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Animal Kingdom Season 5 Episode 12
Animal Kingdom Season 5 Episode 12( Credits TNT)

Animal Kingdom Season 5 Episode 12: Release Date, Spoilers and What to Expect?

In the last episode, we saw that Chadwick is amid a big challenge for the entire Codys, for that matter. Because they have a dead DEA agent’s body in their hands, and this would certainly take them through a lot of mishaps to get this off from them.

Animal Kingdom Season 5 Episode 12 would continue with this heist of the Codys after that incident. To get rid of the body, they agree to spend more than it should have been to put the body out of the place before it catches anyone’s eye.

In the process of getting hold of Max, Smurf even disguised with a complete makeover to get Max in the club so that she could interrogate him.

In the following episode, we would see what would happen after Max reached up to Smurf’s house and all that information we learned about kids involved in the whole incident.

Animal Kingdom Season 5 Episode 12 Release Date and Where to Stream?

Animal Kingdom Season 5 Episode 12 is all set to release on September 26, 2021. 

Episode 13 would be the show’s finale, and it would be airing on the following Sunday to the 12th Episode. This will mark the end of the Season 5 of the Animal Kingdom.

Animal Kingdom Season 5 Episode 12- Release Date, What to Expect?
Animal Kingdom Season 5 Episode 12 will be releasing on September 26, 2021. ( Credits TNT)

To watch the upcoming Animal Kingdom Season 5 Episode 12, you can directly stream it on TNT at 9/8c; also, you can use their stream the show on the official website of TNT.

Apart from this, you can also stream the show on various Video-on-demand service providing platforms like Amazon Prime, Microsoft Tv, Google Play, iTunes, VUDU, or YouTube TV.

What Could you Expect in the upcoming Animal Kingdom Season 5 Episode 12?

In the last episode, we saw how Chadwick had created a significant problem after shooting Livengood down. Livengood, a DEA agent, and killing him would certainly not be a good thing, and this would create a hell of a mess for Chadwick and everyone out there who had been assisting him in this process.

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So, in the last episode, we saw all the measures Codys implemented by the group to get rid of the DEA agent’s body which Chadwick has gunned down.

The upcoming Animal Kingdom Season 5 Episode 12 titled ‘Loose Ends’ completely justifies the fact that this upcoming episode is also the penultimate episode of season 5.

 Hence, this episode serves as a palate to console all the loose ends that the show had.

Starting from Frankie’s plot about money, which has now been deployed with a tracker by the group to get the location to where it is heading to. Codys, after they have disposed of the body of the agent, is still hiding to save themselves from the cops so that they don’t find them.

Now, they initiate the process to clean up the crime scene; they end up paying more than what it is supposed to be paid for, making the destiny of Livengood’s death as a border hit scene.

Craig is worried about Chadwick, who needs to keep his mouth shut because if he confesses his involvement, then it’s no time out for the Codys out of this mess.

Pope is in the process of driving the body out while Chadwick, David, and Craig are waiting out for him.

Smurf is leaving no stone unturned to get a chance to interrogate Max, for which she events goes to the extent of undergoing a complete makeover and then visiting a club where Max is present.

Smurf returns home to find Max is already there with her kids, and they indulge in an ugly fight. Though the kids are made to watch TV, they can’t overhear the conversation of Max and Smurf that has been going on behind.

Max starts to console Janine and later also starts beating her, seeing Janine’s soon could not control and hands in a stab into Max’s leg. 

Janine then picks up the gun and shoots Max down; Janine later consoles and comforts her kids and tells them that what they did was perfectly fine and well for the time.

Animal Kingdom Season 5 Episode 12- Release Date, What to Expect?
Animal Kingdom Season 5 Episode 12 Releasing on September 26( Credits TNT)

Pope and J clean up Livengood’s car to vanish all the evidence that would turn against them later. But, as soon as the Duo set to ablaze the car, they see a message popping up by Livengood’s daughter asking for a pickup. 

Frankie is planning to live in the city and dwell in Central America instead. She later sends 30k to Costa Rica.

After making appropriate arrangements for the dead Livengood’s body, the group reunites. They had planted a tracker on Frankie’s money, which would post them—updated about where the money is heading towards.

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