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Netflix’s Squid Game Review: A Netflix Series that Blends A Perfect Mixture of Emotions and Excitements

Netflix's Squid Game, directed by Hwang Dong-hyuk, is a must-watch for everyone. The level of excitement will increase as you watch through every episode. Read the below article to know the complete review of the series.

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Hwang Dong-hyuk directs squid Game, and he has very beautifully portrayed what the reality is when an innocent game from childhood times takes a fatal turn of events.

The question is that whether you would be interested in such a kind of game where the prize money is a whopping 45.6 million dollars.

After hearing this enormous amount, many of us might be interested in participating without knowing anything about its consequences. However, Squid Games by Netflix is not going to be a child play.

This is totally going to be a survival game and will provide a clear picture of the ruthless competition in society. All this will happen with the view of keeping a strict balance between the graph portraying the emotions and character of each and every person.

The show will make you go to the extreme end in today’s time and will show you how to survive in this brutally competitive world and society, division of class, and the division of culture as well.

Netflix's Squid Game Review
Netflix’s Squid Game-Lee Jung-Jae as Seong Gi-hun (Image Credit Netflix)

Squid Games mainly focuses on the problems that the potential participants of this particular game face, and each of them faces an explosion.

Then they see a ray of hope which helps them in bringing an end to their misery. The men wearing masks came with a whopping offer of 45.6 million dollars for being involved in playing the childhood games.

Netflix’s Squid Game Recap and Review: The Series Blends A perfect mixture of emotion and excitement (Spoilers Ahead!!)

Before going forward, we should inform you that Squid Game is an adult series rated 18+ on Netflix, and we would not recommend the series to anyone under the age of 18 years. Plus, this article features some of the major spoilers from the series, so don’t read the article if you do not like spoilers.

Lee Jung Jae is the person who plays the character, Ki Hoon. He is an unemployed man as compared to all the other characters. He stays with his sick mother with a huge debt on his head.

Park Hae Soo, who plays the character of Sun Woo, has been his friend from the days of his childhood. He is also under a big debt after his investments do not go ahead as planned.

Out of the feeling of guilt, he goes on lying to his family. Wi Ha-Joon’s character Joon Ho is actually a police person who invades in searching his brother who has gone missing. Jung Ho-Yeon’s character Sae-byeok is a North Korean personality with a not so easy history.

They are the central characters of Squid Games, and we will see them amidst 452 other such participants in the game. They will all be competing against each other with the motive of driving all their problems away. Watch the trailer by clicking here.

Netflix's Squid Game Review
Netflix’s Squid Game Review: A Netflix Series that Combines A perfect mixture of emotion and excitement (Pic Credit Netflix)

Another person who will be seen struggling to fulfill the demands is Ali, a Pakistani. It felt really good to see a man speaking the language of Hindi in a Korean show. This shows that we are going totally global.

Squid Game is definitely a big commentary on the always remaining hierarchical divide that has been there between the rich and the poor and also the haves and the have nots.

In order to give a more dramatic effect to the entire situation, we might see a big board game set up on the floor and having all three signs that point towards hierarchy.

The three signs indicate the administrator, the soldiers, and the players. All the participants in the game have been dressed up in green tracksuits with a few soldiers wearing maks and looking over them.

The game will be building the mystery in Squid Game. There is a huge doll that plays the role of a commanding officer as a dummy.

The participants of the game try to overpower the other and also help each other. However, we know that in the end, it will come down to just one survivor.



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Across the eight episodes of the show, we will get to see how the game unfolds itself in such an interesting manner. Squid Games will leave all the fans and audience of the show on the edge of their seats throughout the show.

Every character’s individual story has been brilliantly put in relation to the situation that has forced them to take a particular decision.

What has remained the same is that we will always see the participants Choose to keep playing the game.

In the beginning, a few aspects of the game might be considered foul play, but as we proceed with the game, we will find that all of them have been happening because of the choices that the participants take.

The storytelling method of Hwang Dong-hyuk, the director, is commendable as he has used several sharp ways to keep the story very engaging among the fans and audience of the show.

Netflix's Squid Game Review
Netflix’s Squid Game Review: A Must Watch Series (Pic credit Netflix)

He had mentioned in one of the press conferences that he had this story from 2008-2009, but at that point, no one agreed to work on that story.

In 2019, Hwang Dong-hyuk started reworking the entire story. The background music that we will get to hear in the story is just perfect for keeping up with the intensity of Squid Game.

Gong Yoo plays a cameo in the show. He will be sharing the screen with Lee Jung Jae for a small amount of time. However, his time on screen is very admirable, and you cannot miss it.


Netflix's Squid Game Review
Netflix’s Squid Game Stills (Image Credit Netflix)

Should We Stream Netflix’s Squid Game? (A Must Watch!!)

Squid Game is a must-watch for everyone. The level of excitement will increase as you watch through every episode.

The performance of each and every character in the show is commendable as all of them will be able to make the audience feel more connected and invested in the stories of their life.

The audience will definitely stay hooked as one of the players starts knocking the other in the game till there is just one survivor.

There is a big scale that has been mounted on the part of the production, and there is not much space that is available for CGI work.

It will not be easy to feel a huge scale of emotions from the show. Squid Game will always make you feel what you would have done if you were there in that particular place.

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