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What If Episode 9
What If Episode 9 (credit: Disney+)

What If Episode 9 Release Date, Spoilers, and Recap of Episode 8

What If Episode 9 is releasing very soon. The show will finally come up with a massive finale, and all the fans are badly waiting for it.

One of the major highlights that we will find on Disney Plus in 2021 is the show What If by Marvel. This particular streaming platform has kept all the fans entertained throughout the whole year.

In the previous year, we had seen a big drought in the movies of Marvel Cinematic Universe. This year the MCU has brought in a lot of content in the form of TV shows for everyone.

This is the first animated series that Marvel Studios have created. In this show, the known events of the MCU are portrayed a bit differently than how they actually had been shown earlier. The show also tells us about the impact that these new events could have caused in the MCU.

We have seen some very exciting events like Peggy Carter becoming Captain Carter, T’Challa goes on to become the Starlord, Nick Fury and the Avengers face a threat from Hank Pym, Thor comes to Earth and becomes a party king, zombies outnumber the Avengers, Dr. Strange loses all his loved ones and even himself, Tony Stark is saved by Killmonger, and finally, we see Ultron and Vision fuse together into one.

What If Episode 8 had already been released last week, and now we will get to see What If Episode 9, the season finale finally releasing and giving the proper ending to the show.

What If Episode 9 Release Date and Where to Watch It?

We have now reached the season finale of the show. What If Episode 9 will mark the end of the first season of What If. The episode will release on this Wednesday, which is the 6th of October, 2021, at 12:01 AM PT and 3:01 AM FT.

What If Episode 9 is available to watch on Disney+ exclusively. All the fans and audience of the show can subscribe to Disney+ and enjoy watching the show over there. Other than Disney+, we will not find the show coming up anywhere else.

What If Episode 9
What If Episode 9 will be releasing on the 6th of October, 2021 (Image Credit Marvel Studios and Disney+)

What if Episode 9 Ending Explained: Did the Guardians of the Multiverse Defeated Ultron?

What can we expect to watch in What If Episode 9?

There were several leaks that had come up regarding the season finale of the show. In What If Episode 9, we might get to see the hybrid version of Ultron and Vision having the power of all the Infinity Stones.

This will lead to a massive war against the entire multiverse, and the only person who will be surviving in the original timeline is the Black Widow.

The ones who will be fighting against Ultron in What If Episode 9 are the Guardians of the Multiverse, which will include Killmonger as Black Panther, Gamora, T’Challa as Starlord, the evil form of Doctor Strange, and Party Thor.

What If Episode 8 Recap

What If Episode 8 is one of those episodes that all the Marvel fans had been waiting for. This episode is packed with exciting elements, and it also shows us how the army of Ultron would have to become extremely dangerous if the Avengers had not stopped him.

The episode is packed to the brim with action, and then we get to see a plot twist that brings in an amazing fight sequence at the end of the episode.

As the episode starts, we see Hawkeye and Black Widow fighting the army of Ultron bots, and they finally manage to survive. However, their best efforts do not stop Ultron from releasing the nukes on the Earth.

Ultron feels that after nuking Earth, it will destroy all the life there, and finally, there will be peace. After this, he gets hold of the Infinity Stones, and then with its help, he starts wreaking havoc on all the other planets.

What If Episode 9
Watch Ultron wreaking havoc and destroying worlds. (credit: Disney+)

As Ultron accomplishes his mission of nuking the Earth, he now aims towards the multiverse. This will start something that will bring for all the fans one of the biggest moments in What If. We never know What If Episode 9 could bring in something even more exciting for all the fans.

It will be a treat to watch how powerful Ultron gets once he is equipped with the Infinity Stones. It will be visually amazing how Ultron wreaks havoc and destroys everything. The entire show has been an amazing one, and till now, What If Episode 8 has proved to be the best out of all the episodes.

What If Episode 8 Ending Explained

At the end of the episode, we see that the Watcher faces defeat at the hands of Ultron and flees away. As Ultron becomes extremely powerful, we will see that the Watcher finally joins in with the other heroes present. He first comes to the evil Doctor Strange, and then both of them start recruiting the other Guardians of the Multiverse.

Ultron has been able to get hold of so much power that he can see the Watcher. This was very unusual, but the Watcher can also see almost everything that has happened in the past and will be happening in the upcoming times. We can sense the Watcher’s fear in his voice, and this represents how powerful Ultron is currently.

What If Episode 9
Will the hybrid form of Ultron and Vision be defeated in the season finale? (credit: Disney+)

Ultron has said that anything can happen in the multiverse. We are expecting some other characters from other franchises in What If Episode 9 looks pretty likely. It would be a massive thing if it happens, and the fans will find it very enjoyable.

What is the final verdict of the previous episode of the show?

We can definitely say that What If Episode 8 was the best among all the episodes of the show till now. This verdict might definitely change after the What If Episode 9, the season finale, releases on the 6th of October, 2021.

The episode gives all the fans a terrible realization as to what would have happened to the world and the Avengers if they had lost the battle against Ultron. The odds have been shown very clearly, and if you watch Avengers: Age of Ultron again, you will get to understand even more.

Stay connected with MediaScrolls to know more about What If Episode 9, which is the season finale for the show’s first season. The season finale will definitely prove to be extremely amazing and one of the most notable animated episodes.

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