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BROOKLYN NINE-NINE FINALE EXPLAINED -- "The Last Day, Part 2" Episode 810 -- Pictured: (l-r) Andre Braugher as Ray Holt, Chelsea Peretti as Gina, Andy Samberg as Jake Peralta, Melissa Fumero as Amy Santiago, Joel McKinnon Miller as Scully, Stephanie Beatriz as Rosa Diaz, Joe Lo Truglio as Charles Boyle -- (Photo by: John P. Fleenor/NBC)

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Finale Explained: Why Did Jake Left his Job?

The NBC Comedy Series Brooklyn Nine-Nine Finale gives a perfect goodbye to our favorite characters

After a total of eight seasons so far, Brooklyn Nine-Nine finally bids adieu with its season 8. The series ends with a final non-holiday heist episode. Episode 9 and 10 was titled ‘The Last Day Part 1’ and ‘The Last Day Part 2’.

The Brooklyn Nine-Nine has been one of the most-watched sitcoms of all time. Earlier in 2021, it was revealed that the series would be releasing with its much-awaited season 8 from August 12, 2021. With ten episodes in season 8, the show finally ends, leaving fans all emotional.

As emotional as it was, Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 8 Episode 9 and 10 also had one of the most exciting heist episodes of all time, plus we got to know about the shocking revelation that Jake Peralta is finally leaving the 99th Precinct.

Furthermore, there were reappearances from some of the previous characters in the finale of the series, such as Jina Leonetti, Teddy, Pimento, and Bill.

A lot has happened in the conclusion of Brooklyn Nine-Nine. To know the details, please go through the episode recap section of Episodes 9 and 10.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 8 Episode 9 and 10 Recap: One Final Heist

As we have witnessed in Episode 8 of Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 8, captain Holt has been promoted as the Commissioner of NYPD. The police department has decided to act upon Amy and Holt’s police reform program.

The program will be implemented city-wise. With Holt, Amy has also been promoted to Sergent to the Chief position, meaning she and Holt will now be implementing the city-wide police-reform program.

Episode 9 and 10 starts Jake all excited for the last day heist program. He has been granted permission to host the one final non-holiday heist of the series.

As part of this year’s Heist, all the previous heists of the 99th Precinct will be forgotten, and only this year’s heist champion will be remembered, and whoever wins the Heist will be crowned as ‘The Grand Champion of the Nine-Nine.’

Brooklyn Nine-Nine - Season 8
BROOKLYN NINE-NINE — “The Last Day, Part 2”  (Photo by: John P. Fleenor/NBC)

Why does Jake want to leave the 99th Precinct?

As it turns out that Jake and Amy had planned the Heist well in advance, in the flashback showing Amy and Jake planning for The Heist, Jake reveals that he wants to make this last Heist memorable as he prepares to leave the Nine-Nine as well.

Amy was shocked to hear that Jake would be leaving his favorite job as being a detective was his childhood dream. She was confused that after working as a detective for so long, why is he retiring?

Jake reveals that they both have been planning to do their jobs and then spent time with Mac. After leaving the Nine-Nine, he thinks he will be able to spend more time with Mac.

Jake Reveals he is leaving the NYPD
Jake Reveals to the squad that he is leaving the NYPD (Pic Credit NBC)

Jake also revealed that he was scared of having kids initially, but now with Mac he feels this is what he wanted all along, and he doesn’t want Mac to grow up like him.

The reason behind that was Jake had a tough childhood because his dad was not around with him. So, he doesn’t want Mac to grow up like him. Plus, for Jake, his family is his main priority now.

Jake further states that this is the best time, and Amy’s new promotion as a sergeant to the chief is too important, and this is all she had dreamt of. So that is why he plans to leave Nine-Nine after this one final Heist.

The Heist will feature drama, glamour, shocking twists, and many twists and turns as per Jake’s plan. Later on, he will manage the whole squad to meet at the Brooklyn Bridge, where Jake has planned perfect goodbye for everyone.

Recap of Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 8 Episodes 7 and 8.

How did the Heist Went?

The Finale of Brooklyn Nine-Nine was one hell of a ride. This time, the squad had to retrieve a golden tube whose location is only known to Terry, but Terry won’t be participating in the Heist because of his interview to become the new captain of the 99th Precinct.

There were five hints associated with the Heist all of them were put in place by Terry. As the Heist progressed, we got to see many cameos, such as Jake’s former cell partner, the Cannibal, Gina Leonetti, Bill, Pimento, and Teddy.

Teddy and Amy played a part in an elaborate Mission Impossible sequence to persuade Jake into believing that he’d been in a coma for the last seven years.

Rosa and Lina trying to give their speech
Rosa and Lina trying to give their speech (pic credit: NBC)

Jake’s plan to say a perfect goodbye to everyone ultimately failed again and again, plus Amy, on the other hand, planned to throw a surprise party for Jake and Holt. Then Holt also was determined to have the perfect goodbye on his own.

Technically this led everyone to arrive in the Brooklyn storage solutions where they worked their first case with Captain Holt.

They got to know that Rosa was ahead of them all along and they are the ones who managed to bring them all here in the Brooklyn storage solutions. 

But as Rosa was giving her big speech, Bill stole the golden tube stating he relied on the annual income from the Heist and locked the whole squad in the storage.

But Terry then used his superhuman strength, ‘Koll Aid Man,’ to free the squad from the storage.

Terry saves the day
Terry uses his superhuman strength, ‘Koll Aid Man,’ to free the squad from the storage. (Pic credit NBC)

Who Won The Final Heist?

Hitchcock won the final Heist. Yes! you heard it right, as the squad returned to the Precinct, they found that Hitchcock was with the golden tube; apparently, Bill showed up and sold the tube to Hitchcock for $40. Plus, he was not in brazil all this time; he lived in the Beaver Trap the entire time.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Finale-Hitchcock as the Heist Winner
Brooklyn Nine-Nine Finale-Hitchcock as the Heist Winner (Pic credit NBC)

As the entire squad arrives in the Precinct, they share one last moment with each other. Charles apologized to Jake for his failed plan of throwing the perfect Heist, but Jake was okay with it.

Jake says: “I think I just wanted a big dramatic moment so that I wouldn’t feel sad,” he explained. “Because goodbyes are inherently sad. They mean that something’s ending. And this one is especially sad because what we had was so great. But it’s not all sad. We’re moving on to things that we love. And we’ll have the memories of our times together… even though Hitchcock won the Heist, which makes me so mad I want to swallow my own tongue and die.”

Holt’s Last Message to Jake

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Finale-Holt and Jake Sharing one last chat, Holt is proud of Jake
Brooklyn Nine-Nine Finale-Holt and Jake Sharing one last chat, Holt is proud of Jake (Pic credit NBC)

As the whole squad was spending one last time with each other, Captain Holt and Jake also shared one last chat with each other. Holt reveals that the first day he joined the 99th Precinct, he asked Terry what he thought about Jake. 

“Terry that time told Holt that Jake Peralta is my best detective, but one thing he couldn’t figure out was how to grow up.’

But now, with his decision to leave the Nine-Nine to spend time with Mac, he states that Jake has finally figured it out. He also asks if Jake regrets the decision. Jake then looks after Amy seeing her happy and smiling; Jake says no, he doesn’t regret it.

Holt also said, “Over the years, you have thought of me as a father figure, but I want you to know that if I had a son who would have turned like you, I would be proud of him, Not bad for an old robot, huh? “I guess in the end, we rubbed off on each other a bit,” Holt concluded. “Title of your s*x movie.”

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Finale Explained
Brooklyn Nine-Nine Finale- Jake after hearing Holt is proud of him (Pic credit: NBC)

Then Terry says, some of us have to work tomorrow, so we better get going, and as Jake goes, he swiped his placard from his desk, and as they go towards the elevator, he looks back at the Precinct with teary eyes.

Jake turns the lights off the Precinct mistakenly, but Terry says, you cannot shut the lights off an active police precinct, And as the elevator door closes with Jake giving a smile at the end, we go forward by one year.

Here we can see Terry Jeffords as the new captain briefing Charles, Hitchcock, Scully, and Nine-Nine’s new detectives. They are quickly interrupted by Jake, Holt, Amy, Rosa, and Gina; they all have returned once again for yet another Halloween heist.

Jake says, “This is Heist Time!!! That’s right, Terry, this is happening every year. We are each other’s lives whether you like it or not, so what you say, captain, are we doing this?” Then Terry proudly exclaims, “Nine-Nine!”

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Finale
Brooklyn Nine-Nine Finale-Jake, Amy, Holt, Jina, Rosa comes back at the ending for one final heist at episode end. (Pic credit NBC)
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