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Edens Zero Episode 24: Release Date, Spoilers, and Episode 23 Recap.

We will see the battle between Madame Kurenai and Shiki in Episode 24 and might see Draken Joe attacking Edens Zero to take it.

Edens Zero Episode 24 is due this weekend, and it will be one of the most entertaining episodes. We will see an amazing battle between Madame Kurenai and Shiki also; we might see Draken Joe attacking Edens Zero to take it.

Madame Kurenai has the upper hand in the battle with her special knight gear Kurenai Dragon. None of Shiki’s attacks are working against him, and it appears he might lose. But will he give up?

On the other hand Draken Joe, the most dangerous space pirate of Sakura Cosmos, has located Edens Zero and plans to take it by attacking it with his men. Will Demon King Shiki lose his ship and give up his dream to find the Mother?

To find answers to all these questions, make sure you read them out till the end. We have brought amazing information about what we can expect in Edens Zero Episode 24 and a detailed review about episode 23.

Edens Zero Episode 24 Release Date and Where to Watch Online?

Edens Zero Episode 24, titled “Taking Up the Torch,” is set to release on Sunday, the 26th of September 2021.

Edens Zero is available for streaming online on various platforms, including Hulu, Bilibili, Netflix, etc. It will be available in Original Japanese Audio and subtitles.

Edens Zero Episode 23 Recap
Edens Zero Episode 23 Recap: Shiki vs. Madame Kurenai’s punisher army (Image credit: Nippon TV)

Edens Zero Episode 24: Spoilers and What to Expect?

Edens Zero Episode 24 will bring significant twists to the series as the battle between Shiki and Madame Kurenai progresses. Madame Kurenai, with her undefeatable Knight Gear, is destroying the complete Planet Sun Jewel in her attempt to defeat Shiki. Shiki will have to find a way to defeat her.

While Shiki is battling Kurenai, he is unaware of the danger that awaits Edens Zero. The three Shining stars of Demon king are on the ship, and they too are unaware that Draken Joe has located their ship and might attack it. How will they defend it? They are no warriors like Shiki, Homura, or Valkyrie, so will they save the ship?

Edens Zero 23 Recap-Draken Joe plans to attack Edens Zero and take it under his control
Edens Zero 23 Recap-Draken Joe plans to attack Edens Zero and take it under his control (Image credit: Nippon TV)

The Labor district will also be an important battlefield as Arsenal has shown up to save the miners. Arsenal has also defeated Fuzaiten Baku, one of the Zaiten three, Madame Kurenai’s generals.

The battle was amazing, and you can read out the details in the next section below. But now, the second general will show up, and how will they defeat him without the Arsenal?

How will Shiki defeat Knight Gear Kurenai Dragon? Will Homura Step back into battle to avenge her master? Will Rebecca and Weisz be able to hold the Zaiten three and escape with everyone from Labor District? What will happen to Edens Zero when Draken Joe attacks it? Answers to all these questions lie ahead in Edens Zero Episode 24 coming this Sunday.

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Edens Zero Episode 23 Recap: What happened and the beginning of the Legend of Arsenal?

Edens Zero Episode 23, titled “Until the day it turns to Strength,” was one of the most entertaining episodes in the series.

Many battles were taking place as Shiki battled Kurenai while Rebecca battled the punishers, army of madame Kurenai who attacked the labor district. Also, Arsenal was introduced as he fought with super speeded Fuzaiten Baku of Zaiten three.

Shiki defeated Madame Kurenai's punisher army in one blow.
Shiki defeated Madame Kurenai’s punisher army in one blow. (Image credit: Nippon TV)

The Episode begins with Shiki taking on Madame Kurenai’s Punishers. He alone took them out using his attacks. Soon enough, he fought Fuzaiten Baku too and, along with other members of Zaiten three, defeated them. He attacked Madame Kurenai, which she was able to counter quickly.

This was a major twist as it was unexpected that Shiki’s gravity ether gear attacks to be stopped so easily. Madame Kurenai ordered the attack on Labor District using Kurenai Occulus, but it failed because the Kurenai Occulus was no longer in her control as someone had hacked into it.

Madame Kurenai easily blocked Shiki's ether gear attack
Madame Kurenai easily blocked Shiki’s ether gear attack (Image credit: Nippon TV)

That’s when she realized that Draken Joe had taken it over. He has betrayed Madame Kurenai and was using it for his use. Here, Madame Kurenai unleashed her special weapon, the Knight gear Kurenai Dragoon. It is the highest version of Knight Gear, and none of Shiki’s attacks work against it. Shiki is pursued by her and is having a hard time fighting it.

Shiki had not been able to land even a single blow on her and must find a way to battle her. If the situation remains as it is, then Madame Kurenai might kill him. On the other hand, many events are taking place both in the cosmos and the labor district.

In space, Draken Joe has located the Edens Zero and plans to attack it to take it under his control. He plans to send his men on the ship to attack it.

Unaware of this Danger, everyone on Edens Zero is worried as they are not able to contact Shiki, Homura, or Rebecca. They also believe Edens Zero cannot be found due to its high shields but as seen it has failed.

In Labor District, the Punishers sent by Madame Kurenai are attacking, and the miners’ weapons do not work against them as they are prone to bullets. But luckily, their armors are not useful against ether gear and hence vulnerable to Rebecca and Happy’s ether bullets.

Rebecca and Happy take on all the punishers and defeat them using happy’s Ether gear bullets, but another foe appears. Fuzaiten Baku, one of the Zaiten three, and his special ability is his high speed. That’s when we are introduced to our new hero, The Arsenal.

Fuzaiten Baku, one of the Zaiten three.
Fuzaiten Baku, one of the Zaiten three.(Image credit: Nippon TV)

Weiz Stein has made a super-suit with help from the third Shining Star Hermit and can manipulate the suit to form new weapons and use special ability using his special Ether Gear. He has been transformed into the Arsenal.

The Arsenal defeated Fuzaiten Baku, a strong enemy, in an epic battle. Though he used the suit the first time and had low ether gear, he used his brain and skills effectively to land a final blow. This fight was too awesome to watch, and here the Legend of Arsenal was born.

The Legend of Arsenal being born as he defeats the Fuzaiten Baku.
The Legend of Arsenal being born as he defeats the Fuzaiten Baku. (Image credit: Nippon TV)

Before going into the fight, Rebecca also visited Homura, who had not left her master’s side. She asks her to say everything she wants to tell her master and that her words will reach her master’s ears. Homura, still in shock of her master’s death, is convinced and speaks her heart out to her master’s body.

Edens Zero Episode 24 will be fascinating to watch as Shiki will find a new way to battle Madame Kurenai’s Knight Gear, and Draken Joe will attack Edens Zero Ship.

Let us know in the comments below about what you think will happen next in the show and How will Shiki defeat Madame Kurenai? How will the Shining stars defend Edens Zero? Will Homura return to battle?

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