No One Gets Out Alive Ending Explained
No One Gets Out Alive Ending Explained
No One Gets Out Alive Ending Explained (Image Credits- Netflix)

No One Gets Out Alive Review, and Ending Explained: Is Amber Still Alive and What was inside the Box?


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No One Gets Out Alive was released on Netflix on September 29th, 2021. Santiaho Menghini, directed and Based on Adam Nevill’s novel No One Gets Out Alive, would set your journey with Ambar, an immigrant who has no documents about her identity, when he arrives in Cleveland.

The plot of the horror and the terror-related film is about immigration and immigrants’ exploitation. You would get to know all the hardship one immigrant has to endure without proper documents and how people around them try to exploit them and make their way out of them. Below we have covered every bit, and piece of the aspect one may find after watching the film ‘No One Gets Out Alive.

No One Gets Out Alive Review
No One Gets Out Alive Film Stills (Image Credit Netflix)

No One Gets Out Alive: What is the Plot of the Film?

The story starts with a young woman named Simona residing in a women’s boarding house called Schofield Heights. Once while she was talking to her relative over the phone, she revealed that she has been experiencing weird nightmares for a few days, due to which she had finally decided to move out of this place.

On a side note, we have Ambar in the No One Gets Out Alive; she had just arrived in Cleveland through a shipping container. A person with no legal document proof is bound to face hurdles to find a job or shelter, and the same goes in the case of Ambar as well.

But, she is lucky enough to get a job in a clothing factory that hires workers like her who don’t have any documents to prove their identity.

The hotel manager, where she has been staying till now, denies keeping her any longer on the pretext that he would only allow her if she comes provides a legal document.

Ambar finds the Schofield Heights, the same apartment Simona used to dwell, with no other option left. The owner of this place, Red, agrees to be the home’s tenant only if she provides a month’s rent in advance. With no other option left, she decides to his condition and gets shifted to Schofield Heights.

Diving deeper into the story of Shimona, she finds a box with intricate carvings drawn on it, and the box starts to rattle. Soon she comes to her senses; she realizes some odd figure with glowing eyes is coming from behind and is grabbing her.

No One Gets Out Alive
No One Gets Out Alive Stills (Image Credit Netflix)

For Ambar, with the clothing factory worker job, things were turning hards to meet her needs. She decides to look for some other jobs and visits her mother’s cousin, Beto. Beto tells her that it’s nearly impossible to apply for any position in the workplace if you weren’t an American citizen.

Furthermore, the story of No One Gets Out Alive continues with one of Ambar’s colleagues, Kinsi tries to help her to get falsified papers.

Still, the worst happens with Ambar when she learns that Kinsi had fled with the money she has given to him, and the worst happens when she also loses her job after she shouts at her boss when she learns that Kinsi has quit work.

Well, things are not even good enough to welcome her back to her home. At Schofield heights, the apartments try to verge their horrors to Ambar, and she begins to hear screams of women coming from the basement of the apartment.

Ambar then meets Freja, the sole tenant living in the Schofield Heights, leaving alone Ambar herself. But, as the day passes, we see that Freja has disappeared, and when Ambar asks about this to Red, he says that she has left the apartment.

Soon, we learn about the obnoxious characters of No One Gets Out Alive. Red has an elder brother named Becker, who is suffering from mental health complications.

Red and Becker leave together, and Red takes care of his brother becomes the latter had saved him from their abusive father when they were kids.

Ambar is also introduced to Maria and Petra, who she learns are Romanian immigrants who live in Schofield Heights and seem to have a sexual relationship with Red and his brother.

No One Gets Out Alive Ending Explained- What's there inside The Box?
No One Gets Out Alive – Ambar Kills Becker( Image Credits- Netflix)

The place now seems no other than a haunted house, and Ambar finally decides to leave this place after she experiences some scary incidents.

The same box that we saw at the time of Shimona seems to give horror monstrous figures emerging from it. Finally, she asks Red to return her deposit as she would no longer stay at this place anymore.

But, Red and Becker collectively had different plans for her in No One Gets Out Alive, and he tricks her to go back to Schofield Heights and then lock her in the room. We later learn that Becker will do something with Ambar involving some ancient ritual of Mesoamerican.

Is Ambar Still in the House, and Is she Alive? 

No, Ambar doesn’t leave the Schofield Heights in the No One Gets Out Alive as considering her situation that she had no documented proof of her identity and also her only relative, Beto had been already killed by Becker now that she had no other option she decides to stay back at that Schofield Heights and becomes the new caretaker as well as the new priestess of Itzpapalotl.

Itzpapalotl approaches Ambar from behind and wraps her fingers around her neck, and there we see a vision that outright seems to be the future of what the mortal girl will have.

According to this ritual, the death of Ambar’s mother would happen within the dream, which is so decorated in such a way that it appears to occur at the hands of Ambar.

No One Gets Out Alive Ending Explained- What's there inside The Box?
No One Gets Out Alive- Ambar is staying back at Schofield Heights (Image Credits- Netflix)

She does this act in an offering and, in turn, saves the girl, later she manages to get out of the basement of the apartment and grabs a macuahuitl only to hit Beck and Red. They are busy with the proceedings of the next offering, which was none other than Petra.

Though Ambar manages to kill Becker in this mishap, the latter successfully kill Petra and hits Ambar’s ankle hard.

To complete the revenge against Red, she decides to offer him as a sacrifice to Itzpapotl; she sees him in the room with the same glowing eyes seen in other victims.

Ambar being the new priestess of Itzpapalotl means that she would make all the arrangements for the sacrifice to the goddess to gain her heart’s desire through what she offers in return.

In short, you could say that the same story would repeat what Red and Becker used to do, but now as they are no longer there, it means that now Ambar would take charge of it in No One Gets Out Alive.

No One Gets Out Alive: What was there in the box?

This box has been there in the prologue of the film as well, when we were introduced to Shimona, she too had some nightmare with this box, and a similar thing happened with Ambar as well.

Something is associated with this box to the Sochfield Heights that once you get dwelled here, you ought to experience the nightmares due to the box. The box is retrieved from deep beneath the earth, shown in the film’s initial part.

Later in No One Gets Out Alive, Ambar finds a book named’ Early Mesoamerican Rituals .’ This book depicts a sacrifice that takes place in front of the box. Some decapitated victims have got their place inside the box or on the altar.

No One Gets Out Alive
No One Gets Out Alive Stills (Image Credit Netflix)

So, according to the mythological traditions, the entity is Itzpapalotl, who is considered an Aztec skeletal warrior goddess. This ritual contemplates back to the world, or the paradise that gods have created by sacrificing the blood of some person, and the bones of the humans are taken from the Underworld of Mictlan.

Soon after, Arthur brings the box to his home. He and Mary sacrificed young immigrants to please the Itzpapalotl, but soon Arthur sacrifices Mary’s life. Later, these sacrifices were continued up by both Red and Becker.

Becker used to think that after making a few more sacrifices, his mental condition would heal, but that didn’t happen because he was killed by Ambar way before that happened.

No One Gets Out Alive- Who Killed Ambar’s mother?

After watching the entire No One Gets Out Alive, one would say that the one who killed Ambar’s mother is none other than Ambar herself but wait, there is a perception. Though the entire film isn’t shown with this, one could assume that Ambar may have killed her mother before coming to America.

This comes following the conclusion that draws from Ambar’s vision. The reason may be that her mother always used to be severely ill, and all of Ambar’s life has been dedicated to her mother’s service. She always used to think that her life would return to normalcy once her mother got fit and fine back again.

No One Gets Out Alive
No One Gets Out Alive film stills (Image Credit Netflix)

But, that never happened; her mother became sick again, and this loop seemed to be never-ending, and also it headed a stop to the life of Ambar. Now comes the interpretation of the vision on the altar that shows that once Ambar decides to kill her mother by something her to death by a pillow on the hospital bed.

Another interpretation that could be drawn from the vision is that Ambar has the feeling of guilt inside her of not being close to her mother when she needed her the most, and hence she considers herself the reason for her mother’s death.

We are aware that the vision on the alar is not the actual thing, but it is a vision that he combines with dreams mixed with memories. So, the above two possibilities lie in the fact of who killed her mother. Also, the voicemail that we saw can be considered the last token of her mother’s love for her. 

No One Gets Out Alive Review
Should You Watch It or Skip It? 
Although Netflix's No One Gets Out Alive develops some hair-raising moments among the viewers, the storytelling wasn't compelling enough. The film doesn't bring any fresh concept to the horror genre, although we will have to admit that the performance of Cristina Rodlo as Ambar in the movie was great. But the movie wasn't up to the standard of other popular Netflix horror films, such as Fear of Walking Street Part 1-3. We would recommend this movie for a one-time watch, particularly if you want to witness a commanding performance from Cristina Rodlo.
Great performance from Cristina Rodlo as Amber.
The storytelling wasn't compelling enough, and the film doesn't bring any fresh concept to the horror genre.