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When Will Sex Education Season 4 Release on Netflix?

Sex Education Season 4 renewed or canceled? And What can we expect from Season 4? Well, all details have been provided in the below article.

It’s been just around a matter of 4 days since Sex Education Season 3 was released, and since then, fans have been eager to know whether there will be a Sex Education Season 4 or not? 

Sex Education is the story that governs a story of students who are in the quest of exploring their budding sexuality. The story is with a bit of comedy and drama that makes its deep and intriguing at the same time.

The show tends towards the taboo preponderating in the society in this regard, and this show has highlighted this with the seasoning of comedy into it.

Compiling down all the bits and pieces of the news about Sex Education Season 4 going for renewal or not, we have put them all in one place.

Sex Education Season 4 Renewal Status: Is it renewed by Netflix yet? 

Netflix in the global TUDUM event has announced that Sex Education Season 4 is officially getting a renewal. 

There are few speculations on whether season 4 of Sex Education will be the last season of the show. Well, it is probably expected that season 4 of Sex Education will be the finale season 4 of the series as by that point, the kids will probably be graduating from the schools, and actors may roll out from their respective roles. But the good news for the fans is that Sex Education Season 4 has been green-lit by Netflix officially.

More details regarding season 4 will be updated here with the latest updates.

Sex Education Season 3
Otis and Maeve in Sex Education Season 3 (Image Credit: Netflix)

When Can We Expect Sex Education Season 4 to Release?

These are just expected dates based on the trend we have seen for the show’s last three seasons.

If you know the trend of the release date of Sex Education for each season

• Season 1 was premiered in January 2019.

• Season 2 was premiered in January 2020.

• Season 3 was premiered on September 2021.

Following this data or trend, we could expect Sex Education Season 4 to release somewhere in the fourth quarter(Q4) of 2022.

We think Sex Education Season 4 will release in Q4 of 2022. Also, Although Netflix has already announced the renewal of season 4, but the ambiguity regarding the show’s renewal was earlier cleared off recently by Asa Butterfield (Otis), saying that he had a good time with the team and would be glad to catch the team up for the fourth season.

This means that there has been some talk regarding the show’s renewal for the fourth season. Asa (Otis) said this in an interview that took place in September this year.

Otis and Maeve finally Kissed in Sex Education Season 3
Otis and Maeve finally Kissed in Sex Education Season 3 (Image Credit Netflix)

Sex Education Season 4 Cast: Who can be part of it?

The majority of the cast of the show will undoubtedly return from season 4 in which includes Eric (Ncuti Gatwa), Adam (Connor Swindells), Ola( Patricia Allison), Otis (Asa Butterfield), and his mother Jean ( Gillian Anderson).

Apart from the above cast Ruby ( Mimi Keene), Anwar ( Chaneil Kular), and Maureen ( Samantha Spiro), Jackson Marchetti(Kedar Williams-Stirling), Aimee(Aimee Lou Wood), Lily(Tanya Reynolds ), Ola (Patricia Allison), Jakob (Mikael Persbrandt), Emily(Rakhee Thakrar), and probably Hope(Jemima Kirke) too would be making it to the fourth season of the show.

Nevertheless, we would see many new faces that would include the new cast of the show in the upcoming season 4 of the show and about that we could get acquainted only after the makers go for the filming of the show.

We have recently received few rumors that Emma Mackey will not be returning on Sex Education Season 4 as Maeve Wiley. So was that the reason why season 3 ended with Maeve leaving Moordale for the USA? If the rumors are true, then we will not see Maeve and Otis together in Sex Education Season 4. 

In the last season, we saw how the new headteacher at Moordale Secondary schools paints the school with somber gray that gives a figurative vibe to the school.

Things started to fell apart, for the school stopped receiving funds from the investors, and things were at the hanging of the school.

The show will likely come with an all-new American Avatar that means the character seems to be resonating with that place in the upcoming season.

Otis’s family life gets a new start after the birth of his baby sister, Joy. But as in season 3, the funds for Moordale have been terminated by the investors; hence the school is on the verge of closure. Things would be differently set in season 4, and everything won’t be like it was before.

Steve and Aimee breakup in Sex Education Season 3
Steve and Aimee breakup in Sex Education Season 3 (Image Credit Netflix)

Sex Education Season 3 Story So Far: A Brief Recap

(The complete details of Season 3 have also been provided in the below article. If you are interested to know the complete information regarding Sex Education Season 3, go through that article. Because below, we will only provide a little recap of season 3.)

Sex Education Season 3 Complete Recap and Ending Explained

In Sex Education season 3, we finally get to see Maeve and Otis getting back together as they confess their feelings for one another and kiss during the school trip to Paris.

Otis and Maeve finally realize that their love for each other is immeasurable. That’s why we also got to see a couple of heartbreaks in the third season one was Otis breaking up with Ruby and Maeve breaking up with Issac.

But as Maeve and Otis started dating, fate played its part once again. Both had to say goodbye as Maeve got selected to study in America for a Gifted and Talented program. So she decided to go to the USA to pursue her dreams. 

Maeve leaves for USA
Maeve leaves for the USA at the end of Sex Education Season 3 (Image Credit Netflix)

They both have been very comfortable around each other from the beginning and never stopped loving each other even after facing so many problems.

It will be interesting to see if their love remains unimpaired after Maeve visits the USA. (Only if Emma Mackey returns in season 4 to play Maeve Wiley)

On the other hand, we also got to see Eric breaking up with Adam as Eric confessed that he kissed someone else in Nigeria.

Adam and Rahim’s friendship also started to develop, and both became friends eventually by the end of season 3. It also leaves a chance for both Adam and Rahim to date each other in season 4.

We must agree that Adam has got the highest screen time in season 3, and it seemed the writers of the third season had written the script bearing Adam’s character development in season 3.

The Sex Education season 3 also ends up with Aimme breaking up with Steve as she was facing intimacy issues all along. Finally, she decided not to date Steve as she was recovering from her traumatic sexual assault.

That’s all for now for more such interesting articles; please stay tuned to MediaScrolls. 

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