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Foundation Episode 3
Foundation Episode 3 Spoilers, Release Date, and Recap So Far? (Image Credit Apple TV+)

Foundation Episode 3 Spoilers, Release Date, and Recap So Far?

Soon to be premiered, Foundation Episode 3 promises to be yet another thrilling ride following the unexpected death of its protagonist. Read on to know more about the turbulent changes happening in the galactic Empire of Trantor and the fate of the mathematicians’ team heading into exile.

Foundation Episode 3 Release Date and Where To Watch It?

Foundation Episode 3 will be aired on Apple TV+, on October 1, 2021, at 3 AM ET (Eastern Time). The first two episodes of Foundation were released simultaneously on September 24, 2021, and the new episodes of duration 61 to 69 minutes each will be released every Friday. Foundation Episode 3 is exclusively available on Apple TV+, and you can avail of its seven-day free trial to check out the show.

What To Expect From Foundation Episode 3?

Foundation Episode 3 has been titled “The Mathematician’s Ghost.” Foundation Episode 3 is going to deal with the consequence of Professor Hari Seldon’s (played by Jared Harris) sudden death, with the mathematician very likely to make a comeback appearance one way or the other. With their leader dead, the foundation crew will try their best to preserve the intergalactic knowledge for future civilizations.

The events initiated by Hari Seldon are likely to be carried on further by his followers in Foundation Episode 3. The fate of Gaal, who was thrown into the asteroid field, will also be known in Foundation Episode 3. Meanwhile, at the galactic capital of Trantor, viewers will get to see more friction between the Emperor clones, as well as the after-effects of the disastrous attack on their planet.

The role of the giant vault at the planet Terminus in the formation of the Foundation may also be made clear in the coming episode.

Foundation Episode 3
Foundation Episode 3 will be releasing on  October 1, 2021 (Credit: Apple TV+)

Foundation Episode 1 Recap

Foundation Episode 1 has been titled “The Emperor’s Peace.” This episode sees Professor Hari Seldon practicing a new field of mathematics called Psychohistory.

Hari has himself found this combination of history, sociology, and statistics, which tries to predict the future behavior of large populations.

He studies the eight trillion population of the Empire, spread over the galaxy. According to his study, the Empire is set to be doomed within 500 years, with war, barbarism, and utter chaos following for the next 30,000 years, only after which civilization will restabilize.

For his extreme views, Seldom is brought to trial before the Emperor for high treason, where he puts forward his plan for the redemption of the human race.

He suggests building a Foundation on which an Encyclopedia Galactica will preserve all the knowledge of the galaxy. It would be able to reduce the impending dark ages to a period of only a thousand years.

For his mission, Seldom needs to build a team, and for that, he chooses a prodigy, Gaal Dornick, played by Lou Lllobell. Gaal is from a far-flung planet, Synnax, which has been flung into the dark ages due to the calamities caused by global warming. The remaining residents of the planet have since shunned all education and knowledge and consider it heresy.

Foundation Episode 3
Foundation Episode 3 will be releasing on  October 1, 2021 (Credit: Apple TV+)

After having solved an impenetrable equation called Abraxas, her parents send Gaal to Trantor to save her from an inevitable death sentence. On reaching Trantor and meeting Seldon, she comes to know that they are likely to be arrested and tried for their revolutionary thoughts.

It so happens that along with the original Emperor, the galaxy is being ruled by three clones of the Emperor. They are Brother Dawn (played by Cooper Cartel), Brother Day (played by Lee Pace), and Brother Dusk (played by Terrence Mann). Brother Dawn, the youngest, is being tutored to be a ruler, while Brother Day seems to be vertically opposed to Seldon’s ideas.

Just before the trial of Seldon and Gaal, a couple of suicide bombers from the neighboring barbarian kingdoms send the Spacebridge crashing down by detonating themselves.

Spacebridge is a massive elevator that transports the residents through the numerous layers of the planet. A stunning display of special effects sequences follows, showing hapless citizens falling into space and many of the man-made layers of the multi-tiered Trantor being torn down by the blast.

Millions die in this mishap, and Gaal tries to use the fear this has generated to their advantage. She says that according to Seldon’s calculation, his execution would hasten the collapse of the Empire.

Brother Day changes his mind about the execution and instead sentences them to exile to the galaxy’s remotest habitable planet, Terminus.

Foundation Episode 3
Foundation Episode 3 will be releasing on  October 1, 2021 (Credit: Apple TV+)

After this development, some new characters are revealed to the plot, one being Salvor Hardin, played by Leah Harvey. She is the warden of planet Terminus and is considered special because of her ability to withstand the force field generated by a vast diamond-shaped floating vault on her planet, which only she can get through. Salvor is constantly in conflict with Phara Khan, played by Kubbra Sait, who inhabits the neighboring planet, Anacreon, and is at war with the Empire.

Foundation Episode 2 Recap

Foundation Episode 2 has been titled “Preparing to Live.” This episode shows Hari Seldon and his crew on their journey to the planet Terminus. As this journey is about to last several years, the team has already started to sort out the treasure of galactic knowledge to be preserved for coming civilizations.

The Emperor starts taking his revenge by raging a war against the neighboring planets, whom he suspects of having masterminded the attack on the galactic capital.

While Emperor Dusk seems to be doubtful of this action, the residents of Trantor seem supportive of this action. At the end of Foundation Episode 2, Seldon’s trusted assistant kills him in an incomprehensible move, locks Gaal in a Space Pod, and ejects it into an asteroid field.

Foundation is an American science-fiction thriller drama series based on a series of novels by the same name by Isaac Asimov and created by the team of David S. Grier and Josh Friedman.

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