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No Time to Die
No Time to Die (Image Credit: Universal Pictures)

No Time to Die Review: The Film Marks as a Great Final Tribute to Daniel Craig as James Bond in the Franchise

The James Bond franchise has been running for around 50 years now. There have been no single 007 agents who needed a proper farewell after appearing in their last movie in the franchise for all these years. When the time came, we saw the actors stepping down from the role and allowing the ones next in line.

When Daniel Craig donned the coat of the British MI6 agent, he took it to a whole new level. He not only portrayed the character amazingly, but it feels that he has become that character himself.

We have seen that James Bond or 007 has always been a very vicious and cold-blooded soldier. He has a keen liking for women who are attractive and also shaken vodka martini and not stirred.

James Bond has always been involved in several activities that make him save the world.

Daniel Craig has been a part of five James Bond films. The character has had a massive outbreak in his tenure as Bond. He also had his crotch battered and was beaten up badly by the enemy guys.

The actor made us believe the problems that the agent has to go through. Ian Fleming’s 007 has gone through various ups and downs in his journey across the past five films.

We had seen Danny Boyle as the director of the franchise’s movies for the past few films. But this time, because of few creative differences, Danny Boyle left his director position.

Cary Joji Fukunaga has directed No Time to Die. Cary Joji is well known for his works in True Detective fame. The movie will deal with Bond saving the world, but the stakes will be higher than before.

No Time to Die
James Bond (Daniel Craig) and Paloma (Ana de Armas) Nicola Dove—© 2020 DANJAQ, LLC AND MGM. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

No Time to Die: The Daniel Craig Era Comes to an End

The movie starts after the events that we had seen in Spectre back in 2015. The operation, which Ernst Stavro Blofeld was running, was infiltrated, and James Bond found out that his enemy was his half-brother.

Madeleine Swann, played by Léa Seydoux, and Bond are trying to set up a kind of life entirely away from any violence they have been facing almost their entire life.

This peace does not continue for long as we see Bond getting attacked by the assassin of Blofeld. The couple is then forced to separate from each other for the best.

After this, a span of five years passes by, and we see Bond living his retired life in Jamaica. Things don’t look that good on the other side when Heracles, M’s (played by Ralph Fiennes) Bioware plan, gets stolen from the place it was kept secretly along with the scientist who developed it- Obruchev (played by David Dencik). Both CIA and MI6 are upset about it, and they have different a plan of approaching towards it.

M intends to bring in Nomi, played by Lashana Lynch, the newly appointed 007, in this case. However, Bond is forced to be involved in this when we see some personal ties come up in the scene.

All these lead to many problems, as James Bond meets his half-brother, who is presently in prison. His half-brother is under the guidance of a psychiatrist, who is Madeline Swann. Madeline is the last person on Earth that Bond would like to meet.

In the film’s prologue, which seemed to be a dream, we saw a masked figure in the shadow. The film has a lot to do about that figure. Rami Malek has played this character. He has portrayed the perfect monk-like grace and a severely strong personality. He also holds a few secrets that will serve as the key in No Time to Die.

No Time to Die
Watch the actor’s last movie in the franchise. (Image Credit: Universal Pictures)

No Time to Die has a runtime of 2 hours and 43 minutes. Till now, this is the lengthiest Bond film, and everything about the movie is screaming of some massive extravaganza.

Every moment of the film is happening, unlike what we have seen earlier in Quantum of Solace and Spectre. As the events progress in the movie, we see things are getting either big or going broke.

Everything that Fukunaga has planned looks spectacular.

In this movie, we will not find a single scene giving a proper explanation to the audience about an event. The filmmaker has already assumed that you know everything about the Bond world, and then you have come to watch the movie.

Daniel Craig
He will blow your minds in this movie. (Image Credit: Universal Pictures)

Ana de Armas’s character was sidelined from the very beginning. If her character had been brought into focus, it would have become one of the film’s most creative and exciting sequences.

But if we keep this flaw aside and focus on the cinematic shots or the cinematography in general, Linus Sandgren has done a fantastic job shooting the film. The music score by Hans Zimmer seemed brilliant in some parts, while in a few others, the score seemed a little unnecessary.

Does James Bond Die at the End of No Time to Die?

The film ends with agent 007 being killed. Yes, you have heard it right in the film Bond was severely wounded by Safin after the missile strike that wiped out the entire Island. James Bond is finally dead now.

After Bond’s death, Nomi returns to the London headquarters of MI6 and informs everyone about Bond’s death; after that, Moneypenny assigns her with another task.

The film ends with the same visual scene we witnessed at the beginning of the film, the same beautiful Italian city of Matera. Madeline, this time was driving her car with her daughter and telling her, “Do you want to hear a story about a great man? his name is Bond, James Bond.”

The film ends right there, and in the post-credit scene, we saw a message “James Bond will return.”

No Time to Die Review: The Final Farewell to Daniel Craig as James Bond
Should We Watch It or Skip It?
No Time to Die is one final goodbye to Daniel Craig as James Bond, and we all must agree that he was the best James Bond we have ever witnessed on screen. Plus, the visuals and action sequences of the film would be a treat to the eyes when watched on big screens. So definitely, the movie is a must-watch, as it's more of an emotional point of view for all the viewers. We all witnessed how Craig has excelled in his role as James Bond. So all the James Bond fans like us should definitely be a part of this farewell. Our team from MediaScrolls gives this movie an 85% rating after watching and connecting to the film and the character. So it is definitely on the positive side, and hence a must watch!
This movie hits the fans' nostalgia and will fill their hearts with emotion as we will see Daniel Craig for the last time on screen as James Bond. The cinematics are definitely a treat to the eyes.
The characters, especially the female characters, should have been better penned and portrayed. The movie would have become more interesting if more focus had been given to the character build ups of a few
The film is a must watch for all the James Bond and Daniel Craig fans.
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