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Foundation Episode 5
Foundation Episode 5 (credit: Apple TV+)

Foundation Episode 5 Release Date, Spoilers and Episode 4 Recap

Foundation Episode 5 will be releasing very soon. We will be noticing the signs that the galaxy is slowly becoming unstable with the attack of the Anacreons on Terminus. In the previous episode, we also saw how religion tries to threaten and break the Galactic Empire.

Plans are then made accordingly for an interplanetary trip to maintain the peace and no harm.

The predictions made by Hari Seldon start echoing throughout the galaxy. The episode then ends at a crucial point where we are introduced to one of the characters who was earlier thought to be dead.

In Foundation Episode 5, we will get to see some outstanding events of the show, which will be a treat to watch for the audience and all the show’s fans.

When will Foundation Episode 5 release, and where can we watch it online?

Foundation Episode 5 will be releasing on the 15th of October, 2021, at 3 AM ET. The show’s first two episodes landed on the 24th of September.

You can stream Foundation Episode 5 only on Apple’s streaming platform, Apple TV+.

If you have not subscribed to the platform, there is a free trial period of 7 days. Explore the shows on the platform, and then you can choose whether to take a subscription to Apple TV+ or not.

What can we expect to see in Foundation Episode 5?

The title that has been fixed for Foundation Episode 5 is Upon Awakening. It refers to Gaal, who will return to existence after hibernating for an extended period of 30 years. This episode will give the audience details about the unlikely murder of Hari Seldon.

The motives behind the murder will also come out as Gaal will be focusing on what has happened. The destination, which was not known till now, will also come out for the audience in Foundation Episode 5.

One of the most interesting plot points in Foundation is Brother Day’s mission.

In this mission, they will try to bring back the peace on the planet threatened by a religious outbreak. In Foundation Episode 5, it will happen for the first time in the show that a Primary Cleon will be leaving Trantor. This makes this episode a significant one in the entire show.

By the end of Foundation Episode 5, we will also get an idea of Anacreon’s plans. There are also high chances that we will get to see a battle between the forces of Brother Dusk and the forces of Anacreon in this episode.

Foundation Episode 4 Ending

Foundation Episode 4 starts with the demise of a religious leader who belongs to an important planet. The Galactic Emperor was then soon informed about this leader’s death. The person conveying the message also states that the new leader taking charge might soon revolt against the empire. This will lead to an outbreak of the three clone kings.

After hearing this from the messenger, a quick decision is made. According to the decision, Brother Dusk will have to visit the planet and supervise or keep an eye on the smooth transfer of power to the new leader.

As all these events happen, Brother Day, thinking and being concerned whether Hari Seldon’s prophecies will be true or not. Additionally, Brother Day is concerned that if this prophecy turns out to be true, impending catastrophic situations threaten all. The famous mathematician earlier mentioned all these events.

Salvor is seen to trick Phara, the leader of the tribe who had captured her towards the ending of Foundation Episode 3. As the episode progresses, we get to know that the leader in captivity is the Grand Huntress belonging to Anacreon.

She is questioned again and again. She does not reveal her actual identity, and she says that they are all scrappers looking for all the abandoned technology. Salvor and the team soon find out that Phara’s team has put up heavy pieces of equipment on the settlement boundary.

What details do we get to find out about Gaal in the Foundation Season 4 ending?

Brother Dusk was all set to go to the religious planet. His journey was interrupted by Brother Day, who is his younger clone. Brother Day says that he would be going in place of Brother Dusk. Brother Dusk is blamed for all his unwary and stupid actions while he ruled. Brother Day confirms that he will not be making the same mistakes that his clone had committed.

Brother Day then goes on his interplanetary journey, whereas Brother Dusk is left behind. He calls in one of his commanders to investigate the problems that are happening in Terminus. The Anacreons complete setting up a massive weapon on the Terminus. The episode ends with a short sight of Gaal in a container and is floating towards the spaceship.

Foundation Episode 4 ending moments of the episode give us a hint that Gaal might still be alive. It has been a long time since Hari Seldon was murdered, and then she was shot into space in a container. She might have been in hibernation for all this time and will get up on the spaceship.

As she was unconscious for all this time, suddenly getting up would turn out to be a big problem for her.

What are the demands of the Anacreons, which we find out in the Foundation Episode 4 ending?

They are the ones who refer to themselves as scrappers. They are very bankrupt when it comes to technology and are looking for empty spaceships. Phara, their leader, tells Salvor that they will require a navigation module from the old ship of the Foundation. This ship that Phara is talking about is kept unused.

As we reach the ending of Foundation Episode 4, we find that Phara is the ‘Grand Huntress’ and her planet’s leader. Salvor realizes that the Anacreons are not normal scrappers. They have a big plan ahead of them, which they are not revealing.

The Anacreons have set up some heavy artillery on the boundary of the Foundation settlement. This shows that they are not just simple scrappers but have come to Terminus with ambitious motives and plans. None of their plans are revealed throughout the episode, but their motives become more evident as we reach the Foundation Episode 4’s ending.

After facing a destructive attack from Emperor Dusk, half of their population had died. The Anacreons are now out on the hunt looking for revenge. Both Terminus and the Foundation of the Galactic Empire are very close to their home planet, which has been destroyed.

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