American Rust Episode 4
American Rust Episode 4 (Credit: Showtime)

American Rust Episode 4 Release Date, Spoilers, and Recap Of Episode 3

Last Updated on September 28, 2021 by Joydeep Ghosh

The investigation of the Novick murder continues in American Rust Episode 4 as the Sheriff searches for evidence in Billy’s trailer. Is Billy going to be implicated in Novick’s murder despite Harris’ attempt to protect him? Read on for more information on American Rust Episode 4.

American Rust Episode 4 Release Date and Where To Watch It?

American Rust Episode 4 will be released on Showtime on October 3, 2021, at 10 PM ET (Eastern Time). American Rust Season 1 consists of nine episodes to be aired every Sunday.

American Rust Episode 4 is available on Showtime’s official website and app. Only subscribers or those who have activated the 30-day free trial can watch American Rust Episode 4 on this platform.

Viewers can also watch American Rust Episode 4 on Sling TV, Fubo TV, YouTube TV, DirecTV, and Spectrum. Apple TV subscribers can also watch the show. In Canada, viewers can watch the show on Crave.

What To Expect From American Rust Episode 4?

American Rust Episode 4 has been titled “My Name is Billy.” In American Rust Episode 4, Billy is likely to reveal to Lee the happenings at the mill on that fateful night when Novick was murdered. Isaac, who was present at the time of the murder, can be instrumental in this, which may be made clear in American Rust Episode 4.

Elsewhere, in American Rust Episode 4, who has left Buell and was thrown out of a freight train, will meet another homeless person and may learn some survival skills from the latter.

After being tipped off about Billy’s involvement in the murder, Sheriff Deluca is likely to launch an investigation in this matter and will even try to find evidence in Billy and Grace’s trailer.

American Rust Episode 4
Scene from American Rust Episode 3 (Credit: Showtime)

So far in American Rust

American Rust Episode 3 has been titled “Forgive Us Our Trespasses.” In American Rust Episode 3, the autopsy report of Novick’s body is revealed.

The coroner tells and Harris and Deluca that Novick had died due to injury at the back of his head. He also reveals that Novick was heavily into drugs, to the extent that he was likely to die very soon of drug abuse.

When Lee finds that Isaac has left behind the money he had previously stolen from their father, she realizes that Isaac had come back and had seen her with Billy.

Lee feels guilty for having cheated on her husband. She calls Billy and asks him to stay away from her in the future. Lee also confronts her father, telling him that taking care of him had taken a massive toll on her mother, and later, on Isaac.

She tries to make him realize that taking care of him has been highly stressful for them, and he needs to get a nurse to take care of him.

Elsewhere, Bill’s mother, Grace, is on a mission to set up a workers’ union to improve the working conditions at her workplace.

She sets on to get the consent of her co-workers and manages to convince Josefina, a young co-worker who belongs to a Mexican immigrant family.

American Rust Episode 4
Scene from American Rust Episode 3 (Credit: Showtime)

Isaac is seen trying to get away from Buell. He gets thrown off the freight train he was traveling on after spotting two men getting intimate inside the train. Meanwhile, the bar fight incident which cost Billy his job as an assistant coach is now struck off his record, and he is likely to get his job back.

Harry has a feeling that Bobby, who is in the photograph with Novick, has a role in his murder and tries to catch him, but he manages to escape.

By now, it is almost evident that it was Bobby who had made the anonymous call to the police about Novick’s murder. He makes another anonymous call to Sheriff Deluca, suggesting that Billy had killed Novick. In the closing scenes of American Rust Episode 3, Lee comes to Billy seeking comfort.

American Rust is a family drama series set in the fictional town of Buell, in the Rust Belt of Pennsylvania. The show follows Police Chief Del Harris, who investigates the murder of a former cop, Novick.

At the same time, he tries to protect Billy from getting implicated in the murder case as Billy is the son of the woman Harris loves. Dan Futterman has created the show, and it is based on a best-selling novel by the same name, written by Philipp Meyer.