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Edens Zero Season 1 Ending Explained
Edens Zero Season 1 Ending Explained: How Did Shiki Defeated the Knight Gear Kurenai Dragoon? (Image Credit Funimation)

Edens Zero Season 1 Ending Explained: How Did Shiki Defeated the Knight Gear Kurenai Dragoon?

Edens Zero Season 1 ended, filling us with great excitement. The season had all we could have asked for, action, drama, comedy, tragedy. The season even gave goosebumps about what might happen next, but the end was satisfactory.

The following season will surely bring more entertainment as new powers have unlocked, and with Homura being the new fourth Shining Star of the demon king, things are going to be bound to become more interesting. To explain more about what might happen next season and how this season ended, let’s go through the last episode of this season and see how things changed.

Edens Zero Season 1 Ending Explained: The true power of Demon King Shiki Revealed as Shiki defeated the Knight Gear Kurenai Dragoon.

Edens Zero Episode 25, titled Someone to Love, was the most amazing episode in the series. The episode brought a big turn of events that we could have never expected. Homura’s judgment and the smart escape of Edens Zero from Draken Joe was something we never thought of.

Edens Zero Season 1 Ending Explained: How Did Shiki Defeated the Knight Gear Kurenai Dragoon?
Edens Zero Episode 25-Shiki battling the Kurenai Dragoon. (Image Credit: Funimation)

Episode 25 begins with Shiki battling Madame Kurenai with her Knight Gear, Kurenai Dragoon. Shiki had previously managed to damage it with his bare hands.

Also, Kurenai was enraged about Draken Joe as he had taken over the Kurenai Occulus. She wanted to finish this fight faster and take her revenge and thus activated the final and the most dangerous weapon of Kurenai Dragoon, Queen Nova.

Queen Nova is a missile that never stops until it hits its target. Shiki using his gravity gear, moves in the air but cannot get rid of missiles. He then flies towards Kurenai Dragoon and stands over it. Kurenai says that it cannot be damaged by its weapons.

But, Shiki uses gravity to stop the missiles and converts their kinetic energy to gravity and thus crushes the Kurenai Dragoon using his Magimech Attack.

Edens Zero Season 1 Ending Explained: How Did Shiki Defeated the Knight Gear Kurenai Dragoon?
The true power of Demon King Shiki defeated the Knight Gear Kurenai Dragoon. (Image Credit: Funimation)

Shiki has destroyed the Kurenai Dragoon, and we see the true fury of the Demon King. On the other hand, after killing Madame Kureni’s man, who cut away Valkyrie’s head, Homura returns to the labor district along with Weiz and Rebecca.

Also, Rebecca had Nino deactivate all of Kurenai’s bots, the Punishers, and thus the miners of the Labor District have won. Shiki had also tied Kurenai after defeating her and brought her to Homura so she could serve justice to her.

On seeing Madame Kurenai there, all the Miners get fired up and want to seek vengeance for Valkyrie, as well as the suffering they all went through. But on Shiki’s request, everyone agrees that Homura being the favorite disciple of Valkyrie and the daughter of Kurenai, has the most rights to deliver the judgment.

Kurenai acts to be innocent in front of Homura. But, Homura is too devastated by her loss. She asks her if she remembers anything about her. She is blank and does not remember anything.

She even forgets about the gift she gave to Homura as a child, which she had treasured all her life. Homura is in such a state that she does not even care about Kurenai anymore.

Edens Zero Season 1 Ending Explained: How Did Shiki Defeated the Knight Gear Kurenai Dragoon?
Edens Zero Episode 25: Homura, the favorite student of Valkyrie and daughter of Kurenai, delivering her judgment. (Image Credit: Funimation)

Kurenai asks for forgiveness, and Homura draws her sword out. In a smooth motion, she cuts off Kurenai’s ropes. She gets to her knees and says

“I simply needed someone to love. To me, Valkyrie was the one I loved and needed. I harbor no anger, malice, or sympathy towards you. And so, I would prefer that you depart here without delay. I request, with all my heart that you stay entirely out of my life forever.”

Kurenai, after hearing this, runs away from there. She thinks that she has made a fool of everyone and she will rise to power again. But, she is suddenly attacked by a group of people who beat her.

She soon realizes that these are the same people she tortured. She is now their prisoner and will face the result of her actions. All this has happened in a separate location, and others are unaware of this.

Soon a new member had been elected to lead the Planet Sun Jewel towards prosperity, and Shiki, Homura along with others have returned to Edens Zero to inform the Shining Stars about Valkyrie’s death.

On Edens Zero, Shiki and the others have relayed the complete story to the Shining Stars. Hermit is full of tears, Witch is holding herself together as it seems, but Sister is devastated.

Know About Edens Zero Episode 24 Recap.

She is furious with others for not bringing back Valkyrie’s body. She argues that she could have repaired her, and all the data from the ship’s backup could have been given to her, and she will be back.

Witch and Shiki explain that this will not return Valkyrie and that she is dead. Also, Shiki relates the words of the Demon King Ziggy and says that even though she was a robot, she had a heart, and it would be disrespectful to try to bring her back as her heart and will cannot be.

Homura also explains that they did not bring back Valkyrie’s body as she symbolizes hope for the people of the planet. Homura also adds that she will become the Valkyrie and take her place as the fourth Shining star of the Edens Zero.

Edens Zero Season 1 Ending Explained: How Did Shiki Defeated the Knight Gear Kurenai Dragoon?
Edens Zero Episode 25: Homura, the new Fouth Shining Star of the Demon King Shiki. (Image Credit: Funimation)

Everyone is happy about it, and on Hermit’s suggestion, it is decided that she will not be given any name over Valkyrie but take her place as Homura itself.

Sister, sad with the fact that Valkyrie is dead and cannot return, leaves the group and alone sits at Valkyrie’s favorite place on the ship. Witch goes to talk to her. Being alone, they cry their hearts out. This scene is the saddest one in the series, and we see the bond that the Shining Stars share.

Edens Zero escaped the clutches of Draken Joe. They had tricked them by placing a fake Hologram ship in their location. They had already known about the huge ship tracking them and skillfully escaped it without having any fight. This shows the capability of the Shining Stars, and now they are aware of the danger that follows them.

With the end of Episode 25, Edens Zero season 1 comes to an end. This season brought great entertainment for us, right from Shiki’s departure on his adventure to the birth of the new four Shining Stars.

However, more has to come and so stay tuned for Edens Zero Season 2. Let us know what you think might happen in the next season, and we will bring amazing details about what to expect in Edens Zero Season 2 soon.

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