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Maid Review, Recap, and Ending Explained: Maid is an emotional ride for its viewers from beginning to end.

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Maid: Hard Work, Low Pay, And A Mother’s Will To Survive,” the title of the Stephanie Land memoir, on which the series, Maid, is based, says it all. Read on for everything you need to know about this series.

Maid was released on Netflix on October 1, 2021. It has ten episodes of 47 to 60 minutes each. Maid is about a 25-year-old aspiring writer, Alex, played by Margaret Qualley, and her struggle to get a better life for her and her two-year-old daughter, Maddy. Alex’s alcoholic boyfriend, Sean, played by Nick Robinson, continuously abuses her.

Maid Recap: What is the Film About?

Maid begins with Alex watching Sean go to sleep, after which she, along with her daughter, sneak out of the trailer they share, in the middle of the night. She has $18 to her name and nowhere to go to, but she has had enough of Sean’s violent behavior and is concerned about Maddy’s safety.

She is determined to give Maddy a better life. After spending the night in their car near a park, Alex goes to seek help from the social service department the next day.

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Jody, the advisor at the council, says that Alex does not really qualify for a shelter as she is neither homeless nor a physically abused victim. Jody sends Alex for a job interview as a maid at Value Maids Agency. As Alex is unable to afford daycare for Maddy while she is at her job, she is forced to keep Maddy in her mother Paula‘s care for the day.

Paula (played by Andie MacDowell, who is also Margaret Qualley’s mother in real life), herself, had to face domestic abuse and has now turned rebellious. She is bipolar, free-spirited, and is currently with her boyfriend, Basil.

It turns out that the job she has got needs her to pay for the ferry ride across Fisher Island, and she is required to buy her supplies as well.

Alex finds that she has to work for the insufferable Regina, played Anika Noni Rose, who is indifferent even when Alex faints with exhaustion in front of her. After a hard day’s work, when Alex takes a ferry ride back, she finds that Paula had called her numerous times, and when she was unable to answer due to lack of signal, Paula called Sean and handed over Maddy to him.

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Alex again has to go to the trailer she had left the previous night, and after a very heated argument, leaves again with Maddy. Out on the road, Alex causes a road accident, is given a ticket, and her car is towed away as well.

Alex manages to get into a shelter with Jodi’s help. Sean files a custody suit and wins Maddy’s custody for a week. Later, being unable to look after Maddy, he agrees to share custody with Alex.

Paula marries Basil, and it later turns out that Basil is a scam artist. After renting out Paula’s house, he flees away with the money. Now, Paula is left homeless too, and Alex has to look after her mother as well. Alex and Sean later find Basil, but he has already gambled away all the money by then.

Is Nate Really A Knight In Shining Armor?

Alex and Nate in Maid (Image Credit: Netflix)

Does Alex, or for that matter, any such woman in distress, really need a knight in shining armor to save a damsel in distress? Nate, played by Raymond Ablack, who has always had feelings for Alex, helps her in many ways, even giving her means of transport and shelter.

Alex had made it very clear that she is presently not in a state to commit herself to another relationship, and Nate, too, had assured her of a no-strings-attached relationship. However, it appears that he lacks that empathy and patience towards an emotionally bruised woman and has the audacity to ask Alex to leave.

It later turns out that Regina is not such a bad person after all. The ice breaks between them, and Regina even opens up to Alex about her difficulty in conceiving and her impending divorce. It goes out to prove that money alone can’t buy happiness.

Sean’s Side of the Story

Sean, too, suffers from a painful past. His father used to beat and starve him and his younger brother. It forced him to leave school and get a job. He had been drinking since the tender age of nine.

However, his sad past does not justify his being an abusive partner and parent. He later tries to mend his ways, and Sean and Alex even start living together again. However, it turns out that Sean is a repeat offender and a chronic abuser.

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Maid Ending Explained: What Happens to Alex?

Alex had previously applied and got accepted for a scholarship program at Missoula, Montana. Regina insists on Alex joining this and gets her a lawyer who filed a suit on Sean for Maddy’s custody. After refusing initially, Sean finally signs full custody.

Alex wishes to take Paula with her, but she stays back as she has now found Mical. Maid ends on a positive note, showing Alex and Maddy take the ferry.

Netflix’s Maid Review: Should You Stream It or Skip It?

Netflix's Maid Review: Should You Stream It or Skip It?
The protagonist, Margaret Qualley, is present in almost every frame of the series and gives a power-packed performance, making the viewers identify with her character. Maid is an emotional ride for its viewers from beginning to end. In the struggle of Alex, Maid manages to expose the institutional failures of the state-run benefit programs and asks why emotional abuse is not taken as seriously as physical abuse. Maid stresses the need for empathy by the welfare institutions towards the victims of domestic violence who wish to rise again in life. They have every right to work with dignity, keep custody of their minor children, and make a fresh start in life. Maid sends across a message that it is not over yet, and it is never too late to make your dreams come true. Maid is definitely worth a watch for this very message. So it is definitely worth the watch and we would rate this movie a solid 88. 
Best thing about the film
Margaret Qualley, is present in almost every frame of the series and gives a power-packed performance,
Maid is an emotional ride for its viewers from beginning to end.