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Netflix’s Midnight Mass
Netflix’s Midnight Mass (Pic Credits: Netflix)

Netflix’s Midnight Mass Ending Explained: What Happens to the Creature?

Midnight Mass is one of the densest and intriguing shows that has just been added to Netflix on September 24, 2021. The show starring Kate Siegel, Zach Gilford, and Rahul Kohli in lead roles is a perfect blend of the context related to faith, religion, love, islamophobia, vampiric beings, and death.

The story revolves around a Catholic community living on a people outsourced island named Crockett Island. Things start to change after a new priest, Father Paul, arrives on the island and projects some miraculous things to people.

 These miraculous things have a profound background, but this has filled the island’s people with zeal and zest because it started transforming the people’s miseries. This makes more and more people to the door of the church.

If you have watched ‘The Haunting Of Hill House’ and ‘The Haunting of Bly Manor’ by Mike Flanagan, you can undoubtedly miss his new show ‘Midnight Mass.’

Midnight Mass
Midnight Mass (Image Credit: Netflix)

What is the Plot of Midnight Mass?

The story of Midnight Mass starts with a wealthy entrepreneur and soon-to-be businessman Riley Flynn set in Chicago, who has been convicted for a murder of a young girl under the influence of alcohol.

Riley was sentenced to four-year rigorous prison punishment, and following that four years, he is made to return to Crockett Island or ‘Crock-Pot.’

The social dilemma and pressure that follows after one has been convicted as a criminal are tough as Riley, even though he has completed his punishment in prison. However, still, people here fear him as a criminal. 

As a result, Riley soon becomes a social pariah. He is not alone in the journey, along with his childhood sweetheart, Erin Greene, too is made to return to Crockett Island.

She has left the island to get rid of an abusive mother who had been married to someone who is no different from her mother. Erin is currently living at the house that she used to stay in with her mother before, and she works as a teacher at the same school where her mother used to work.

Netflix’s Midnight Mass Recap and Ending Explained
Netflix’s Midnight Mass Recap Released on September 24( Pic Credits: Netflix)

The Crockett Island has a mere population of just 127, and the primary occupation of the people of this island is fishing. Still, the industry was impacted a few years ago after an incident of catastrophically oil spills.

This has made some of the families dependent on fishing for their living forge the island to some other place. Those who were left behind knew they would die soon if they continued to remain on the island.

The reason is quite simple the island is abandoned of all the resources, which has made this place that contemplates slow death.

Then comes a new Sheriff Hassan(Rahul Kohli) on the island. He has decided to shift to this island with this son after the death of his wife.

He came with the intention that Crockett Island would provide a place where his son would be free from the racism and Islamophobia environment that is following elsewhere, indeed everywhere in the world. But, now it seems that all things are there in the farthest corner of this island as well.

Now comes the essential yet turning point of the show—Father Paul’s entry to the town, quoted as a savior for the people.

As soon as he came to the island, people started extending a feeling of trust for him; the Father used to misinterpret the scriptures in order to install radical sentiments into the people.

This later followed up to making a religious cult of people that claimed to bring miracles. This Father Paul came on this island to replace this former counterpart Monsignor Pruitt, who fell ill during a pilgrimage to Jerusalem.

Netflix's Midnight Mass
Netflix’s Midnight Mass (Image Credit: IMDb)

Later in Midnight Mass, we learn that Monsignor Pruitt (Father Paul) had been lost in the desert in the Middle East. Amid the desert, the Father finds a cave, and when he enters the cave, he finds a vampiric creature who desires to drink his blood, and soon after drinking his blood, Father drinks the blood of this vampiric Creature which leads to some transformation within himself. Father Paul becomes a younger version of himself. 

Following this, Monsignor turns into a younger version of himself; he brings this solution back to Crock-Pot, believing that this may have happened due to some angel who expects to change people’s lives on the island.

Back on the island, we saw that not everyone is convinced about the theory of ‘the Creature,’ and Riley, who himself has been an atheist all his life in the prison, too starts to question the things of reprogramming miracles.

Soon as the show proceeds, we see his transformation into a vampiric being by the Creatures, and indeed, at this point of the Midnight Mass, you too would believe that Riley might have been wrong with this.

As we approach the finale of the Midnight Mass, we see that a mob that has been transformed has been led by Bev Keane (Samantha Sloyan) starts a hunt across the island to find people who are non-believers and then smack them down to death.

Is there any Relation between Dr. Sarah and Father Paul?

In the final episode of the Midnight Mass, we see that Monsignor Pruitt is the biological Father of Dr. Sarah. This secret was kept all these years; when Monsignor returned as Father Paul, he made arrangements with Millie to host a personal mass for her, feeding her the Creature’s blood.

Sarah starts to notice an absurd change around her as her mother is now aging backward, now seen younger than Father Paul.

Netflix’s Midnight Mass Recap and Ending Explained
Netflix’s Midnight Mass Recap and Ending Explained( Pic Credit: Netflix)

Towards the end, Father Paul admits his true intention of returning to the island with the Creature to Millie.

He said that he wanted to have another chance with Sarah, to which Millie says that they would have destroyed four lives that include Sarah, her later husband and if not indulged in time.

Nevertheless, Father Paul attempts to savor the truth to this daughter, but it seems he is pretty late now. He tries to spell out this truth to Sarah after she is shot.

She also refuses to drink his blood. Millie and Father Paul waited beside their daughter’s body till sunrise, but now, with no option left, Father Paul takes off his priestly collar, which hints that he has agreed to spend his life with the woman he has always wanted.

Midnight Mass Ending: Why can’t Leeza find her Legs any Longer?

As the miracles of the Creatures continue their expansions, we saw the story of Leeza, who had been using a wheelchair after she had an accident when Joe Collie shot her in the state of being drunk.

Leeza’s parents have now turned almost bankrupt in the process of giving treatment to their daughter, but still, she is not in the state to walk.

But, things change as the show Midnight Mass proceeds, and we see that Leeza could now walk, and her family starts to believe that this is due to the miracle of God.

Mayor Wade and his wife are hiding this truth about their association with Father Paul from the other congregation members. The condition of Father Paul isn’t good. Whenever he has been exposed to sunlight, he becomes sick and burned out.

Further, we see a mass been arranged, and Leeza’s parents knew that their’s daughters’ fate lies at the destiny of Father Paul, and hence with no option left, they attend that Mass. At the Mass, Leeza is asked to drink the Creature’s blood on the pretext of saying that it is the Blood of Christ.

The blood, as we know, has the miraculous property of repairing damaged cells, in turn, heals her spinal injury, and Leeza could now walk with her legs all alone.

Later in Midnight Mass, when Massacre or the suicide happens on the Easters, we see that Leeza and Warren are safe. Following that, they undergo resurrection that would now make them vampiric beings.

Towards the end of Midnight Mass, Leeza tells Warren that she can’t feel her legs now; it pertains to the fact that the Creature must have died after being unable to fly off to the mainland.

What Happened to the Creature?

Netflix’s Midnight Mass Recap and Ending Explained
Netflix’s Midnight- Creature is Dead ( Pic Credit: Netflix)

If you have closely followed the endings of the Midnight Mass, then you might have got a glimpse of the essence that the Creature is no longer there and probably it is dead.

In the final scenes, we see it flying off from the Island after Erin marks multiple stabs to her bat-like wings, thereby creating several holes in that wings.

The Creature is not in the state to fly as swiftly as it used to, but by making things here and there, it tries to escape the island and finds shelter on the island before the dawn.

Now, we could compute that the Creature has no other option than to fly off to the mainland, which is almost 30 miles away from the island, and this journey needs to be accustomed before sunrise, or else it would be reduced to ashes.

Now, this makes sense that it would have been utterly impossible for an injured Creature to reach the mainland, which is about 30 miles away, with this set of wings that would no longer help it fly swiftly. Hence, we could conclude that it’s likely that the Creature died with the race of the sun.

Furthermore, towards the end, as we see Leeza can’t find her legs, the reason may be evident in the Creature’s death.

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