See Season 2 Episode 7
See Season 2 Episode 7- Release Date, Spoilers and Episode 6 Recap( Image Credits- Apple Tv+)

See Season 2 Episode 7- Release Date, Spoilers and Episode 6 Recap

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In the last episode, we saw that Trivantians had come to an agreement to terms Payan’s after much of the discussion, but soon the things fell apart when assassins killed most of the Trivantians delegates. These assassins were sent by Sibeth, who never wanted that the nation agrees on peace.

In the upcoming See Season 2 Episode 7, we would see Tamacti Jun appearing in the court, and this comes as a surprise to Sibeth, who had been thinking that he is no more.

Tamacti Jun projects out some serious accusations against her, and Sibeth approaches her sister for help. Still, now we would see whether her sister would help her after all this she had done in the upcoming See Season 2 Episode 7.

See Season 2 Episode 7: Release Date and Streaming Details

See Season 2 Episode 7 is set to release on October 8, 2021, at 12 AM ET. The sophomore season 2 of the show is just one episode away from its finale, which is the coming 8th episode. The See season 2 has been premiered on August 27, 2021.

See Season 2 Episode 7 can be streamed on Apple TV+; you can watch all the episodes of the second season on Apple TV+ and all the other shows available on the platform with a 7-day free trial.

What to Expect in the upcoming See Season 2 Episode 7?

In the upcoming See Season 2 Episode 7, we would see Tamacti Jun in a court session, and this comes as an absolute surprise for Sibeth and everyone else over there because they were in the dilemma that he might have died. In the last episode when Sibeth was told to make peace talks about turning the war igniting between Trivantian Tribe and the Payan Kingdom.

See Season 2 Episode 7- Release Date, Spoilers and Episode 6 Recap
See Season 2 Episode 7 Releasing on October 8(Image Credits- Apple TV+)

As soon as Tamacti Jun appears in the court, he starts to accuse Sibeth of destroying Kanzua and has attempted to kill him as well. Sibeth, under wraps of serious accusation, goes to her sister Maghra but, this time Maghra didn’t pay any heed towards her as she had done the same when the latter has approached her the ending the war between both the parties.

Further, she would now take the military to intervene, but Harlan has declared that Pennsa would support Maghra’s cause, which would certainly turn against what Sibeth has been thinking of until now.

She has been thinking that her sister would be supporting her in the war, but now, after the extended support of Harlan to Maghra, this doesn’t seem happening.

Now, in their quest to execute Sibeth, we would be learning about the potential pregnancy of Sibeth, and this would turn the things on her side as this would build some sympathy against her by Tamacti Jun and his group.

Now, Maghra has taken over the throne of Payan, and now she has been declared the queen of their kingdom; she also gives a speech in front of the soldiers before they set out for the war.

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See Season 2 Episode 6 “The Truth About Unicorns” Recap

In the last episode, we saw the dream of Paris in which he saw that Trivantians had betrayed Baba and Maghra; as soon as they leave the city, Haniwa takes up a horse and starts her journey to catch her parents before their reach their destination.

Meanwhile, in Pennsa, we saw as the delegation of both nations sits down for the talks; Haniwa comes in as we already knew that if she happens to learn about the betrayal theory of Paris, then indeed she won’t be letting her parents meet with the Trivantians.

As soon as Haniwa reaches Pennsa, we see the reunion of Wren and her, and this has undoubtedly made some thoughts run across the mind of Baba, but it seems that he has no problem with that.

Being a loving father, Baba respects his daughter’s choice. We also saw Edo trying to tackle the battle off and persuading peace as he sent Wren as a captain to represent the Trivantian delegation to make peace talks.

See Season 2 Episode 6 "The Truth About Unicorns" Recap
See Season 2 Episode 6 “The Truth About Unicorns” Recap (Image Credit Netflix)

It looked pretty strange considering the legacy of Trivantians and reputation they have still joined the meeting in the pursuit of peace talks.

But, as soon as Maghra protests that the peace treaty would only be pushed further if there comes a letter of apology from the Trivantians for Kanzua, the same thing Sibeth has been telling Maghra for a long time.

But, soon after, what Maghra said changed the air in the meeting because Trivantians denied apologies for anything they didn’t do. Also, they said that they aren’t cowards and would proudly acknowledge if they have done something.

Among the delegates, one of the delegates happens to be one of the business partners of Kerrigan,n and in turn, he offers a beheading example by taking his name, but this infuriates Harlan. Soon, all the delegates are convinced of the terms laid by the Payans, but as we know, the Sibeth would never like this.

In the same night,  some assassins kill most of the Trivantian delegates, and it is later learned that these assassins were sent by none other than Sibeth herself to disrupt the whole idea of peace between the nations.