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The Billion Dollar Code
The Billion Dollar Code (credit: Netflix)

The Billion Dollar Code Review and Ending Explained: Who Won the Legal Battle between art+com vs google?

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The Billion Dollar Code is not one of those familiar stories where the characters’ success hovers around some fantastic artists and programmers who also prove creative.

This show will caution all the upcoming entrepreneurs about the downfalls that one will find in the IT industry.

We will also get a fair idea as we will be shown how these tech companies eat up the dreams and the hard work of all the companies that work there with a click of the fingers.

The Billion Dollar Code highlights a handful of individuals who were successful in making a significant discovery.

This discovery was linked to the digital age and was kept undiscovered or unknown for a considerable time.

The Billion Dollar Code: What is this about?

At the beginning of The Billion Dollar Code, we see the scene starts with Lavinia Wilson’s character, Lea Hauswirth, playing the role of a lawyer in a testimony.

She has been hired to fight the case for Professor Carsten, played by Mark Waschke, and Juri, played by Misel Maticevic.

Both have claimed that Google Earth has been made by stealing the idea they had developed for Terravision.

The Billion Dollar Code
The Billion Dollar Code-Watch the trailer here (Image credit Netflix), A Netflix original series

The lawyer fighting the case for Google is Eric Spears. As the series proceeds, we know that Eric and Lea used to work together in the same firm.

The case that has been put against Google will be fought in a court in Delaware, United States.

Several meetings are held, and in all of them, Juri and Carsten are prepared for all the questions they will face in court. It is not just the countless direct questions that will bother them.

All their answers will also have counter-questions, and if not prepared beforehand, they are sure to be confused about what is actually happening.

The storyline shows us a range of events. We get to see about the early 1990s; there is a shift to the events during the 2010s. During this time, Art+Com, the company of Carsten and Jury, filed a case against Google for patent violation and breaching.

The Billion Dollar Code story shows that Carsten has an innovative idea of merging art and the digital world. This makes him come up with the thought of designing software that will let the person using it fly to any of the locations they choose on the software.

For doing this, he takes the help of Juri, who belonged to the Chaos Computer Club and was an expert in hacking and doing other such stuff with the computer. Deutsche Telekom finally agreed to finance them for this project.

As time goes on, we see that things start falling apart after the duo make their visit to America after being invited by Brian Anderson, a big name in Silicon Graphics.

As both carry on with their work, they get to hear that Google will be launching Google Earth. They soon understood that Google copied everything from the idea they had and made it their own.

The Billion Dollar Code takes through an entire series of cases being fought with one of the world’s biggest companies on one side and Carsten and Juri on the other.

The Billion Dollar Code Ending Explained: Do the duo finally win the case against Google in The Billion Dollar Code?

Art+Com consisting of Juri, and Carsten, unfortunately, do not win the case. The verdict goes entirely against the plaintiff in all the counts.

The decision is given stating the Art+Com could not prove that Google Earth has actually been copied from their idea.

The patent that Juri and Carsten present is also proven to be utterly invalid by Google Earth.

The company says they have used a totally different method than Terravision, which Art+Com has followed.

The Billion Dollar Code
Watch the show for some new and exciting findings. (credit: Netflix)

Juri and Carsten had an idea in their mind that the case that they were fighting would be tough to win, but they still wanted to carry forward with it.

The entire happens in one of the courts in America, and throughout the series, we will feel the hope and the belief that the two of them have on the justice system.

They soon lost their hold of power and the monopoly they had on Terravision.

They failed to check their naive nature and even realized that the others around them are all opportunists and will not think once before taking advantage of the situation.

Several patent lawyers had rejected them because the money required for suing Google would be tremendous. Carsten got so frustrated that he left the company.

Once Carsten dropped out, we saw a rift between Juri and Carsten in The Billion Dollar Code. Juri also gets fed up with the constant questions he has to face and finally decides to leave for Budapest.

Carsten then realizes his mistake and goes to bring back Juri. He admits that he did not do the right thing to walk out on Juri during such a difficult situation.

Both of them had a lot of grudges on google and wanted to take down the company very badly. As they returned, they performed very well in the court.

In The Billion Dollar Code, we see a false ending where Anderson says in front of the court that making Google Earth would have been impossible if it would not have been for Terravision.

Google then offered to pay both Carsten and Juri a heavy amount for all the damages they had cost, only if the duo decided to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

The Billion Dollar Code
The Billion Dollar Code-It is definitely a must-watch. (credit: Netflix)

Why were Juri’s childhood scenes so crucial in The Billion Dollar Code?

In The Billion Dollar Code, we saw several flashback scenes which took the audience to the childhood days of Juri. Juri was standing on a high diving board with many others urging him to make the jump. Juri wanted to do it, but he was terrified of jumping.

Later, we learned that his father was a well-known high diver; however, no such interest developed in Juri. We see Carsten taking Juri to the high diving area and urging him to jump, so the fear does not remain within him anymore.

The Billion Dollar Code-Should we watch it or skip it?

The Billion Dollar Code
The Billion Dollar Code-Should we watch it or skip it?
The Billion Dollar Code is definitely worth the watch. The series is available for all Netflix subscribers. It is truly inspiring to see that Seumas F. Sargent, as Eric Spenser and Leonard Scheicher thought in 1995 that they could significantly impact the world with Terravision. It is truly amazing to see that they tried to develop the web mapping platform algorithm ten years earlier than the Google Map launch(2005). This series shows us that those who believe in their idea and have the knowledge to change the world are not driven by money, they only focus on technology, and their concept, which they think will revolutionize the world. The series is excellent in that way, they are just two computer geeks working hard on developing an algorithm in 1995 that has currently revolutionized the world in the 21st century—the legal battle between ART+COM and Google has been portrayed beautifully as well. Even after losing their legal battle against google, they feel they can start inventing something else. Seumas F. Sargent, Leonard Scheicher, and Lukas Loughran's performances have been excellent in the series. If we had to rate it, we would give it a solid 85 out of 100. This german miniseries is a must-watch for all the viewers. 
Seumas F. Sargent, Leonard Scheicher, and Lukas Loughran's performance in the series has been truly amazing.
A must-watch
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