Big Mouth Season 5
Big Mouth Season 5 To Arrive on Netflix in November 2021 (Image Credit Netflix)

Big Mouth Season 5 To Arrive on Netflix in November 2021

Last Updated on September 27, 2021 by Joydeep Ghosh

Finally, after a long wait, Netflix has given a green signal signifying good to go for Emmy’s award-winning animated series- Big Mouth Season 5. Recently in an event, Netflix unveiled its first key art, which had the release date inscribed on it.

Big Mouth is an animated series that revolves around the story of a group of teenagers who are undergoing puberty. The show created by Andrew Goldberg, Nick Kroll, Mark Levin, and Jennifer Flackett showcases the struggle of these seventh-grader teenagers through puberty.

The show unravels as we see the characters interacting with some personalized people and objects who advise them for their puberty. These include Maurice, the Hormone Monster, Connie the Hormone Monstress, the ghost of Duke Ellington.

Is Big Mouth Season 5 Officially Renewed by Netflix? and What is the Big Mouth Season 5 release date?

Yes, it is officially announced in the recent TUDUM event of Netflix. In the same event, not only the release date of November 5, 2021, was slated, but also the first key art of Big Mouth Season 5 was also released. You could have a look at the first essential part of the show below.

The announcement of the show’s renewal has made fans very excited, which has been pending for now. Since the release of the show in 2017, it has been successful in gaining raving reviews from both fans and critics. Which later also bought them three Primetime Emmy Award wins, seven nominations, and two, which were acclaimed for the outstanding voice-over performance by Rudolph.

This makes there no reason for Netflix to renew the show for the fifth time and garner an immense amount of views. If you haven’t pampered yourself with the first four seasons yet, why are you waiting to get it done before the release of Big Mouth Season 5 on November 5?

Big Mouth Season 5 Releasing this November on Netflix
Big Mouth Season 5 Releasing this November on Netflix (Image Credit Netflix)

What will Big Mouth Season 5 have this time?

This time, it seems that the story would primarily focus on struggles teens have to undergo during their puberty, as always, and it’s likely that this idea would remain in the upcoming Big Mouth Season 5.

This season would be returning with a slight change in the cast; it is reported that Edebiri would take the role of Mistry from Slate. This follows after protest incidents after George Floyd’s death; now it has to be so that a Black actress could portray this role.

The character of Edebiri is essential in the upcoming season as well; as in the last season, the makers just teased us with the glimpse of this character; it seems that in the forthcoming season, we would see a full-fledged version of this character.

In season 4, we saw that the central characters had just entered their eighth grade, and the show concluded as we approached Halloween. In the upcoming Big Mouth Season 5, we may see the group in high school.

Although these are just predictions and speculations that one could imagine over the upcoming season, the exact thing would only be known once the show is premiered on the said date. But, the show will undoubtedly head with the bigger picture showing how political transformation in the society that we dwell in impacts everyone’s lives.

In the last season, we saw how Nick conquered his evil persona, which also hints towards the Anxiety Mosquito to torture its central group of teenagers who are also expected to be seen in high school in the coming seasons.

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