Edens Zero Episode 25
Edens Zero Episode 25: Release Date, Spoilers, and Episode 24 Recap. (Image Credit Nippon TV)

Edens Zero Episode 25: Release Date, Spoilers, and Episode 24 Recap.

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Edens Zero Episode 25 is scheduled to release this Sunday. This episode will be most exciting to watch as Homura might fight her mother, Kurenai.

Shiki will defeat the Knight Gear Kurenai Dragoon and bring Kurenai up to Homura to decide what should be done with her. Will Homura forgive Kurenai for everything, or will she avenge her master’s death?

In the last episode, we saw some great development as Rebecca unlocked her Ether Gear and battled Kenzaiten Nino, Fist of Heaven, with cybernetic ether gear arms.

The battle was incredible, and we saw Rebecca unleash the Leaper. The true power of Leaper is yet to be seen, but after the introduction of Arsenal, this was a big surprise for fans.

On the other hand, while battling Madame Kurenai, Shiki figured out some ways to fight her by applying gravity to different objects and on himself. He even damaged the Kurenai Dragoon by using his bare hand. Homura also unleashed the true power of her Ether Gear and killed the first member of Zaiten three, the warden of the Labor Zone.

To know more about what might happen in the next episode and amazing battles where Rebecca and Homura unleashed new powers, make sure to read out till the very end.

Shiki is breaking Knight Gear Kurenai through the ground and blasting it into the Labor District. (Image Credit Nippon TV)

Edens Zero Episode 25: Release Date and Where to Watch Online?

Edens Zero Episode 25, titled “Someone to Love,” is set to release on Sunday, the 3rd of October 2021.

Edens Zero Episodes are available for streaming online on Hulu, Bilibili, Netflix, etc. It can be enjoyed in various subbed and dubbed versions, including Original Japanese Audio.

Edens Zero Episode 25: What to Expect?

Edens Zero Episode 25 will be full of entertainment as it will contain drama, action and will lead us to another adventure. In Episode 25, we can expect Shiki to defeat Knight Gear Kurenai Dragoon. No doubt that the fight will be amazing, but what’s more interesting is what will happen next?

Shiki will bring Kurenai to Homura so that she can decide what has to be done. We might get to see more about Homura’s past before she met Valkyrie. Homura will have to decide what must be done to her mother. Will she forgive her master’s murderer? Or will she kill her mother? Will she find the answer to her questions about why Kurenai left her daughter to die alone?

The next episode will bring a major turn of events. Also, do not forget about another danger that awaits Edens Zero. Yes, you have guessed right, Draken Joe has already located Edens Zero and is about to board it with his pirates and take control of it. How will the Shining Stars defend Edens Zero alone on their own? Answers to all questions lay ahead in Edens Zero Episode 25.

Know About Edens Zero Episode 23 Recap

Edens Zero Episode 24 Recap: Taking Up the Torch.

Edens Zero Episode 24 was full of action; it was more than what we could have asked for. We saw many different kinds of ether gear and many more amazing fights. Rebecca awakened her Ether Gear, The Leaper, and used it against Kenzaiten Nino, Fist of Heavens, and Homura used the Ultimate weapon of her master, Odin Strike.

Shiki also found a way to battle Madame Kurenai armored with her Knight Gear. He not only managed to bring her into Labor District but also damaged her Kurenai Dragoon to a good extent. He used his Gravity Ether Gear to manipulate the normal gravitation force.

Madame Kurenai said that Shiki’s attack wouldn’t work because her Knight Gear has an Ether coating which protects it from any damage caused by Ether Gear.

Shiki then made the ground heavier using his Gravity Gear which resulted in its collapse. They started falling, and to Shiki’s surprise, there was a city under the ground. It was the Labor District.

As he could not change the Robot’s gravity due to its ether coating, he made himself heavier and got hold of Madame Kurenai’s Robot. This resulted in a massive fall.

The Robot got some damage too, but it was still hard as metal. Shiki used his gravity gear and switched it off at the last moment before punching the Robot. This way, he damaged the ether-coated body with his bare hands.

While Shiki was determined to defeat Madame Kurenai, another situation was developing in Labor District. Weiz Stein and Rebecca had gone to the Labor District warehouse to arm themselves and take ammo for their comrades. But while Weiz was getting a change of clothes, he got locked as Nino, another of Kurenai’s men, had sealed the building.

Rebecca was trapped alone with Nino. Nino refused to help them and was ready to battle Rebecca. He used his cybernetic arms with materialized ether and attacked Rebecca.

Happy being out of ether due to their previous battle, Rebecca used a normal gun she found in a warehouse, but it did not affect Kenzaiten Nino, Fist of Heavens.

Kenzaiten Nino Fist of Heavens battling against Rebecca with materialized Ether Gear arms. (Image Credit Nippon TV)

His Ether Gear fist, Soul’s arm is enough to kill anyone in a single strike. When he attacks Rebecca, she feels all of her energy going into her legs.

She trusts it and allows more ether to flow to her legs. By an involuntary response, she leaps back just before being hit by Nino. This was the power of Leaper.

She also remembers that when they met the Time Oracle Xiaomei who knows the future, she made them fight different opponents each.

Shiki battled a steel man, Weiz fought with a man with high speed, whereas Rebecca battled against a B-Cuber who had powerful arms and punches. That’s when she realizes that it was a hint to prepare them for the battle that lay ahead of them.

Rebecca had used her feet to fight that B-Cuber back then, so she trusted her power and focused all ether in her body in her feet. With high speed, she kicked him, the Bellholy Slash. Nino was defeated in a single strike. Since the ether gear gave her high speed and power to leap, she named it the Leaper.

Rebecca awakened the power of Leaper and defeated Nino in one kick. (Image Credit Nippon TV)

The Time Oracle called Leaper the power of Possibility and that it may save the world one day. This will be proved in the future, but for now, we have one more amazing power added to the Shiki and his team.

Hearing the battle between the Punishers and the Miners, Homura cannot stay like this any longer. Words of her friends Shiki and Rebecca give her strength.

She decides to join others but falls to the ground as her legs won’t work. That’s when Kurenai’s man with whip arrives. He informs about slow-acting paralyzing drugs infused in his whip by which Homura was hit earlier.

Homura using the ultimate weapon of Valkyrie, the Odin Strike. (Image Credit Nippon TV)

He talks dirty about Valkyrie and breaks the head off her body, and tosses it. This enrages Homura, and using her Ether Gear; she produces numerous swords in the air just like Valkyrie did in her final battle. The ultimate weapon of Valkyrie, the Odin Strike. The first member of Zaiten binds Homura’s hands to prevent her from using Ether Gear.

Homura replies, “A person like you deserves punishment from my master’s sword.”

 He realizes that Homura had used the Odin Strike to swap Valkyrie’s sword away from her body and into the air. But it was too late for him. The sword dropped from the sky, passing through his heart killed him in an instant.

Homura killed Kurenai’s man with her Master Valkyrie’s sword. (Image Credit Nippon TV)

Homura, grateful to her master and her friends, has returned and now will play a significant role in deciding the fate of Kurenai.

So hold on tight till the next episode of Edens Zero is coming this Sunday. Also, as Valkyrie is dead and Homura is the only student and person who can take her place, will she become the fourth shining star of Edens Zero? Let us know in the comments below what you think about it.

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