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Extraction 2 Teaser Has Been Revealed by Netflix

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Netflix has just brought out the Extraction 2 teaser, and all Chris Hemsworth fans are going crazy over it. The streaming platform has helped the fans in being clear about the big mystery of whether there will actually be an Extraction 2 and whether Chris Hemsworth has survived the bullet wounds.

The teaser for the sequel of the movie has landed on the internet. This teaser comes as a part of the TUDUM virtual fan festival of Netflix. The event happened on the 24th of September. The teaser showcases the Marvel star, Chris Hemsworth. His character over here is named Tyler Rake, and he will be carrying forward with the story of the sequel of Extraction.

The ending of Extraction left us all in doubt whether Tyler is actually alive or not after falling in the water. He was shot by one of Asif’s men, and then he fell in the river after being heavily wounded.

The film’s final or the ending scene left a kind of a hint, which was very subtle. This made a few of us believe that Tyler was able to survive the wounds and the fall. Rudhraksh Jaiswal’s character Ovi was the boy who was kidnapped in the movie, and it was in his vision at the end that we got to see Tyler again.

Extraction 2 teaser has been released on Netflix. The teaser of Extraction 2 showcases the after events of the first movie. Tyler had fallen into the river after being shot, and the teaser shows him under the water, and his eyes open there suddenly.

The teaser of Extraction 2 ends with a very catchy hashtag that says #RakeLives. After this, the makers confirm to the fans that Extraction 2 will indeed release with the words “Coming Soon.”

Joe and Anthony Russo, the directors of Avengers: Endgame, have produced Extraction, and they will also be producing Extraction 2. There were a few questions regarding the film’s proper timeline.

We can see that Chris Hemsworth has been working out very intensely through his posts on Instagram. The Australian has been able to get a proper body shape for the intense fight sequences in the second installment of the action-packed thriller movie, Extraction 2.

Extraction 2
Extraction 2 will be releasing on Netflix very soon. (credit: Netflix)

In one of his posts on Instagram, the actor has also mentioned Gearing up for the Extraction sequel, which will be coming to Netflix. His workout routine has transformed from heavyweight training to mainly focusing on functional movements based on body weight. He has given much more concentration to strength, speed, and agility.

In 2020, when Extraction was released on Netflix in May, it was one of the biggest premieres during that time. There were 90 million households who had watched the movie in the span of the first four months from when it has released. The movie is still available now on Netflix. Go ahead and watch it if you have not.

Stay connected with MediaScrolls to know more about Extraction 2. The sequel will bring Chris Hemsworth back on screen with his built figure. We are definitely sure that the film will be filled with action and several other interesting elements. Drop-in your comments about what you feel about Extraction 2 and what could be the possible storyline.

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