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What If Episode 8: Release Date, Spoilers and Episode 7 Ending Explained

What If Episode 8 will be releasing very soon in the upcoming week. The previous episode of the show has given us the perfect example of the Marvel Cinematic Universe formula. This formula helps the MCU movies and content dominate the hearts of all its fans and the box office as well.

In What If Episode 7, we saw a good mix of cameos, humor, action with world-ending stakes, and romance. It was the most entertaining and exciting episode of the entire show of What If. The episode with the God of Thunder in the forefront.

We will be discussing the ending of the previous episode, but before that, let’s know about what we have in store in the new What If Episode 8.

What If Episode 8 release date and where to watch it online?

What If Episode 8 will release on the 29th of September, 2021, at 3 AM EST. This is the first season of the show and will have a total of nine episodes. Each episode will have a maximum runtime of thirty minutes. If you want to watch this show, you will get to see a new episode of the show every Wednesday.

What If Episode 8
Watch What If Episode 8 on the 29th of September. (credit: Disney+)

If you are interested in watching What If Episode 8, then the show is exclusively available on Disney+. All the previous episodes of the show will be available on the platform. What If Episode 8, just like all the previous episodes, will be available exclusively on Disney+ and not any other streaming platforms.

What can we expect to see in What If Episode 8?

What If Episode 8 will be focusing on Gamora and the relationship she shared with Thanos before being a part of the Guardians of the Galaxy. She was known to be the fiercest woman in the galaxy, and this reputation will still remain in the show. However, this part of Gamora’s life in What If Episode 8 will show a different path that is a bit different from what we had seen earlier.

What If Episode 8 will again take us back to the Battle of New York, and we will be seeing Iron Man or Tony Stark carrying the nuclear missile to the wormhole. This nuke will head straight towards Thanos’ fleet and will ultimately kill him.

Gamora will be seen taking after the Mad Titan, and Tony will end up finding himself on Sakaar. In What If Episode 8, we will see how Gamora will be fixated on finding her father’s killer, and we might end up seeing that Tony has become the Grandmaster’s champion.

What If Episode 8 will definitely show a face-off between Tony Stark and Gamora. This episode will also show Valkyrie along with the debut of Man-Thing in the MCU. There are also chances to see Ultron with his army in What If Episode 8 after they were shown at the end of What If Episode 7.

Now that we know about What If Episode 8, let us look at a quick recap of the previous episode.

Recap of What If Episode 6

What If Episode 7 recap: ‘What If…? Thor was the only child.’

The name given to this particular episode was ‘What If…?Thor Were an Only Child‘. The episode starts with The Watcher stating that Loki was returned by Odin to the Frost Giants in an alternate reality. Thus Thor will be having a different kind of childhood.

After several years we saw Odin going to deep sleep and Frigga, Thor’s mother, going to stay with her sisters. Frigga reminded Thor to continue his studies and not throw any parties. But we see Thor and the Warriors Five come to earth and plan the biggest party that the earth has ever seen.

Then we get to see Jane Foster and Darcy studying the destruction of a faraway planet, and then they get to track similar kinds of energies on earth.

They feel that this is earth’s first contact with alien creatures. Finally, they go to the scene where they noticed the signals, and over there, they meet Thor.

We see Jane and Thor hitting off and all the other aliens like Nebula, Drax, Howard the Duck, Grandmaster, and several others at the party.

Jane warns SHIELD about this alien threat. This sends a signal to earth’s doom and finally comes to her doorstep. After spending a night with Thor, Jane does not believe that Thor’s presence on earth could actually destroy it. The acting director of SHIELD brings in Captain Marvel to fight with Thor and make sure he leaves the earth.

Jane is concerned about the safety of the earth, and hence she contacts Frigga through Heimdall. Frigga makes her way towards the earth, and now Thor has to clean up everything to make it look as if he had come for doing a cultural exchange.

What If Episode 7 Ending: What Happens in the Ending? 

What If Episode 7 has been designed in a way to make it look like a teenage party tale where the parents are not in town, and the kid has decided to throw in a party. All of us know how such stories end up.

Over here, the ones partying are the God of Thunder and along with him are some of the strongest beings present in this universe. Hence if all of them start behaving recklessly, then it will turn out to be a huge threat to the earth.

What If Episode 7
Watch Thor partying with his friends in What If Episode 7. (credit: Disney+)

As Frigga is now heading towards earth to see whether Thor is studying along with his group, Thor struggles to clear the entire party scenario.

He asks for the others’ help, but no one is ready to help him out. Loki soon points out that Thor has started to talk like Odin. He then pours in all his powers and then asks everybody to help him out.

When Frigga arrives, she sees that everything is clear, and Thor is studying along with his friends. Captain Marvel is also seen playing along with the others. Thor makes one mistake while clearing out, he forgets to keep his hammer clean, and finally, Frigga finds out.

Will Thor and Jane be together?

At the end of the episode, we see as Thor leaves the party behind on the earth, he meets Jane before finally heading towards Asgard. Thor promises to give her a call, to which Jane refuses. He tells her how he really likes her, and Jane prompts him to ask her out for a date. Thor agrees to it, and they have a happy life together.

This ending is something different from what we have seen earlier in the MCU movies regarding the couple’s love story. In the actual storyline, Jane dumps Thor after the events that we have seen in Thor: The Dark World.

It is because of this breakup that he goes on the path of becoming a powerful and amazing superhero. We will soon get to see Thor and Jane reuniting in the upcoming movie Thor: Love and Thunder.

What does Ultron’s on-screen presence signify?

As the episode comes to an end, we see a portal comes into the scene, and several Ultrons approach Thor. As Thor notices them, we see a more threatening form of Ultron appearing in the scene.

What If Episode 7
Ultron comes in a threatening form. (credit: Disney+)

This threatening form of Ultron has fused with Android and has become Vision. This form also has all the Infinity Stones, which means great danger to the earth and the entire universe along with it.

We are definitely heading towards the endgame of What If Season 1 and What If Episode 8 will make it a step forward towards it.

Stay connected with MediaScrolls to know more about What If Episode 8 and the final episode of the show. Watch What If Episode 8 on the 29th of September exclusively on Disney+.

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