American Rust Episode 5
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American Rust Episode 5 Release Date, Spoilers, and A Recap of Episode 4

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American Rust Episode 5 is going to be released shortly. Billy had disclosed the happenings at the mill that fateful day when Novick was murdered to Lee. The identity of Novick’s killer has also been revealed. Read on for more details about American Rust Episode 5.

American Rust Episode 5 Release Date and Where To Watch It?

American Rust Episode 5 will be released on Showtime on October 10, 2021, at 10 PM ET. Season 1 of American Rust has nine episodes, airing every Sunday. Besides Showtime, American Rust Episode 5 will also be available on Showtime’s official website.

Viewers can watch American Rust Episode 5 on YouTube TV, Fubo TV, Spectrum, DirecTV, and Sling TV. Apple TV subscribers can also watch American Rust Episode 5. American Rust is available on Crave in Canada.

What To Expect From American Rust Episode 5?

American Rust Episode 5 has been titled “Jojo Ameri-GO.” The title suggests that American Rust Episode 5 will be about Isaac’s travel with Jojo. Having won each other’s trust, they are likely to continue with their journey to Vegas and meet Jojo’s girlfriend, Zoe.

American Rust Episode 5
Scene from American Rust Episode 4 (Credit: Showtime)

Meanwhile, the incriminating evidence against Billy, played by Alex Nuestaedter, might force Harris, played by Jeff Daniels, to arrest Billy, which will alienate him from Grace, played by Maura Tierney.

As far as the Novick murder case is concerned, the residents of Buell are likely to be of divided opinion in American Rust Episode 5. Bill might be counting upon Lee’s help, in this case, Lee being a law student.

Meanwhile, Grace’s boss might turn hostile towards the immigrant workers because of their efforts to unionize their workplace.

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American Rust Episode 4 Recap “My Name is Billy.”

American Rust Episode 4 has been titled “My Name is Billy.” In American Rust Episode 4, Isaac, played by David Alvarez, is on the road, where he gets to meet Jojo, played by Nicole Channel Williams, and learns quite a few survival skills from him.

Isaac discovers that Jojo is heading for Las Vegas to meet his girlfriend, Zoe. Not trusting him fully at first, Isaac does not reveal his real name to him. He tells Jojo that his name is Billy Poe. They steal money from a trucker and lodge together at a roadside motel. Gradually, Isaac starts trusting Jojo and tells him his name.

Elsewhere, Billy helps Lee, played by Julia Maygorda), with Henry’s chores.

Lee brings in some help to make some changes in the house to increase Henry’s mobility around the house. Henry reveals to Lee that he was saving all the money that Lee had sent to him.

He was doing this for Lee, just in case her marriage did not work out, and she would need the money. It is why Henry is not hiring a nurse for himself. It makes Lee very angry at her father.

American Rust Episode 5
Scene from American Rust Episode 4 (Credit: Showtime)

Meanwhile, based on the information provided by Bobby, who had called anonymously, the DA sends cops to search Billy’s trailer. They do not find any evidence against Billy as Billy had already burnt the clothes he was wearing that day.

Sheriff Deluca, played by Namir Smallwood, tells the DA that Billy’s boss had mentioned some bruises that Billy had on his knuckles, which matched Novick’s injury on his left cheek.

Although lacking substantial proof, the duo decides to take action based on this circumstantial evidence and orders Harris to arrest Billy. Harris, who has always dreaded this day, is seen steeling himself for this action.

American Rust Episode 4 Ending Explained: Novick’s Killer Revealed

Harris had warned Billy not to mention to anybody about the happenings at the mill. However, Billy discloses everything to Lee. He tells her that having spotted Pete with Bobby that day, he had decided to follow them despite Isaac’s warnings.

At the mill, a drug deal had just gone through, and when Billy confronted them, a fight ensued.

To protect Billy, Isaac hit Novick with a wrench, and this blow killed him. So it turns out that it was Isaac who had killed Novick though it is Billy’s fault that Isaac had become a killer, is currently on the run, and Novack’s children are left fatherless.

Lee is furious at Billy and even tells him that he is bad luck to everyone around him.

Later that night, Lee sends a message to Billy, asking if Billy has a lawyer or not. One can easily understand the predicament of Lee, having to choose between her brother and Billy.

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