Sony PlayStation 5 Firmware Upgrades Revealed

Sony PlayStation 5
Sony PlayStation 5 (credit: Sony)

Last Updated on September 27, 2021 by Amrit Chatterjee

Sony PlayStation 5 has received a massive firmware update on the 15th of September. This update confirms several improvements in the console. These changes will be affecting the audio subsystem of the gaming console, social functions, and the UI (user interface) of the control center.

The major advantage of the firmware update on the Sony PlayStation 5 is that the players can now increase the disk space for storing and installing their favorite games. Increasing the disk space will be made possible by using an additional SSD.

The limited space in the internal SSD of the console was always a problem, and this update will surely make all the console fans very happy. We will be discussing each of the new innovations in detail further in the article.

Sony PlayStation 5 has received a massive firmware upgrade which steps up the game for the console.

i. Firstly we will get to some major improvements in the UI.

There is now a function that finely tunes the control center. The users have the ability to swap all the elements individually, hide the icons that are not used that much, and also add the icons which are necessary.

Sony PlayStation 5
There are several improvements in the UI. (credit: Sony)

PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 games are now displayed separately in the game library option in the menu. On the home screen also we will find similar arrangements.

There is also an update that has been introduced on the trophy tracking system interface. Presently, we will be seeing the control center displaying up to around five trophies.

ii. Improvement in the social functions of the console.

There are several changes that we will get to see in the Game Base section. On opening the section in full screen, we will get to see the list and the status of our friends, check the friend requests and accept or reject them accordingly.

We will also be able to send private messages whenever required and also write to the party chats.

Sony PlayStation 5
Trophy Tracker after the upgrade. (credit: Sony)

The Sony PlayStation 5 has been able to get hold of automatic recording of the best moments while playing the game. When a player participates in competitions and wins certain points, the console makes a video of that and keeps a few of the important achievements.

These recordings can also be shared with friends either from the media gallery or directly by using the card. This function can be configured in the section of Pictures, Clips, and Shows.

iii. Support will be provided for Full 3D.

In the Sony PlayStation 5, we will now see the 3D audio function enabled for the speakers in the television. In the Sound menu, we will also find a two-channel audio stream conversion to a 3D type.

3D audio specifically for a room can be optimized using a microphone present in the DualSense controller of the Sony PlayStation 5. As the new firmware releases in the market, the owners having Pulse 3D will be able to tune the sound profile finely. This is there directly in the Sound section with the help of an equalizer.

iv. The new update unlocks the M.2 slot for an extra SSD

The major upgrade on the Sony PlayStation 5 was unlocking the M.2 slot for an NVMe Solid State Drive. This will be a major delight for all the owners who have this console. The console has an in-built memory of 825 GB, out of which a user can only use a maximum of 667 GB.

The remaining space in the console will be utilized by the software of the system.

All the modern AAA-rated games now exceed the size of 100 GB. Hence there was a constraint in saving games previously. However, with this update, this problem will no longer remain.

Sony PlayStation 5
Now you will be able to put in an extra SSD. (credit: Sony)

The Sony PlayStation 5 will be available to use the SSDs, which have the following specifications.

  • PCI Express Gen 4 × 4 interface
  • It must have a form factor of M.2 2230, 2242, 2260, 2280, 22110
  • The height of the SSD should be no more than 11.5 mm;
  • The connector is of type 3 (key M)
  • It should perform from 5500 Mbps in sequential read operations and above
  • Capacities range from 250 GB to 4 TB.

Mark Cerny, the CTO of PlayStation, has recommended everyone to use the Western Digital WD_BLACK SN850 drives in Sony PlayStation 5. This would be the best solution for the console.

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