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The Good Doctor Season 5 Episode 2 “Piece Of Cake”: Release Date, Spoilers and Recap of Episode 1

Like, the last episode of the show, which seemed to be entirely knitted around the plot of the engagement of Lea and Shaun, would continue in the upcoming The Good Doctor Season 5 Episode 2 as well.

In the last episode, we saw the engagement didn’t go that great, and it was very obvious because it was all Lea, who had been working there but later when Shaun realized his mistake.

 He immediately commits Lea to whatsoever happened with their engagement; he would make sure that it won’t happen in their wedding as he would too actively participate in its preparation.

The show’s first episode didn’t focus much on the patients, but it was merely related to the plot of Lea and Shaun’s engagement, and it seems that the upcoming episode too would be revolving around a similar theme, but this time it’s their wedding.

The Good Doctor Season 5 Episode 2 Release Date and Streaming Details

The Good Doctor Season 5 Episode 2 is set to release on October 4, 2021, on ABC at 10 PM ET. You can stream the upcoming episode on FuboTV and even on Hulu+Live TV. Check out the free trial schemes offered by both platforms.

The Good Doctor Season 5 Episode 2-Release Date, What to Expect, Previous episode Recap
The Good Doctor Season 5 Episode 1: Shaun and Lea’s engagement didn’t go as planned( Image Credits- ABC)

All-new episodes are premiered every Monday. Apart from the platforms mentioned above, you could also watch the show’s upcoming episode on Amazon Prime videos, VUDU, and iTunes.

Recently the makers of the show have released a promo of the upcoming episode, don’t miss to have a glimpse of it before you head-on with the episode that is forthcoming.

The Good Doctor Season 5 Episode 2- What to Expect?

The Good Doctor Season 5 Episode 2 titled ‘Piece of Cake,’ the show’s promo hints that Shaun and his team are assisting another convicted felon, and this time it is a pregnant woman.  The Good Doctor Season 5 Episode 2 will also continue with Shaun and Lea’s hurdles to get on with their wedding.

While helping this pregnant woman, they realize that it won’t be that easy, and the situation later turns out to be complicated for them as it seems pretty obvious for them that it won’t be so easy for them to go on with the old rules and this also opens a forum for them to change the rules.

These new rules also bring some inconvenience as the staff would find it hard to get themselves acquainted with these new rules.

We have seen how it was tough for Lea after the disaster of engagement where she was the only one holding everything back. That’s what Lea never dreamt of, and now with the coming episodes, we see Shaun coming aboard for their wedding.

Still, considering the situation that had turned out in their relationship, it seems this move too will bring some more hindrance to their relationship.

The Good Doctor Season 5 Episode 2
The Good Doctor Season 5 Episode 2 will be arriving on October 4, 2021 (Image Credit ABC)

What Happened in The Good Doctor Season 5 Episode 1?

Season 5 of The Good Doctor begun with the theme of a wedding that was awaiting between Lea Dilallo and Shaun Murphy. This opening episode of the season didn’t pay many its heeds to the story’s central plot, but it has constantly been revolving around the wedding of Shaun and Lea.

Meanwhile, we saw Marcus ditching a girl he had met for his job; also, we learn that now Dr. Mateo Osma is not the man who had been on the wanted list for so long.

Following this, Shaun invites him for the engagement to see how this move will come for everyone around Shaun, including Lea. Amidst this, Mateo successfully got a temporary California medical license which came to him with instant approval.

Also, a patient named Saline is creating havoc for the doctors over here; she evens walks up to Richard’s cabin and asks him about his job.

The Good Doctor Season 5 Episode 2
The Good Doctor Season 5 Episode 2 will showcase Shaun and the team performing a  complicated surgery on a convicted felon (Image Credit ABC)

We also learned about Riley, who is suffering from cancer and is a patient of Lim and Shaun; his family is worried about his condition. When the doctors suggest to his mother about her son’s advanced uterine cancer that would only be cured through surgery, they are more worried.

Riley’s mother initially denies the surgery, but later, she agrees when her son convinces her. Meanwhile, Saline would be going through an operation and had done with all the pre formalities of the same. Also, she had been asked to have an empty stomach at the schooled time of the surgery.

Though Shaun thinks that Lea is managing everything about their engagement alone, she is also finding it hard to manage everything alone.

She even went to cancel the occasion at almost the last moment, but the actual piece of advice that came from Nicole saved everything. Alex Park also facilitates Jackson’s mother could meet her brother Nick, who has no decision to change himself. 

After, all this Shaun comes to the play and takes charge of everything freeing Shaun to enjoy his day. But, as it was anticipated, the engagement didn’t go that great, and the episode ended with Shaun promising Lea that no matter how the engagement went, he would do everything so that the wedding didn’t happen in the same way. That would continue its way all along in the coming The Good Doctor Season 5 Episode 2 that is about to come.

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