Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 9: Will It Ever Return For Another Season?
Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 9: Will It Ever Return For Another Season? (Credit NBC)

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 9: Why the Show will not Return for Another Season?

After a total of eight seasons and 153 episodes, Brooklyn Nine-Nine has officially ended on September 16, 2021, leaving the fans all emotional. Why Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 9 will not be returning for another season. Well, read the below article to know the details.

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After a total of eight seasons and 153 episodes, Brooklyn Nine-Nine has officially ended with its finale on September 16, 2021. But the fans still had some questions about why the series will not return for a season 9 now. Well, in this article, we will discuss why Brooklyn Nine-Nine won’t be returning for a season 9.

The Brooklyn Nine-Nine is one of the most-watched sitcoms of all time. Earlier in 2021, it was revealed that the series would be releasing with its much-awaited season 8 from August 12, 2021.

With ten episodes in season 8, the show finally ends, leaving fans all emotional.

The show ended with Jake Peralta is finally leaving the NYPD to raise Mac, Holt becoming the new Commissioner of NYPD, Amy becoming the Sergent to the commissioner, Rosa leaving the NYPD for good to become the private detective, and Terry became the new captain of 99th Precinct. Charles is still the detective in NYPD and works alongside newly appointed Terry Jefferds.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 9: Will It Ever Return?

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 9 is not renewed. And the show will not return for a season 9 as the show’s story has completed its entire course and finally ends at the right time leaving all the fans very emotional.

Everyone has now moved on to the things they want from life. Like Jake said in the finale:

“I think I just wanted a big dramatic moment so that I wouldn’t feel sad,” he explained. “Because goodbyes are inherently sad. They mean that something’s ending. And this one is especially sad because what we had was so great. But it’s not all sad. We’re moving on to things that we love. And we’ll have the memories of our times together… even though Hitchcock won the Heist, which makes me so mad I want to swallow my own tongue and die.”

Plus, when Andy Samberg was asked about Brooklyn Nine Nine’s future in an interview, he stated that he is aware that the story will be over in 153 episodes, which was exactly the plan that Mike and Dan Goor had envisioned.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Finale Explained: Why Did Jake Leave his Job?

In an Instagram post, Even Dan Goor had stated that the ending of the show was a tough decision, but this was the best way to honor our favorite characters, which is why they thought of ending the show after season 8.

Dan also addressed that I know some of the fans will be disappointed that the series is ending this soon, but I’m grateful that it lasted this long. Title of ‘My S*x Tape.’

Plus, the ending was perfect because many of the old cast members, such as Jake’s former cell partner, the Cannibal, Gina Leonetti, Bill, Pimento, and Teddy, came back for the finale.

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