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Battlefield 2042
Battlefield 2042 (Image Credit Electronic Arts)

Battlefield 2042 and Dying Light 2 Have Been Delayed To A Later Time

The release of Battlefield 2042 and Dying Light 2 will be delayed to a later time as compared to what was mentioned before. Just like the previous year, this year has also proven to be very challenging in the sector of game development.

Hence delays in the release of new games were very much expected. The games mentioned are heavy games, and this tells us how unfortunate the situation is.

There has been a delay for the very new Battlefield 2042.

Battlefield 2042, which is one of EA Games‘ big First Person Shooters (FPS), has unfortunately been delayed from October to November. The precise date that has been mentioned in November is the 19th of November.

There is no other big significance about the date, but as the game releases, we will see that it will bring in some tough competition to another FPS game, Call of Duty: Vanguard. After a few weeks of the release of Battlefield 2042, Halo Infinite will also be having a grand release event.

Battlefield 2042
The game has been delayed to a November 2021 release. (Image Credit: Electronic Arts, DICE, EA Gothenburg, Criterion Software)

All these games have been each other’s strong competitors in previous times. The added delay will increase the competition between the games. However, if we consider the game versions that we will get to see this time, both will be live-service games.

In the future, the market will totally depend on the support that these games will be getting in it. It will be a difficult task for gamers and consumers to purchase either of the games, as both will target the same genre.

Dying Light 2 Delayed

The latest news has also arrived about Dying Light 2. Techland’s open-world parkour zombie game Dying Light 2 Stay Human will get delayed again. The game has experienced countless delays, and it has been announced that it will not be released in 2021. The date that has been reported is the 4th of February, 2022.

Dying Light 2
This game will be released now in 2022. (Image Credit: Techland)

We can all understand that Dying Light 2 has gone through a lot of mess, but when it releases, we hope that all these delays were worth playing despite the enormous amount of time taken.

Stay connected with MediaScrolls to know more about Battlefield 2042 and Dying Light 2. We will surely let you know once we get hold of more news about them. Till then, build your level of excitement for them, because once they release, they will turn out to be amazing. 

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