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American Rust Episode 6- Release Date, Spoilers and Recap of Episode 5

In the upcoming American Rust Episode 6, Chuck is here asking Buell to repay his debts; this comes as a disappointment to Harris because he has feared for this moment for the last ten years.

We would also see that Lee’s history with Billy would no longer be a secret to Alejandro, and we are up to see how it will impact her relationship with Issac and Billy. Isaac, too, has been going through a stern face of his life.

In the last episode, we see that Harris and Steve have been searching for Bobby, and they are following the bits and pieces of clues that they are getting in the way so that they can reach him.

American Rust Episode 6- Release Date and Where to Stream Online?

American Rust Episode 6 is set to release on October 17, 2021, at 10 PM ET.

You can watch the upcoming episode on the Showtime channel on the date as mentioned above and time.

If you want to enjoy the show online, then you can turn on Showtime’s official website or app.

For viewers in Canada can watch American Rust Episode 6 on Crave.

This is the first season of the show, and it will be having nine episodes in total, each premiering on Sunday.

So, we are just a couple of more episodes for the finale of this season.

Various video-on-demand platforms like Amazon Prime videos, YouTube Tv, and Apple TV would also offer the upcoming episode.

American Rust Episode 6- Release Date, What to Expect?
American Rust Episode 6 is set to release on October 17, 2021(Image Credits- ShowTime)

What to Expect in upcoming American Rust Episode 6?

You can’t just keep on lying to someone one day; you are bound to be caught by the person at the other end.

The same we would be seeing with Lee in the upcoming American Rust Episode 6, where Alejandro would be learning her history with Billy and that she had been lying to him for a long time now.

American Rust Episode 6 is titled ‘Debt Collection,’ which resonates with the plot of Chuck, who once used to be a partner of Harris has come along the way to Buell asking him to repay his debts.

Harris had done so much for his colleagues in Pittsburgh but now that it seems their association is no more since Chuck was given an alibi when they killed down pedophiles.

Lee would find herself at a crossroads in the upcoming American Rust Episode 6, a corner she made for herself.

Now she has to choose one between Issac and Billy.

Also, it’s quite a tough time for Isaac, who has recently separated from Jojo and had to lead a life all alone by himself from now onwards.

It seems a lot of it is coming up in the upcoming American Rust Episode 6.

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American Rust Episode 5- Harris and Steve Behind Booby?

Harris and Steve are very desperate to find the exact current location of Bobby.

We last time saw Booby in episode 3, and since then, he is seen nowhere in episode 4 and, in fact, to some extent, in the previous episode 5 of the show.

Harris has to get Billy to the Sheriff’s office in less than 12  hours, so he has been tracking every piece of clue that has been coming on their way.

Harris and Steve find Karl in this quest; Karl is their regular informer.

She predicts that he may be selling the addicts at an abandoned Methodist Church, but when the two reach, there is nothing.

Even though Harris tells Steve that he could leave him and won’t have any hard feelings against him for doing so, the latter decides to stay back to help Harris find Bobby.

Following up some more clues, they finally come up to Tom, who tells them that this time the seller who supplied him the addictives was different, and later it is confirmed that the person is none other than Bobby himself.

Following, they raid an apartment, but that too didn’t turn fruitful for them because Bobby had been long gone from there as well.

Almost a significant part of the episode was finding Bobby through clues; the two are getting in the way.

To note that it had become challenging for Harris to see Bobby was because the latter had gone through a complete makeover that has transformed his looks, making it a bit hard for everyone to identify him.

Towards the end of the episode, we learn Bobby lives with a woman in a remote cabin in the woods.

It seems pretty impossible for Harris to find him in this far distant place, but what exactly will happen will only be known in the upcoming American Rust Episode 6.

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