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Sex Education Season 3
Otis and Maeve in Sex Education Season 3 (Credit: Netflix)

Sex Education Season 3 Complete Recap and Ending Explained: Does Maeve and Otis End-Up Together After the Completion of Season 3?

Does Otis and Maeve End-Up Together at the end of season 3? What happens between Ruby and Otis ? and Do Eric and Adam break up? To know the complete recap of Sex Education Season 3, read this article. (Spoilers Ahead!!)

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After a long wait, Sex Education Season 3 is finally streaming on Netflix now. It will not be wrong to say that the series has continued to maintain its standard, and Sex Education Season 3 has continued to fill the audience with joy and excitement.

After Season 2 ended on a cliffhanger, Sex Education Season 3 is here with new surprises that are even more exciting than the previous seasons. Sex Education Season 3 proves that a story does not require a villain to make it enjoyable.

All the characters in the series are correct in their own way, but it does not stop the show from being so lovely. Sex Education Season 3 shows that sometimes, the circumstances make a person seem bad, but that does not make that individual a lousy human.

A Complete Recap of Sex Education Season 3

Sex Education Season 3 begins with the students of Moordale Secondary School returning to school after their summer break. Aimee and Steve decide to get a goat as their commitment animal to help bring them together after Aimee suffered the trauma of sexual assault.

However, they did not think about how they would take care of it, which caused its share of chaos throughout the season.

While cycling to school, Otis and Eric talk about Eric’s new relationship with Adam. Otis warns Eric about Adam as he has hurt him in the past, but Eric asks him to be a bit more supportive about it and give Adam a fair chance.

We also find out that Otis and Maeve have completely grown apart during the summer after Isaac deleted Otis’ voicemail.

After the massive chaos in the school during the last term, Moordale Secondary School has become very infamous and is being called the “Sex School.”

Because of this widespread criticism, the former headteacher, Mr. Groff, struggles to find a new job, making him homeless and unemployed.

Mrs. Haddon, who prefers to be called Hope, joins Moordale Secondary School as the new headteacher. Being an alumna herself, she seems cool initially, but the students later realize that she is even worse than Mr. Groff.

We also find out that Otis and Ruby had secretly been hooking up over the summer, and even their best friends do not know about it.

When they meet at the abandoned toilets near his school’s building, they find out that after Otis and Maeve stopped their on-campus sex clinic, a fellow student, Kyle has taken their place by giving highly inaccurate and rather dangerous sex advice to the students and calls himself the “Sex King.”

However, Kyle threatens to expose Otis’ casual relationship with Ruby to everyone if he tells anyone about it. Otis finally decides to quit hooking up with Ruby after she states that she is embarrassed about being seen in public with him.

Otis’ mother, Jean, struggles to gain the courage to tell Jacob that she is pregnant with his child after their breakup. After Otis keeps insisting that she should tell him, she finally does. Jean and Jakob discuss it and choose to be co-parents.

However, they decide to start living together as a family again after practicing some exercises suggested by their therapist.

Sex Education Season 3
Ruby with Otis in his new look in Sex Education Season 3 (Image Credit: Netflix)

When Otis tells Eric about Ruby, Eric accidentally tells Adam, which gradually leads to the news spreading across the school like wildfire. Realizing that everyone knows about it anyway, Ruby decides to start casually dating him again, but this time, in public.

However, she ultimately begins to control his life, changing everything, including his appearance. Otis also informs Hope about the dangerous sex advice being given out, and she tears apart the entire abandoned toilet block to deal with the issue.

The school’s English teacher, Emily, suggests that Maeve should apply for a “Talented and Gifted International Program” to study in the USA for a couple of months.

It would be an excellent opportunity for her, but she knows she can’t afford to go to the USA. However, she finally applies when Hope says she will try to get the funding for her to join the program.

Meanwhile, Hope starts implementing stringent rules in the school, with no piercings or colored hair dye, asking the students to wear a uniform, and painting over all the obscene drawings on the campus.

She even changes the SRE curriculum, which now promotes abstinence and homophobia. While everyone is against the rules, Vivienne, Jackson’s best friend, seems to be the only person to be in favor of the rules.

Being the head boy, when Jackson refuses to play by some of Hope’s rules, Hope replaces him with Vivienne as the new head girl. Vivienne has big dreams and is willing to follow all of Hope’s orders to get into a good college.

Sex Education Season 3
Adam and Eric after Adam returns to school in Sex Education Season 3 (Image Credit: Netflix)

When Eric and Adam have trouble communicating, Otis warns him about Adam again. When Adam finds out about this, he goes to talk to Otis, thinking that Otis was provoking Eric against him.

Otis then suggests a way to be able to communicate with people better, which ends up helping Adam talk to Eric and his teacher. Emily starts helping Adam with his studies and motivates him to be better, while his relationship with Eric also improves.

Meanwhile, Maeve keeps trying her best to reconcile with her mother after reporting about her using drugs. Maeve goes to meet Anna, who is taking care of her little sister, Elsie.

However, Maeve’s mother asks her to leave when they see each other. She gets upset and goes back home to meet Isaac.

After talking about it for some time, they kiss, but Isaac interrupts it by finally confessing about deleting Otis’ voicemail and not telling her that Otis had come to meet her that day. He apologizes for what he did and says that he did it to protect her.

Unable to find a place to stay, Michael Groff, Adam’s father, starts staying with the music teacher of Moordale Secondary School, Colin, temporarily.

Sex Education Season 3
Otis and Ruby start dating in Sex Education Season 3 (Image Credit: Netflix)

Meanwhile, unable to tolerate all the changes that Ruby forced on him, Otis tells her that he is interested in a proper relationship and does not want a casual relationship where he can’t wear his choice of clothes. Hence, the two start dating and become a real couple.

When Aimee tells Maeve that her relationship is continuing to suffer after the sexual assault on the bus, Maeve asks Otis to ask his mother to speak to Aimee once. Aimee feels much better after the therapy session with Jean but is still not ready to get intimate with Steve.

After Jakob and Ola move into Otis and Jean’s home, Otis and Ola have trouble adjusting, as, being an only child, Otis has never experienced sharing his belongings with anyone.

So, they keep fighting all the time, which gets Jean worried. Jean even starts realizing how different she and Jakob are. Maureen, her new best friend, stays as her backbone the entire time and even makes her realize that it is not essential for two people to be alike to be in love. Even Otis and Ola gradually learn to get along and live together.

Sex Education Season 3
Jackson and Cal with Vivienne, the new head girl of the school (Image Credit: Netflix)

Jackson meets a new non-binary student named Cal, and he feels an instant connection with them. As Vivienne starts taking her job as the head girl very seriously by exercising all the rules made by Hope, Jackson, who does not share the same vision, begins spending more time with Cal.

They tell him how difficult it is for non-binary people to adjust, and Hope and her new rules make it even more difficult for them.

Otis, Ruby, Eric, and Adam go out on a double date. Though the four of them are very different people, and it is weird initially, they surprisingly start getting along with each other quite well.

They have a lot of fun together, and it really brings out the spectrum in the personalities of all these four people. The fact that such an unlikely group of people can enjoy each other’s company makes it very interesting.

Sex Education Season 3
Otis, Ruby, Eric and Adam’s double date in Sex Education Season 3 (Image Credit: Netflix)

After the double date, she finally agrees to take Otis to her home. She confesses that her house is not very fancy and she does not invite anyone for that reason.

The audience gets to see the depth in her character when she finally lets her guard down in front of Otis, and she turns out to be a very loving and caring daughter.

She is not really the mean person she pretends to be but instead puts on that façade to protect herself. After Otis goes back home, she calls him and tells him that she loves him. However, he does not reciprocate, leaving her heartbroken.

Meanwhile, Maeve starts to realize how kind Anna is while she spends time with her sister. She also finds out that her mother also keeps an eye on Anna’s house because she actually cares for Elsie. Isaac continues to try to make it up to Maeve, and after a lot of effort, she finally decides to give him a chance.

As everyone starts preparing for their school trip to France, Eric says that he will not be able to go with them because he has to attend his aunt’s wedding in Nigeria.

The rest of the students, along with Emily and Colin, leave for France. Hope gives Vivienne the responsibility of keeping her updated about every detail during the trip.

Maeve decides to go to France when she finds out that someone had anonymously paid for her trip, which she suspects to be done by Anna. However, after reaching there, she finds out that it was actually Aimee, and they get into a fight.

Aimee tells Maeve that she is too proud to let anyone help her and ends up hurting everyone, while Maeve tells Aimee that she is too much of a people pleaser to break up with Steve even though she is clearly not attracted to him anymore, which was hurting him even more.

After their first spot, the group gets on their bus to go to their next destination. However, Otis and Maeve get left behind, with their phones left on the bus.

They finally talk about what happened with the voicemail. He repeats what he had said in the voicemail, they share a romantic moment, and they finally kiss. By then, Aimee realizes that Maeve is missing, and the bus comes back to get them.

After returning from France, a story that Lily had submitted for some competition gets published, leading to more negative publicity of the school. Hope gets warned that such criticism would lead to the investors cutting off their school’s fund entirely if she does not manage to turn it around soon.

Sex Education Season 3
Hope humiliating Lily for her story in Sex Education Season 3 (Image Credit: Netflix)

Being frustrated with the whole situation, Hope decides to take extreme measures and decides to punish the students who caused it. She humiliates Lily, Cal, and Adam in front of the entire school and then takes their phones and asks everyone not to talk to them until she permits.

When Rahim tries to protest, she suspends him. Later, even Vivienne realizes that she only cares about her image and not about Vivienne or the students. So, she secretly records audio of their meeting and sends it to all the students.

Maeve finds out that her mother has run away with Elsie, and she runs back home with Otis’ help. After speaking to the police about the situation, Isaac finds out about Otis and Maeve’s kiss.

He is heartbroken, and thus, he leaves. She figures out where her mother and sister are after her mother calls her once. She mends things with Aimee and asks her to give her a lift to go and find them.

When Maeve sees them, her mother agrees to send Elsie back to Anna and also tries to become a better mother to Maeve by giving her the money to attend the Gifted and Talented Program in America.

Sex Education Season 3
Students of Moordale Secondary School perform as a form of protest in Sex Education Season 3 (Image Credit: Netflix)

Hope plans to rebrand the school and organizes an official opening day, with the press and investors also invited. She tries to plan everything to be perfect and asks Vivienne to give a presentation.

However, Vivienne and Jackson team up to show that promoting sex positivity would make the school a better and safer place. This presentation creates quite the controversy, leading to many protests, Moordale Secondary School losing all its funding, and the school being shut down.

Lily is distraught with her humiliation and refuses to go to school. Ola asks Otis whether he could talk to her once as he is excellent at making people feel better.

Though he refuses to help initially, Eric makes him realize how much he likes helping people. So, he goes to Lily’s house to speak to her and finally convinces her to start going to school again.

Eric confesses to Adam that he kissed another man in Nigeria and breaks up with him. On the other hand, Otis and Maeve confess their feelings for each other and get back together.

Sex Education Season 3
Jean Milburn in the hospital in Sex Education Season 3 (Image Credit: Netflix)

Jean goes into labor in the middle of a television interview about her new book that she had written based on her experience in Moordale Secondary School.

She is rushed to the hospital, and she gives birth to a girl. However, the delivery causes some complications, and she has to go under surgery immediately.

Otis and Jakob share a heartfelt father-son bonding moment as they meet the new baby. After waiting for a long time, they are finally informed that Jean is in a stable condition and get to meet her.

Sex Education Season 3 ends with Maeve telling Otis that she is leaving for America, and they bid farewell to one another.

Does Maeve Find Out About Otis’ Voicemail? Does Maeve Start Dating Isaac in Sex Education Season 3?

In Sex Education Season 3, Isaac finally tells Maeve how he feels about her. When they begin kissing, he interrupts it to confess about deleting Otis’ voicemail.

He regrets doing it but says that he did it only to protect her. After refusing to talk to Isaac for several days, she finally decides to give him a chance.

He cares for her a lot puts in a lot of effort to make it up to her. After excellent in the previous season, he has redeemed himself by being a very caring person in Sex Education Season 3.

However, when Maeve’s sister, Elsie, goes missing, Isaac discovers what happened between Maeve and Otis in France. He stops talking to her for a long time.

When he finally meets her, he tells her that he wants to stay away from her to protect himself from getting hurt. She apologizes for hurting him and respects his decision.

Sex Education Season 3
Otis and Maeve in Sex Education Season 3 (Image Credit: Netflix)

Do Otis and Maeve End Up Together in Sex Education Season 3?

Sex Education Season 3 begins with Otis and Maeve completely cutting each other off their lives. When they get stuck alone in France, they kiss for the first time in Sex Education Season 3. Otis also confesses his love for her. However, Maeve was confused about the entire situation initially.

However, by the end of Sex Education Season 3, after Otis dating Ruby and Maeve dating Isaac, Otis and Maeve finally realize that they have never loved anyone as much as they love each other.

They start dating again, but soon, she informs him that she is going to America for a Gifted and Talented program, and they have to say goodbye once again.

Even though some fans have begun changing sides to wanting Otis to end up with Ruby in Sex Education Season 3, nobody can deny the special bond that Otis and Maeve share.

They have been very comfortable around each other from the beginning and never stopped loving each other even after facing so many problems.

Do Otis and Ruby Start Dating?

Sex Education Season 3 shows that the relationship between the popular girl and a shy guy does not have to be shallow. In the beginning, Ruby does seem to use Otis for her pleasure and tries to change everything about him, including his clothes, as she is too embarrassed to be seen with him in public.

She even makes him shave off his mustache, which almost everyone thinks is weird, but he had spent his entire summer growing it.

However, as they begin to get more attached, we get to see the vulnerable side of Ruby. She finally lets her guard down and genuinely falls in love with Otis.

After they become an actual couple and Otis makes it clear that she can’t control his life anymore, she begins to show who she really is.

Sex Education Season 3
Otis and Ruby (Image Credit: Netflix)

They have a great time together, and when she finally agrees to take him to her house, she reveals that Otis is the first person she has brought home.

She introduces him to her dad, who mentions how she keeps talking about him and that she has been a lot happier after she started dating him. Otis also finds out how nice and kind of a person she really is.

After Otis goes back home, Ruby calls him and confesses her love for him. Otis is startled and does not reciprocate. She gets upset after that, and they sit down to discuss it. Otis tells her that he likes her a lot but, unfortunately, does not love her as she does, and she breaks up with him.

Their breakup was a very emotional moment as fans have really started to ship Otis and Ruby. The viewers finally get to know the gentle side of Ruby, who seemed very mean initially.

Sex Education Season 3 shows the couple being great together, which makes some viewers change their minds about wanting Otis to end up with Maeve as that has started to seem very complicated.

There is something refreshing about this unlikely couple that is so much fun to watch that has made them win the hearts of a lot of fans.

Sex Education Season 3
Adam and Eric in Sex Education Season 3 (Image Credit: Netflix)

Do Eric and Adam End Up Together in Sex Education Season 3?

The series began with Adam bullying Eric for being who he is. Sex Education Season 3 shows the vulnerable side of Adam. He learns to express his feelings to make Eric feel special.

He also tries to make romantic gestures for Eric and even tries to write a poem for him. Adam has a lot of trouble communicating with Eric initially. However, he gets better at it after taking Otis’ suggestion. Their relationship seems to be great despite their occasional fights.

However, things turn around when Eric confesses that he kissed someone else in Nigeria. Adam clearly loves him a lot and is still willing to forget about it after taking some time. However, Eric realizes that he will not be able to continue the relationship and breaks up with Adam.

Eric has worked very hard and has suffered a lot to be able to be comfortable with who he is. He has struggled a lot to finally reach a point where he can own his identity with pride, while Adam has just started that journey.

So, Eric does not want to start losing himself again because Adam would not be able to do the things he likes. The breakup is very tough for both of them, especially for Adam, who does not have a lot of other people in his life.

Does Aimee Break Up With Steve in Sex Education Season 3?

In Sex Education Season 3, Aimee struggles with intimacy issues after the traumatic sexual assault that she faces. She keeps avoiding Steve as much as she can.

No matter how hard he tries, she gradually realizes that she does not want to continue the relationship anymore. However, being a people pleaser, she is too afraid to break up with him. Hence, she continues to date him for the entirety of Sex Education Season 3.

However, she realizes how bad it is for Steve when Maeve brings it up during their fight in France. He has been a constant support throughout, which makes her feel worse.

Not knowing what to do, she talks to Jean Milburn about the issue, who makes her realize that she should do the right thing and not stay with someone if she does not want to.

Sex Education Season 3 ends with her finally breaking up with Steve. They cry a lot, but in the end, this decision is the best for both of them.

What Happens Between Adam And Rahim in Sex Education Season 3?

Sex Education Season 3 shows Adam to be a changed man. Sex Education Season 3 begins with Rahim hating Adam for stealing his boyfriend.

However, he still takes the blame for Rahim’s actions on himself to protect him from getting caught in an embarrassing situation. It makes Rahim realize how kind Adam is, and they end up becoming friends.

When Adam starts writing a poem for Eric as a form of romantic gesture, he takes Rahim’s help, knowing that Rahim is an expert in that field.

Rahim even supports Adam when Adam tells him that Eric cheated on him. Some fans of the series are hoping to see this friendship develop into something more.

Do Jean and Jakob Get Back Together in Sex Education Season 3?

At the beginning of Sex Education Season 3, Jean struggles to tell Jakob that she is pregnant with his baby. When she finally tells him, they decide to become co-parents without getting back together.

They choose to opt for therapy even though Jakob does not really believe in the concept of therapy. On practicing the exercises suggested by the therapist, they share an intimate moment, leading them to decide to try to become a family again.

Sex Education Season 3
Jakob and Jean in Sex Education Season 3 (Image Credit: Netflix)

Jakob and Ola move into Jean and Otis’ house. Though they face several challenges initially, they begin to get comfortable with living together gradually.

Jean also starts questioning whether Jakob is the right fit for her as they are so different and have such different views about everything.

During a therapy session, Jakob reveals that his ex-wife was cheating on her before she passed away. That led to him having major trust issues, which led to cause a lot of problems between Jean and Jakob.

However, they gradually realize how much they love each other despite their differences. They name their baby girl Joy on Ola’s suggestion and decide to live together as a family.

Do Adam’s Parents Get Back Together?

After going through so much, Michael Groff regrets everything he did and goes to Jean’s house to return her diary.

When Jean sees how miserable Michael is, she gives him a therapy session. Michael talks about his childhood, which explains why he is so uptight and does not know how to feel emotions.

She suggests that Michael should try something that would bring him joy, probably for the first time. So, he starts cooking and realizes how much he enjoys it. He even gains the courage to speak up against his mean brother.

Sex Education Season 3
Maureen and Michael Groff (Credit: Netflix)

Finally, with his newly found spirit and Emily and Colin’s advice, he tries his best to mend things with his wife, Maureen. They share a romantic moment, and he hopes to get back together with her.

However, she realizes that the issues he and Adam have had in the past, and their being in the middle of getting divorced would only get more complicated.

So, despite his numerous efforts, Maureen still refuses to try to work on their relationship as she is worried about her son.

Sex Education Season 3 Ending Explained: Does Maeve Leave Otis?

Sex Education Season 3 ends with Eric breaking up with Adam, Aimee breaking up with Steve, Maureen refusing to give her marriage another chance even after Michael’s repeated attempts, and finally, Moordale Secondary School losing all its funding and being sold to developers.

Otis starts dating Maeve after Maeve breaks up with Isaac, and he breaks up with Ruby. In the end, Maeve everything behind and leaves for the USA.

The series has broken all sorts of stereotypes that a lot of shows and movies seem to promote. Eric is not just the protagonist’s gay black best friend.

His character has got so much more to it and has got a personality and story of his own. The show has dealt with all forms of sexualities and gender identities, which is a big reason why it touched everyone’s hearts.

Sex Education Season 3 shows that the popular group of the school does not always have to mean to each other, and they can share a genuine bond of friendship, unlike what is portrayed in other movies and shows.

The way Ruby’s friends help her get through her heartbreak shows how they really care for each other, despite how mean they seemed in the initial seasons. Being a group of people who are so obsessed with how they look, they definitely have more substance than that.

Sex Education Season 3 shows that there are various layers to every individual’s personality, and we can’t just label a person as good or bad, as every person has both good and bad sides.

Sex Education Season 3 shows immense growth in Adam’s character. He goes from being the school bully to actually being an adorable and kind person. He takes the blame on himself to protect Rahim from getting caught in an embarrassing situation.

The bond between him and Rahim keeps growing after that, and they end up becoming friends. Adam also learns to calm down and stops bullying everyone in school.

He starts paying more attention in school and asks his teacher, Emily, to guide him to get better grades. He also gains the courage to explore his interests and figure out what he is good at.

Also, even though everyone hates her, Hope only wants what is best for the school, and she took all the extreme measures only because she thinks they would be the only way to protect Moordale Secondary School.

Her intentions were not wrong, but it was her execution that led to the school’s downfall. Forcing a bunch of rules on teenagers was a significant change for the students and something that would not help a lot. The result would probably turn out to be better if she had also tried to consider the students’ needs as well.

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