tim was poisoned first makes it convenient for Howard to kill him without having to see any blood.

Who killed Tim Kono
Howard in Only Murders in the Building (Image Credit: Hulu)

Another point adding up against him is Jan getting stabbed moments after she suggested that the trio reconsider Howard as a suspect.

If you were wondering that Howard was not even present at the meeting when Jan suspected Howard, we have to remember that there were a lot of outsiders present in the meeting.

Even if the fans were not a part of this murder, they did mention having an online community.

Based on their excitement about meeting their idols, we can’t expect super fans like them not to post about everything that was happening. So this is yet another theory on who killed Tim Kono?

Murderer of Tim Kono Revealed in the Finale

We had known this all along! Following the finale episode of Only Murders in the Building, it is official now that Jan is Tim Kono’s killer.

The first reaction of almost every viewer is that “I knew it.” It was just that someone had stabbed poor Jan!

Still, we suspected she had stabbed herself.

If this was so, where was the weapon she stabbed herself with? She was lying unconscious on the floor.

How could she have stashed away the weapon? At least, that is what we thought! Also, how could the murderer be (almost) revealed in the penultimate episode itself?

However, deep within, we had guessed that Jan was the mysterious girlfriend that Tim Kono had, and as Sezz Pataki had predicted, this was a crime of passion.

As we, too, had predicted, in our first theory, murdering the same person twice (poisoning and then shooting) can happen only in a crime of passion.

As we had predicted that for some odd reason, Jan first poisoned and then shot Tim Kono, it has now been made clear that the reason was that Tim Kono had dumped Jan.

Not one to take this lying down, Jan invited Tim Kono for a friendly drink, laced his drink with a lethal dose of a drug. When he was fighting for his life in his apartment, she shot him with his own gun.

Now that the mystery of who killed Tim Kono has been solved, we will keep our senses alert for who killed Bunny.