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AMD Ryzen 7000
AMD Ryzen 7000 (credit: AMD)

AMD Ryzen 7000 Has been Revealed To be a Part of HP AIO Desktops

AMD Ryzen 7000 will now be seen on all the all-in-one desktops manufactured by HP. The company has just made a very unexpected announcement.

HP has been going on making some announcements about the hardware parts to be included in their products. The surprising part is that these particular hardware items have not even been released in the market as of now.

The leaker, Momomo, has noticed and mentioned that HP is now looking after launching their system based on AMD Ryzen 7000. These systems will be All-In-One desktops by HP.

AMD had no such expectations to bring in the AMD Ryzen 7000 series this soon in the market. The AMD Ryzen 7000 series was expected to be Rembrandt APU, which will be developed on Zen3+ and 6nm processing technology. The company will soon be shifting totally to Zen4 architecture very soon as per reports.

Will we truly see the AMD Ryzen 7000 series in the HP AIO desktops?

AMD Ryzen 7000
Will they be equipped with the AIO desktops by HP? (credit: AMD)

The company definitely has a lot of launches lined up. We will see the company’s 3D V-Cache Ryzen Zen3 product sometime in the earlier half of the upcoming year.

Everyone was of the expectation that the new products from AMD would be launching at CES 2022. AMD Ryzen 7000 series came out of nowhere, and people were shocked.

There are high chances that HP was actually talking about AMD Ryzen 7 series to be included in their All-In-One desktops, but by mistake, they added the extra zeroes.

The All-In-One desktops from HP come in 24 and 27 inches. They will be equipped with the latest Intel 12th Gen Core series of processors named Alder Lake. These will be the variants belonging to the non-K category or the mobile series. All of them are expected to launch in the earlier half of 2022.

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